Blue na Koneko

This is the sequel to Pink na Koneko, which I recommend listening before this one. Here, Kouhei (CV: Miyata Kouki) and Sena (CV: Nakai Kazuya) have already become lovers but to fully gain the approval to be Kouhei’s lover, Sena still has to beat Kaoru (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) in kendo (which is hard considering Kaoru is one of the best, especially in defense). At this moment, there is another obstacle for Sena. Arisugawa Rei (CV: Saiga Mitsuki) is selling pictures of Sena and Kouhei from the successful play last time (where people thought the two were truly lovers). These pictures soon reached Sena’s sister hands and she greatly disliked her bother dwelling in the one-way path called homosexuality. To solve Sena’s sister’s problem, Kouhei and Sena once again fell into the "trap" set by Rei and took her advice to pair up Sena and Vivian (whose sideface looked a little like Kouhei). Basically, they wanted Sena’s sister to believe that Sena was dating Vivian and not Kouhei. Of course, this didn’t turn out really well and ended up with Kouhei being a little jealous.


Turning back to the older couple, they were also in a pinch because Hiroki had some grudges and his lover, Kaoru was targeted (but of course he saved his "princess" just in time) and the two were love-love. Failing to capture Kaoru, the attention shifted to Kouhei instead but Sena managed to come in time to save his koneko (though bearing a little injury). Anyway, it all ended well and Sena was finally approved to be Kouhei’s lover!

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