Kire Papa 3


Author: Takagi Ryou

Format: BLCD, Manga


This is the third CD in the Kire Papa series based on the second half of the second novel.  Chisatouke.gif(???Midorikawa Hikaru) is a very beautiful man who looks way younger than his actual age. He is currently dating the successful author of the Kisui series  Shunsuke(???Sakurai Takahiro) who is 20 years younger than him.  He opposed to his son  Rijuu’suke.gif(???Miyata Kouki) relationship with the main actor of the TV version of Kisui –  Kakeru(???Suwabe Junichi). As a result, Rijiuu ran away with Kakeru :eek:.  They went to the inn where Kakeru would be staying for the filming of the Kisui series.  However, the inn turned out to be owned by Chisato’s father – Chihiro(???Morikawa Toshiyuki).  The place was chosen because Chitoseuke.gif (???Hatano Wataru)’s former lover Yukihito(???Hiyama Nobuyuki) was the director of the Kisui series.  Chisato and Shuunsuke chased Rijuu and Kakeru to his old home and there Chisato also got a good lecture from his father.  To test if Shuunsuke loved Chisato enough, Chihiro seduced Shuunsuke by pretending to be Chisato.  Although they looked very similar, Shuunsuke instantly knew the man before him was not his lover.  At the same time, after being lectured by Chihiro, Chisato also understood Rijuu’s feelings.

Where’s the story (laughs). Hmmm… it’s a good laugh and since this is based on half the manga, I guess it’s reasonable there’s not much of a plot. I still liked (1) the best in the whole series because that had a solid plot and despite the fact that I occasionally listen to brainless stuff, I’m still the kind who value plot over many factors.

????Chisato & Shuunsuke: As usual, the BAKA COUPLE is still as lovely as ever??. Midorikawa’s Chisato’s tension is toned down a bit this round.?? Sakurai’s Shuunsuke though seems to have become more mature. In fact, he sounded quite different from (1) but I think that’s acceptable. When you have a lover 20 years older than you are, and you want to be SEME, you’ve got to be MATURE??.

???? Rijuu & Kakeru: Another BAKA COUPLE. Miyatan’s Rijuu is as always but in his father’s imagination, he’s sometimes “dark”??? and I like the sudden drop in his tone. Suwabe’s Kakeru is still releasing PHEROMONE everywhere (as if it’s free). However, it seems to me that Shuunsuke loves Chisato more than Kakeru loves Rijuu… maybe it’s because Chisato was harder to “get”.?? Rijuu, you shouldn’t be too SWEET ????????? on Kakeru or he’ll not know how to treasure you.

????Chihiro & Chidori: Morikawa’s Chihiro is definitely the STAR of the whole drama CD! The seduction scene is very funny and probably what this CD is worth really. However, if I hear his voice and Midorin’s voice, I guess it wouldn’t be hard to tell the difference in age. I wonder if Chihiro had a lover once as well… he must be HOMO somewhere or why all his children and grandchildren are HOMO.???? As for Chidori, he really doesn’t have much appearance (and he was Kawashima Tokuyoshi too… what a pity). I knew Kawashima san from “Emma” and quite liked his voice.??

????Chitose & Yukihito: What a waste this couple is not developed further as I like them. Basically, Chihiro opposed to Chitose and Yukito’s “relationship” and Yukihito left Chitose for Tokyo so he could earn enough money and reputaiton to impress Chihiro and to take Chitose away. Hatano’s Chitose’s voice is nice. I only heard him as seme before but I definitely think he’s better as uke than seme. Hiyama’s Yukihito is COOL and lovely!


This CD is the kind I’ll probably listen to once (just for the seiyuu) and shove it aside. The cast is nice and the overall quality of the CD is not bad. Unfortunately, the plot is REALLY TOO BRAINLESS for me.


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