Akuma no Ronrigaku


The story "Kirai Naranai dene" and "Akuma no Ronrigaku" are actually linked together and span across 3 CDs. In this synopsis, I will cover "Akuma" story that is captured in the second half of the second CD and the third CD.

The relationship between Maki (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) and Souhei (CV: Hoshi Souichirou) frustrated Taishi (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) because he did not think it is right to be "homo" and he detests all homosexual relationships. However, while his brain rejects it, his heart seems to be drifting in the other direction as he is less capable of blocking the charm of his friend Touichirou (CV: Yusa Kouji). This gradually emerged as Touichirou teased Souhei for going to a honeymoon with Maki but Taishi did not react with his usual "this leads to the end of the world" argument. The phone then rang and the "ero homo" Ijuin (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou), without even greeting started to plunge into his egoistic and arrogant dialogue ^^;;. This pissed Taishi (who picked up Touichirou’s phone as the latter fled from the aftermath of teasing the short-tempered and violent Souhei) to no end and of course he just scolded Ijiun and hung up.


However, this was only the beginning as the next day, Taishi found himself approached by a strange kid from the same school as Ijiun by the name Otowa (CV: Matsuno Taiki). The kid tried to persuade then threatended (by saying they got Touichirou) Taishi to follow him. Of course, innocent as Taishi, he would follow and thus he was forced into the "game" set by the Ijiun. Basically, in this game, they had to catch all the members before 9 p.m. or they would lose the match. Touichirou was quick to first access the school’s database and found some secrets in drive F. He then forced out the password (with a kiss ^^;;) from one of the team members and copied the information to a MO disk, which he entrusted to Taishi. In the meantime, Otowa made an announcement that he wanted people to leave Taishi to him as he wanted Taishi. While the two were on the run, Taishi told Touichirou about how his mother once said his face was beautiful and reprimanded him for hurting such a beautiful face. He got his looks from his father, who was a womanizer (not surprising with such a gorgeous appearance ^^;;). While Taishi was reflecting on how his mom praised his face, he found Touichirou staring at his face and said he is beautiful. (This is probably one of the best moments in the whole drama). Then, Otowa caught up with them and Taishi sacrificed himself to save Touichirou. Taishi was caught and beaten up by Otowa (probably more were about to happen had Ijiun not stopped Otowa).

In the meantime, someone announced through the school’s broadcasting system that Touichirou was unconscious and probably dead. This attracted everyone’s attention to the place where Touichirou was. However, when they arrived, it was pitch black! Turned out that Touichirou set a trick to capture Ijiun and his members. So, in the end, Touichirou won the game (and the heart of Taishi) as well. His reward? A wonderful night in bed with Taishi and more chances to tease this guy who still seems to believe that homosexuality leads to the end of the world.


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