Sex Pistols 1


Tsuburaya Norio (CV: Suzuki Chihiro) has a rather normal life until 16, when an accident almost cost his life. When he recovered however, he found that the people around him were all turned into … animals >v< . Not only that but they all seemed to be attracted to him (suddenly he became the star of the school). What’s more impressive is that Kumakashi senpai (CV: Ookawa Tohru) also offered to exchange diary with him 🙄 Kumakashi senpai is a bit strange as he’s a little "girlish" (not physically but psychologically like the way he loves gardening and things he say and do – using fingernails as mamori 😯 ). One day, while Norio was at the train station, he smelt something wonderful and while he was searching for the source of the scent, he fell down the stairs onto the back of a big guy – Madarame (the beast one) 😛 . Kunimasa (CV: Yanadaki Yoyuki) brought him to the toilet and started masturbating in front of him 💡 . Anyway, Norio got home depressed and shocked by what happened and refused to go to school. Then, Kunimasa came to his house to return his student ID 😦 . It was there that Kunimasa tried to explain to him about him being the Senzou Kairi. The whole thing is really complicated. You must read the manga for details. Kunimasa’s sole purpose was to mate with him and to have children (yeah, males can be pregnant in Sex Pistols which is why it’s so enjoyable 😀 ). Norio almost succumbed to the scent but then Kunimasa changed into a leopard (beautiful one) and almost injured Norio. Owing to the scent, Norio became very iroppoi but when he heard his mom’s voice, he was so embarrased he drove Kunimasa out… Unfortunately, that wasn’t the end of the story. The next day, when he went to school, Kumakashi senpai noticed Kunimasa’s scent and wanted to know the reason behind the presence of that scent on Norio but Kunimasa showed up and Norio made the decision of whom he truly wanted (poor Kumakashi senpai). So far, it seems Norio has chosen Kunimasa by instinct as you just don’t fall in love with a guy who masturbates before you … right?. The scene changed to Kunimasa’s home where Norio and Kunimasa were H-ing at the doorsteps when Kunimasa’s girlfriend barged in *O* (the poor girl). Anyway, Norio was PISSED that Kunimasa actually had a girlfriend and compalined to Kumakashi senpai (OMG, the guy is SO UKE HERE XDD … Kumakashi senpai I mean). The latter trying to explain that this is nothing "abnormal" among the madararui even though he would prefer to have romantic love like the rest of the apes And you will have it my dear Kumakashi … with Mr. McBear. Kunimasa came (looking pissed) and threatened Norio to go away with him. While dragging Norio along, Norio complained he wouldn’t want to be in love with a man who had a girlfriend. Back in Kunimasa’s house, he had his brother – Yonekuni (CV: Koyasu Takehito) explained to Norio what exactly happened. Norio was dressed in a Sailor uniform by the way because Yonekuni SO HATED men XDD. As they explained, they captured a picture of Norio’s original form (kawaii XDD). Kunimasa said Norio didn’t really have to understand much as after having sex with him, Norio would be safe but the latter did not want to and asked Yonekuni to teach him (who agreed at a price of 50,000 yen >v< ). Then, Norio started his "lessons" but he is still tangled in his affection for Kunimasa. One day, after lesson, he met Kunimasa’s girlfriend, who warned him to stay away from Kunimasa. He was really pissed off, so much so that he went back to ask Kunimasa to choose between him and his girlfriend. Kunimasa almost chose the girlfriend but finally gave up and chose Norio-chan instead ^0^. However, the relationship between the two didn’t go very well because whenever they wanted to have sex, Norio would transform 🙄


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