Students from Class 2H were going on a field trip when an argument broke out between Iwabuchi (CV: Yusa Kouji) and Kamiya (CV: Sakurai Takahiro). They entered into a fight that caused the bus to overturn near the chinko* (p*nis) shrine. Most of the students only suffered minor injuries except Toraide (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou), who fell into a coma. Interestingly, the soul of Toraide went into the chinkoof Ayase (CV: Miyata Kouki). Okiayu has always been in love with Ayase secretly and this "weird" accident created an opportunity for the two to come clean with their feelings. Ayase also liked Toraide and so, the two started a lovey lovey (?) life together … ^___^;; The next day, when Ayase went to school, he discovered that Toraide and himself were not the only "victims" of this funky incident. Their other two classmates, Kamiya and Iwabuchi also had their chinko "exchanged" !!! Originally, Kamiya and Iwabuchi were very hostile to each other (and they were also very dishonest with their own feelings). However, their chinko were much more honest.

Mini Story 1: Ayase and the pervert!

Ayase was on the early train to school but he was always fondled by a pervert. Since Toraide became Ayase’s chinko, he was fondled instead. Of course, he did not like it and asked why Ayase refused to scream or do something when touched by this pervert but Ayase was too weak (physically) and only cried but Toraide believed that strength lied not in the body but in the heart. The next day, Ayase was again fondled by the hentai but he shouted and ordered the pervert to stop fondling Toraide. This made Toraide very embarrased ^^;;. Anyway, Ayase is not as "weak" as Toraide thought.

Main Story 1: Kamiya & Iwabuchi!

Since Kamiya and Iwabuchi’s chinko was exchanged, Kamiya could not have sex as much as he wanted like before since Iwabuchi’s chinko would not according to his wish. Also, although the two guys would meet so that their true self could release the tension inside their chinko, Iwabuchi would never even kiss Kamiya. This led Kamiya to feel extremely frustrated. However, what’s more actually the case is that Iwabuchi likes Kamiya and wants him to stop his "indecent" lifestyle. So, the relationship between the two wasn’t that "hostile" afterall.

Main Story 2: I’m not dead!

After the accident, Kamiya decided to go visit the "body" of Toraide, along with Ayase and Iwabuchi. However, at the hospital, they discovered Toraide already went home. When they arrived at Toraide’s home, they saw a kid drawing on Toraide’s body!! The kid turned out to be Toraide’s younger brother, Tadashi (CV: Kishio Daisuke) who was angry at Toraide because the latter loaned him the game but hid the guide so he could not proceed with the game. This was just an excuse, of course, because he really liked his brother. Ayase was impressed by how cute Toraide’s brother was (oi, Ayase, you shouldn’t really be so nice to Tadashi as brothers tend to like the same things XDD). At the same time, another "accident" at the baseball game caused Toraide’s soul to enter into Tadash’s chinko instead. Anyway, Toraide became jealous and possessed Tadashi so he could "eat" Ayase. Luckily, he finally understood what he did was wrong and he almost could return to his body but he hugged Ayase instead. In the end, Toraide returned to his role as Ayase’s chinko.



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