Sex Pistols 2

The misfortune of Fujiwara Shiro (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) a.k.a. Iinchou (委員長) began when he saw Madarame Yonekuni (CV: Koyasu Takehito) swimming and breaking the record for 200m butterfly in middle school. Falling in love was easy and instant, but growing in love was a long and hard journey. The first conscious interaction between Iinchou and Yonekuni was brief, lasted for a few seconds and ended with a pair of broken glasses and a mixture of blood and tears. Yonekuni hated men and would never want to be touched or even speak to men. Consequently, he did not even want to be greeted by humans of the same sex. Things changed as Fujiwara went to the same high school as Yonekuni. The latter needed at least one male contact in class and his experience of choosing a madararui in year one was a bad choice. So, he carefully researched and selected iinchou to be his "pseudo-friend" just for convenience. Fujiwara had no reason to accept Yonekuni’s insulant request but he still loved Yonekuni and agreed on condition that Yonekuni would obey his order once a day.


One day, when Iinchou was looking for Yonekuni to have lunch with him, he met Yonekuni and Norio (CV: Suzuki Chihiro). He did not know that Yonekuni was simply teaching Norio how to hide his kongen. As a result, feelings began to stir in him. All along he thought he was the only guy closest to Yonekuni but he started to feel things might not be the same. Of course, he did not know that Yonekuni was only teaching his brother Kunimasa’s (CV: Yanadaki Yoyuki) lover for a fee ^^;; Since Norio couldn’t swim (owing to the awakening of his nekomata genes), Kunimasa wanted to bring Norio to swim and Yonekuni decided to tag along. He asked if Fujiwara wanted to come along but Fujiwara refused when he knew Yonekuni just wanted him to "tag along" and not particularly inviting him.

At the pool, when Yonekuni finished swimming and was about to change for some gym training, he saw Fujiwara. He also noticed a very deep kiss mark on Fujiwara’s neck! He wondered if Fujiwara had a girl friend but sounded a bit terrified. Then Fujiwara’s friend – Aogiri Oushou (CV: Nojima Hirofumi) appeared. At first, Oushou wanted Fujiwara to wait a little longer but when he saw Yonekuni, he asked Fujiwara to go home (apparently, he didn’t want Fujiwara to have anything to do with Yonekuni). At this moment, the swimming coach arrived. He recognized Yonekuni as the former swimming champion in middle school and he was displeased to see the tattoo on Yonekuni’s arm and his long hair. He scolded Yonekuni and pulled his hair but Yonekuni was so disgusted that he pulled off his hair!!

Yonekuni is a mix between snake and reptiles (he’s a reptile himself) so he couldn’t regulate his own body temperature. It was so bad that he nearly died after winning the swimming competition in middle school. But he was saved by a boy close to his age and for the first time in his life, he reacted emotionally to a man. That, he considered to be a black spot in his life. When he could not regulate it externally, he would try to obtain heat naturally via having sex. He likes sex but lately, he feels it’s more like a ritual and he longs for someone to satisfy him. Yet, this someone in his dream turns out to be a sexy iinchou!!! Yonekuni was sick at the thought of having sex with Fujiwara and shoke off Fujiwara when he tried to touch him the following day at school. Since then, Yonekuni became more curious about Fujiwara’s sex life, the "girl friend" who left him the kiss mark (which could be Ouchou). Yonekuni did not like his line of thoughts and blame it on the rain he hated the most. He then fell asleep and he did not wake even when his mega sized brother stormed into the classroom and transported him to the medical facility in the school. The temperature in the school was falling as the air conditioning system was broken and Yonekuni could not regulate his body temperature. He was very close to dying from hypothermia but he was saved by the burning passion between his brother and Norio in the medical facility in the school ^__^;; Anyway, when he was revived, Fujiwara also came to see him but he remembered the dream. He fell heat flowing through his body, like receiving an electric shock, the moment Fujiwara grabbed his hand. It led him to end the "artificial friendship" between him and Fujiwara and he even called Fujiwara disgusting.

The next day, the atmosphere in class was horrible and the students tried to separate the two once they had the chance. When Yonekuni saw other male students comforting Fujiwara, he just through a glance of contempt and it was a high level of control that prevented tears rolling down Fujiwara’s cheeks. That evening, Yonekuni had a very cold shower but no matter how he washed himself, he still felt extremely hot, like a teenager longer for sex. When he finally cooled down, he saw Fujiwara in his dream. It was a very gentle Fujiwara who was looking at him and him only. However, Fujiwara told him all these had to come to an end. Yonekuni did not want Fujiwara to leave but when he took the hand, it was real. He then discovered that it never was a dream. Two years ago, he came to Fujiwara’s house once as he was not feeling well after a party. Since then, for the past two years, he would come to Fujiwara’s house whenever it was raining and he felt cold – unconscious (like sleepwalking). At first, the two just slept together but once they started having sex, there was a physical bond between the two. However, Yonekuni couldn’t and wouldn’t want to believe it. He shouted like a mad little child and showed a look of betrayal – a look that further wrecked Fujiwara’s heart.

In the next few days, Fujiwara stayed at home and refused to go to school while Yonekuni escaped school and worked. When Fujiwara finally returned to school, he met Kunimasa on the way, who showed him a shortcut to get to school. There, Kunimasa told him that Yonekuni had always loved it and sleepwalking was just his excuse to see Fujiwara. Kunimasa told Fujiwara to have self-confidence but the latter did not really have any. Later that day, Norio rushed to find Fujiwara and dragged him to the place where Oushou challenged Yonekuni to a duel of swimming. It was no match as Oushou was a middle seed of the sanke but Yonekuni a heavy seed of the reptile type. Still, Ouchou insisted as he said he loved Fujiwara, even if he were just a monkey. Fujiwara almost followed Ouchou to leave when Yonekuni took his hand and said "You said you love me". Fujiwara did love him but was about to give up. Yonekuni then just "kidnapped" Fujiwara away, leaving three people who were completely taken aback by such childish behavior. Back in Yonekuni’s apartment, Yonekuni kissed Fujiwara. Fujiwara wondered if it’s okay since it’s the first time he would be having sex with a man consciouslly but the bodies are honest. Yonekuni confessed his love for Fujiwara (even if the latter was a man and monkey) and the two happily slept in each other arms.

The next morning, after a good night of sex, Yonekuni was surprised to find himself beside a big wolf. Turned out Fujiwara was actually a heavy seed of the inugami jin (dog). His parents were too weak to raise him so he was raised by his monkey neighbors. To protect him, his parents hypnotized him so that he would forget his "wolf" status. However, when he should find someone he loved, the hypnosis would vanish. His parents promised this to be a spell to get true love but this spell created another problem for Yonekuni as it meant Fujiwara did not know how to hide his kongen (meaning he would attract loads of other madararui, such as the kawaii Norio ^o^).


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