Pinku na Koneko


Koizumi Kouhei (CV: Miyata Kouki) is in love with Nanbu Kaoru (CV: Sugita Tomokazu), his "stepmother" and would like to take him away from his father Koizumi Hiroki (CV: Narita Ken). That’s why he wanted to be big and strong but turned out he was small and cute. Also, he soon realized that Kaoru was not meant for him … but he believed that someday, he’ll meet the person who is for him and him only but that day came sooner than he anticipated.


It all began when he bumped into into Sena (CV: Nakai Kazuya) after having a haircut. Sena was chased by the police because he was doing a live show without permission. Kouhei demanded Sena to apologize but since Sena was in a hurry, so he just lifted Kouhei up (who was knocked out) and brought him to a love hotel!? At first, Sena thought Kouhei was a girl. When he discovered Kouhei didn’t have breasts and had something "extra", he was shocked to death and called Kouhei a "kama" (half man half woman). Kouhei felt insulted and "kicked" Sena’s p*nis hard and then escaped 😛

The scene changed to the beginning of a new school year. Kouhei wanted to start his high school life with joy. While he was looking at the various clubs in high school, he met Arisugawa Rei (CV: Saiga Mitsuki), the president of the theatrical club. Rei wanted him to join the theatrical club but Kouhei refused. At that moment, he saw Sena singing on stage! Kouhei was terrified as he "kicked" Sena so hard the last time. When Sena noticed Kouhei, he chased after Kouhei (who fled because he thought Sena was getting revenge on him. When Sena caught Kouhei, he told him that since meeting him, he could not have sex with other girls. Sena couldn’t figure out why but when he saw Kouhei’s face, he knew the face was the cause. He likes Kouhei’s face. Since Sena didn’t want to turn ino a "homo", he was pissed (with himself) and told Kouhei never to show his face before him again! Boo, Kouhei was also pissed and cut a deal with Rei to get revenge by tricking Sena into performing on stage with him. Since everyone though Kouhei & Sena were "lovers" after Sena rushed after Kouhei previously, the plan was to make everyone think that Sena and Kouhei were lovers and then to perform in the drama so that they could explain away what happened! This scene is extremely funny and you must listen to it.

The scene then shifted to Kouhei’s home. His father Hiroki wanted to go to onsen (only with Kaoru) but Kaoru (who’s obsessed with caring for Kouhei) refused. The good Kouhei let the two go and called Sena to stay with him instead o_O… Kouhei cooked for Sena and told him about Kaoru, his "stepmother". Kouhei asked if Sena hated him but Sena said he didn’t and Kouhei even forced Sena to give him a good night kiss ^0^;; The next day, when Kouhei went to school, he received a strange letter from a guy who called himself "prince" T_T||| and mocked Kouhei that he liked men. He even tried to touch Kouhei and the latter, to escape, fell from the stairs. Kaoru was very anxious and went to school to see Kouhei. Then, Sena saw Kaoru and knew the "mother" was really a man ^_~ ;; (Sena said he just saw a man … or should he be a woman ). Kouhei told him he was a man. The truth is that Kouhei wanted to use his relationship with Sena to turn the focus of the rest of the students to himself rather than his gay parents. So, he was "using" Sena. After that Sena told Kouhei about himself and his abusive father and how he beat his father up. However, he decided to seal his hand because he promised his sister he’d never hurt anyone again.

Kouhei went home with Kaoru in a taxi and told Kaoru how he hurt the person who is important to him because he thought he was strong and would be okay (basically hinting Sena). He said he was not a good boy as Kaoru thought he was and he was really bad. However, Kaoru comforted him and said that he would love him anyway. Kouhei: I’m not as good a child as Kaoru thinks.
Kaoru: It’s okay even if you’re not a good child, I still love you. Even other people don’t forgive you, I’ll forgive you.

And then Kouhei cries.

Finally, it’s the day when Kouhei and his club has to perform for the Cultural festival. He was worried that since he hurt Sena so deeply (by tricking him), Sena might not show up. That’s why he was delighted when he got a message from Sena asking him to meet inside the sports stadium When he arrived however, he found no sign of Sena. Instead, he was locked inside a room!

At the same time, Kaoru found Sena sitting by himself puzzled. Kaoru mama then talked to Sena about his relationship with Hiroki and how hard Kaoru bore all this all the time and tried his best to protect his parents. Sena was touched and finally accepted the fact that being "homo" was okay since he really liked Kouhei. Sena then went to the theatrical club but Rei was wondering where he and Kouhei were. Turned out Kouhei was trapped by the evil guy who caused him to fall down the staris. Sena went rushing for Kouhei and thanks to the training for the play, Kouhei managed to let Sena know where he was. Sena saved Kouhei and the two returned in time for the last scene in the play. Originally, in this scene, the prince (Rei) was supposed to save the princess (Kouhei) from the demon (Sena). However, Kouhei chose Sena instead and all’s well that ends well. Kouhei was shocked to find that Rei was really a girl (and more shocked when he learned that Rei was really using his relationship with Sena to boost the popularity of the play). However, Kouhei and Sena didn’t really mind as it was time to share some "good moments".

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