Kiraini Naranai dene


The story "Kirai Naranai dene" and "Akuma no Ronrigaku" are actually linked together and span across 3 CDs. In this synopsis, I will cover "Kirai" story that is captured in the first CD and half of the second CD.

Kugami Souhei (CV: Hoshi Souichirou) is tall and actually quite handsome but he has extremely low self-confidence and short temper. He can be very violent and destructive when he is pissed off. He is in love with the president of the archery club Maki Keisuke (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) but he learns that Maki already has someone he loves. Of course, with his low level of confidence, he did not even consider that he could the one Maki likes. Consequently, he is quite upset and he talks to his good friends – Kashiwagi Touichirou (CV: Yusa Kouji) and Kishima Taishi (CV: Suzumura Kenichi). Touichirou is the composed and slightly kichiku megane while Taishi is energetic and has a very beautiful face. Taishi loves women and despise all homosexual actions. Therefore, he often labels Souhei’s love for Maki as the catalyst to "the end of human race" and usually, Touichirou has to step forward and stop Taishi.

At the broadcast club where Souhei hosts a radio show, he always receives "blue no binsen" or letters writen in blue notepad. The anonymous author of the letter is puzzled over his love for a classmate but he is worried the reaction he might receive if he let his love be known. <spoiler> Of course, the writer is Maki and the one he has a crush on is Souhei but both don’t know and go around in circles until track 8 (the confession) </spoiler>. Later, even though the feelings of the two guys finally reached each other, it’s not over because Souhei is still often attacked by other guys and so Maki, his prince, always comes to rescue and finally the two manage to become lovers.

Unfortunately, things do not stop there. Souhei’s brother Kuga Tomoya (CV: Miyata Kouki) seems to be hugging onto Maki all the time and disturbs Souhei and Maki’s date. On top of that, he says he loves his own face a lot and has a lot of confidence (even though Souhei and Tomoya looks really alike). Souhei is upset and worse, when he takes an umbrella to Tomoya, he notices Tomoya is with Maki. Just earlier, Maki invited him to a date but suddenly cancelled it. Souhei thought Maki cancelled it because he wanted to go out with Tomoya instead. Depressed and upset, Souhei sank to the bottom point of his life. Fortunately, he discovered later that Maki was not really in love with Tomoya. Turned out it was Tomoya who has a serious brother complex and challenged Maki to a duel to a race using his favorite sport – skateboarding. However, Maki was able to beat Tomoya and forced the latter to accept his relationship with Souhei.

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