Kire Papa 2


Author: Takagi Ryou

Format: BLCD, Manga

This is the sequel to the original Kire Papa, which I recommend listening before attempting this one.


The story takes place a year later, after Chisatouke.gif(???Midorikawa Hikaru) (36) and Shunsuke(???Sakurai Takahiro) (16) have become lovers. Chisato is still struggling to become a mystery novel writer but he has plenty of obstacles, the first being the suitor of his super cute son Rijuuuke.gif(???Miyata Kouki) (16). The suitor is no other than the famous actor Kakeru(???Suwabe Junichi) (22), who happens to play the leading role Mizuki in Shunsuke’s Mizuki series. Since Chisato adores Mizuki, he cannot resist Mizuki (Kakeru)’s face. Yet, he is also worried that Kakeru will “eat” his son and he usually responds to these “stress” with extreme measures, i.e. to go into a hypertension mode.

Shunsuke and Chisato are attempting a “sweet” moment when Chisato hears his son moaning !? He went down to check out what happened and in the course of a rather “hostile” exchange with Kakeru, he learned that the Mizuki series is actually going to be a movie ! Since Chisato did not want to be left too far behind Shunsuke, he also worked hard (and of course also being pressured by his manager – Funaba). However, working harder means he had less time to see Shunsuke and that generated some friction in their relationship – to the point they didn’t call each other for three weeks! To help his “father” before he further collapsed (as his face was already whiter than a ghost), Rijuu invited his father to go to his school, COSPLAYING in disguise as a high school student by wearing school uniform. Initially, the idea is for the two to get a chance to talk to each other. Unfortunately, at school, Chisato saw Shunsuke surrounded by crowds of beautiful young girls. Underestimating his charm because he feel he is already “36” (though I swear he looks 17), he becomes jealous and runs away into the rain. Accidentally, he collided with Hasune (???Nakamura Shigeru) and the latter’s paintings fell. Chisato apologized but Hasune said it’s okay. He gave Chisato something to dry himself up and said he reminded him of someone he knew before. He invited Chisato to be his model and Chisato (innocently) agreed. Turning back to the relationship between Chisato and Shunsuke, they are still at cold war and this did not change until Shunsuke OPENLY declared on television that he was in love with Chisato! Only then did the retarded Chisato stopped doubting Shunsuke’s love. They had a lovely night and the next morning, while Shunsuke and Rijuu are going to school, Chisato got a call from Hasune. He wanted to meet with Hasune to tell him he did not want to be his model but when he arrived, he learned that Hasune was actually Hayami sensei, who did the sasshi (booklet) for the Mizuki series. All along, he mistook him as an art teacher. Chisato asked if Hasune could also do the booklet for his new novel. Hasune agreed on condition that Chisato returns the favor with his body !! Of course, Shunsuke came just in time to save his princess Chisato san. After that, the two reconciled. Just after the two had some sweet moments, Chisato got a call from Hasune, apologizing for his insolent act yesterday because he mistook Chisato (whom he thought was a high school student) as his first love (who technically should be 36 now). Since Shunsuke’s math is better, he already figures out who Hasune’s first love was. At this point, before the couple could “proceed” with their flirtatious moments, Funaba arrived to break the news that Hasune offered to do the booklet for Chisato’s book! Chisato was overjoyed but Shunsuke told Funaba that he already came up with a new novel for his Mizuki series. After “killing” his father on paper, his next victim has to be some “artist”.


Well, I think Kire Papa 2 is toned down a bit such that it wasn’t as exciting and funny as the first one. It can’t be helped because the first one didn’t excel in the story but more in those wild fantasies of Chisato, which were pretty absent in the sequel.

Midorikawa’s Chi-papa is still very good, with lots of hypertension, but as he said in the free talk, he has grown a little and so he wants to sound more mature here than in Kire Papa 1 and I felt Chisato here is more mature but EVEN MORE “otome-ka”.??? He’s more like “mama” than “papa”. Plus I can’t believe he’s so slow in recognizing that Shunsuke was talking about him on television. Luckily, Shunsuke knows him well enough to actually say his name in public.   I think Shunsuke’s become slightly “more mature” and I love Sakurai’s seme roles (I actually dislike his uke roles). Interestingly, this reminds me of Mahou Gakuen as it’s also Sakurai x Midorikawa.

Miyata’s Rijuu is CUTE as ever, not the kind of natural cuteness (like in Hybrid Child), more like the clever “daughter” type who plays Cupid. Although there is not much focus on Kakeru and Rijuu, they really contribute to the comic atmosphere of the CD (how badly I want a side story of the two). Last but not the least is the manager Funaba, played by Sugita. Sugita (though younger than me) actually sounds like a middle-aged manager but his tension really suits Funaba’s role! I was upset to find he didn’t really manage to do something with Chisato. I like him but maybe it’s better to stay this way as we do not want Shunsuke to find another victim to murder!  In terms of the other pair, Suwabe’s Kakeru is gentle (as usual) and melts me and the way he talks to Chi-papa is really cute. I’m sad he didn’t really play with the name Chi-papa as he did in the first CD. That was so cute. I’m also a bit sad there wasn’t much scenes from Mizuki as he sounded different as Mizuki than as Kakeru.

What really surprised me is that Hasune is actually played by Nakahara Shigeru. If you watch Harukanaru Toki no Naka de or is familiar with the franchise, you should recognize that Takamichi is more an “uke” type character. Therefore, his “semi-seme” role in this one comes a bit shocking for me (though I don’t doubt Nakahara san can handle it very well, after his furious speech as Yuzuru in Haruka 3).

It is great to see the hypertension Chi-papa back! However, I think the content is a little … too thin. It will be better if there is a stronger storyline but we can’t wish for too much, can we ?


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