Dear Gentle Papa

Oka Harehiko (CV: Nojima Kenji) is a normal 17 year old boy who’s been living a rather quiet and normal life until one day, his best friend for four years, Mizaki Kyoutarou (CV: Takahashi Hiroki) suddenly told him that he had someone he liked. Oka was a bit surprised and that his friend had a girlfriend before him and envied his good looks a bit but he wished from the bottom of his heart for his friend’s happiness. However, when he was introduced to Mizaki’s lover, he was tossed into a completely different world. The lover turned out to be a very cute sixth grader Ichi Nao (CV: Miyata Kouki)! Of course, Oka’s reaction toward Mizaki was: "Hentai! Lolikon"! However, Nao-kun was a lot more mature than other kids of his age. Turned out that was because his mother died when he was really young, leaving his father to raise him. However, his father was very busy so he ate at Mizaki’s store and day by the day, love descended between Mizaki and Nao-kun. In order to be with Nao, Mizaki needed Oka’s help to make the father not become suspicious about the relationship between his son and himself. Oka refused and the two broke into a little "conflict" that ended with Oka, bumping into Ichi Hirofumi (CV: Itou Kentarou). Gradually, he maintained contact with the "gentle papa" and soon learned that he had Nao-kun when he was only 17! Since Nao realized how hard it was to be a single father, he tried to be a good kid. Oka soon fell in love with Ichi papa but Ichi papa was afraid that he might hurt Oka, who was the same age as when he had Nao. That’s why, after hearing from Nao that both Mizaki and Oka were in the final year of their high school, Ichi decided not to meet with Oka in order not to make him risk regretting his life. Oka blamed him for implying that he regretted having Nao. Unfortunately, this conversation was overheard by Nao and the poor boy ran away but had no place to go. So he ended up running to Oka’s place. Oka comforted Nao and the boy realized that Oka was more gentle and less scary than he seemed. In the end, all four solved their uncertainty in love and thus began a difficult but interesting relationship between 4 men (ahem *_* … 3 men and 1 boy).

The omake track is about Nao-kun asking "Oka-san" about condoms and how to use them. Oka got worried about his "son’s" growth and decided to talk to Ichi papa. However the "gentle papa" thought Nao was very cautious and he should also start using codoms *O*! (What kind of papa is this xx). Anyway, since talking to papa is no use, Oka turned to Miazaki but Mizaki said this is "their" problem (meaning Oka is in no position to interfere). Oka wanted to say "You’re kidding, I’m Nao’s mama" but of course he couldn’t say it ^^;;.

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