Kono Tsumi Bukaki Yoru ni


The story began with a flashback scene when Seikanji Kunitaka (CV: Chiba Susumu) and Ryouichirou (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou) were still children. Kunitaka was the eldest son of the Seikanji family, a rich and noble family which was engaged in a variety of industries and the most successful branch was textile manufacturing. Kunitaka injured himself when falling off a tree because he ignored the warning of his servant, Ryouichirou (whom Kunitaka referred to as Ryou).  Although Ryou covered Kunitaka so that his injuries would be minimized, Kunitaka still wounded his face.  When the adults saw Kunitaka’s injuries, they quickly put the blame onto Ryou and beat him badly. Kunitaka tried to stop but he was powerless as he was still a child.  Since that day, he secretly vowed to stay with Ryou forever but he was then separated from Ryou. Kunitaka wanted to be with Ryou but that was impossible given the differences in their background and social status.

Years later, Kunitaka grew up and became an army officer. Since he was the eldest son and also a very responsible person, he naturally carried the burden of the Seikanji family on his shoulder, especially as his father, the Count Seikanji Fuyuki (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) did not seem to care about the family at all. Day by day, he only locked himself in his room where he played with men and guided them to destruction. This monster "who feeds on sper*s", had destroyed endless families both within and outside of Japan. His father also had a lover, Fukushuumi (CV: Yusa Kouji), whose title in the family was "his father’s secretary" but in reality, he was the lover and also the father figure of the Seikanji family. His brothers was close to Fukushuumi but Kunitaka refused to admit his existence in the family and was always cold to Fukushuumi. Like his father, the second son Seikanji Kazutaka (CV: Nojima Kenji) also did not care about the family and spent most of his nights attending parties and was notorious for sleeping with anyone – men and women. Luckily, the third son Michitaka (CV: Fukuyama Jun) and the youngest daughter were not like their father and second brother. Everyday, Kunitaka had to run around trying to get funds to support the family because business was not going very well, especially when the society of Japan at the time was under a state of political unrest.  Stressed by the responsibilities of an "old and reputable" family which was really crumbling to pieces both psychologically and financially, Kunitaka was glad to meet his childhood companion Ryou once again – on the street by chance.

In the reunion, they chatted and the two caught up on the events that happened in the time period when they drifted apart. Kunitaka’s affection toward Ryou never changed and but he was uncertain about Ryou because he appeared to be slightly different from the Ryou he knew as he seemed to have secrets. When Kunitaka went to the place where Ryou was working, he found magazines banned by the government because they were anti-imperialism and anti-war.  One night, Ryou brought Kunitaka to the matsuri (festival) of the common people (something Kunitaka never had the chance to see before as he’s of noble descent). Then, Kunitaka began to notice that Ryou now was really different from the Ryou he once knew.  Later on, Kunitaka found out that Ryou was blacklisted on the government’s rouster because he opposed to war.  Should Ryou be caught, he might be jailed.  Kunitaka went to his acquaintance Asano (CV: Kazuma Yuuto) to investigate the truth and turned out Ryou really joined the antiwar campaign and was actually a leader in the movement.  Ryou was not satisfied with the current political structure in Japan and would like to change it.  In Japan then, owing to class differences and unequal wealth distribution in the society, rich and poor people suffered alike. While workers in the factories were starving to death (especially when many companies started to move their factories to China to cut cost), the nobels were just wasting their money and time at extravagant balls.  Kunitaka was heartbroken when he knew Ryou was really a part of the antiwar campaign but he would not abandon his affections for Ryou, not even if they had different views.  Kunitaka went to find Ryou to seek confirmation from Ryou’s mouth.  Kunitaka tried to offer his own body to Ryou in order to stop him from continuing the antiwar campaign but Ryou was a bit bitter at the time and thought Kunitaka simply was hungry for sex, like his father and younger brother.  He then slept with Kunitaka in a rough manner, probably hurting Kunitaka (but worry about Kunitaka along the way) <– BAKA COUPLE.

In order to save Ryou, Kunitaka went to Asano again to ask for information.  Asano then said he would help Ryou should Kunitaka use his body as condition for exchange.  Kunitaka did not want to but in order to save Ryou, he still obeyed and provided "oral service".  He did not want to admit but it seemed his father’s blood really flowed in him as he would react to such "dirty behaviors". (Note: Kunitaka was obsessed with cleanliness so it’s a bit strange he would go so far to engage in such sordid deeds).  Kunitaka then went back to Ryou to ask him to stop the anti-government movement this weekend.  He even slept with Ryou.  When Kunitaka went home, he heard there was a murder and the police suspected Ryou or he was framed for the murder. Kunitaka panicked and so he went to beg the man whom he hated a lot – his father’s secretary, Fukushuumi.  Fukushuumi was surprised that Kunitaka – who hated him so much would come to kneel before him for just a servant (the son of the drvier).  Fukushuumi then spent two weeks and finally got Ryou out of prison.  When Ryou and Kunitaka met again, Ryou actually told Kunitaka that initially he wanted to use Kunitaka to get information because Kunitaka was an army officer.  However, his love for Kunitaka (since childhood) did not die out yet and so he made a gamble.  He purposely appeared before Kunitaka once more.  Should Kunitaka recognize him, he would give up his ideal (of building a new country) to protect Kunitaka.  However, if Kunitaka could not recognize him (meaning Kunitaka had already changed), he would then use Kunitaka to get information.  Kunitaka recognized him and so he chose to give up his ideals for Kunitaka.

In the end, Ryou and Kunitaka decided to pretend they died and fled the country, leaving everything behind them (Kunitaka – his good-for-nothing family, and Ryou – his precious comrades in the socialist movements). Both Kunitaka’s brother (Kazutaka) and Ryou’s friends blamed them for neglecting their duties.  However, out of love, his comrades could not kill Ryou even when they had the gun in their hands.  Similarly, Kazutaka could not stop Kunitaka and together with Asano, tried to cover up Kunitaka’s escape from Japan and pretended he was killed on the batttlefield. 

In the booklet, Izumi sensei wrote a little story about Ryou and Kunitaka settling in a very poor region in Shanghai. They wanted to flee to Europe but they did not have enough money. Even though they were very poor and living among the peasants, they were happy because they had each other.


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  1. 亲啊,�知�这里能�能回�中文��……我试试||抖~

  2. hidezã?•ã‚“ã€?我看得到中文啊! 清間寺系列é?žå¸¸ä¸?好找. 我也訂了很久很久æ‰?買到第二本,ä¸?é?Žç¬¬äºŒæœ¬çš„æ?’畫殺死人般漂亮…第三本其實故事也ä¸?å·®,如果出CD我覺得è«?訪部ã?•ã‚“xç¦?å±±ã?•ã‚“最é?©å?ˆä¸?é?Žäº†! 我好喜歡第三本的故事. 第四本還在期待中! ç?¾åœ¨é‚„有第五本!! ❗

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