Kire Papa 1


Author: Takagi Ryou
Format: BLCD, Manga



As the title suggests, Chisatouke.gif (???Midorikawa Hikaru)is a very beautiful man (35) who looks like a teenager. He’s so beautiful that his son Rijuu’suke.gif (??? Miyata Kouki) (15) friends are attracted to him. Slow as he is, he thinks that they’re interested in *his* son ??? and so always trys to poison them and leave them all with stomach ache. ?? However, there is one person who never falls for his trap and that is his son’s good friend and peer Shunsuke (??? Sakurai Takahiro) also 15. Chisato is now a new mystery writer and he has always admired the work of the bestseller Haruka to the extent that he is “in love” with Haruka. What he did not know was that Haruka was really Shunsuke. More interestingly, Shunsuke gets the idea for the “Mizuki” series thanks to Chisato. Since all the men keep being attracted to Chisato’s beauty, he kills off all those men … on paper XD x 100. In short, Shunsuke (15) is madly in love with Chisato (35).??? However, the relationship isn’t very smooth because Chisato is still scarred psychologically by a betrayal from his good senpai and Shunsuke’s father turned out to be Chisato’s high school senpai who betrayed Chisato’s trust and tried to rape him ??? (trust me, all men simply want to rape Chisato in this drama or so it seems). Anyway, in the end of the first part, Chisato finally realized that he actually loved Shunsuke as well and so the two stayed together. Part two began with Chisato visiting the place where they film one of Shunsuke’s book. The guy playing the main character Mizuki is Kakeru (??? Suwabe Junichi). Kakeru is in love with Riju (finally a man who knows Riju’s beauty) but Chisato – as an overprotective father – disapproves the relationship and tries in everyway to separate the two. However, in so doing, he actually only hurts both Riju and Kakeru (well, not so sure about Kakeru??? ). In the end, at the matsuri, Chisato finally understood and gave in (with some help from Shunsuke) and let Kakeru and Riju be together. There is an additional funny scene in the end: In the last part, Shunsuke didn’t see Chisato for a while and when he finally showed up and had a date with Chisato, he said Kakeru gave him a call and mentioned that Chisato was so bored he decided to play 3P with Kakeru and Rijuu ??Of course, Chi-papa exploded once again.


Although there’s not much in the plot, it is very funny and surprisingly enjoyable! In particular, I recommend the wild imagination of the beautiful papa. The script is also well paced so you don’t feel bored but you won’t laugh so hard you can’t breathe. It’s a good mix between comedy and romance.

uke.gif Chisato (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru)
The synopsis may sound a bit stupid but this drama is a great one thanks to the wonderful casting. The star, no doubt, of this drama is Midorikawa. His “kire papa” is the sweetest and cutest 35 year old papa I’ve ever heard on CD. The way he cursed those guys surrounding Riju, his wildest fantasies (including a H-scene between Shunsuke and Kakeru (with uke Kakeru)) is so funny I just laugh my guts out. His control for the sad Chisato, the papa mode Chisato, the wicked Chisato, and the gentle Chisato who’s succumbed to the magic of Haruka/Shunsuke’s is perfect and you can really tell the shift in emotions.

Shunsuke (CV: Sakurai Takahiro)
Sakurai is also good as Shunsuke because he’s rather young (at least his voice is) but he’s also cool and mature. That is precisely what Shunsuke is. When he calmly describes how he’ll “kill off his father using the tricks in his novel” after knowing that his father was the one who hurt Chisato was wonderful. However, I don’t really like Shunsuke because I don’t like 15 year old seme (period).

uke.gif Rijuu (CV: Suwabe Junichi)
Turning to the younger generation, there’s my beloved Riju voiced by my other beloved Miyata. It’s his usual childish voice but this time with a little adult feel to it since he’s already dating someone. The interesting part about Riju is that he sounds young but mature at the same time.

Kakeru (CV: Miyata Kouki)
Finally, the most interesting character in the whole CD – Suwabe’s Kakeru. He’s the one whom Chisato loves and hates ?? loves because he’s Mizuki and hates because he’s his son lover (and definitely a candyman :p ). Still, Kakeru has his moments. He purposely tried to take the poison Chisato prepared to prove his love for Riju but Chisato stopped him and since then allowed the two to continue. It’s that part that Suwabe shines because we all know he’s SEXY but in a way that is SEXY as a star and sincere as a man who loves Riju with all his heart (and who toys with Chisato’s stubborness as well).

If you like to hear Midorikawa cute voice, this is a must listen. If you like Sakurai’s cool voice (like Kagami in GB), it’s a must listen. If you like Suwabe’s sincere yet playful voice, it’s a must listen. Finally, if you LIKE RIJU & Miyata as much as I do, it’s a must listen.


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