Kachou no Koi


Kachou no Koi is a revolutionary drama CD because it is based on a collection of 4 coma manga. The story revolves around the life of a 33 year old kachou (head of the department) Kazuhiko (CV: Okiayu), who has never been able to have dramatic, romantic love, after a tragic past affair. Also, for 33 years he did not recognize his own sexual orientation despite the fact that he did not have much interest in women, as reflected from the absence of women in his poster or desktop wallpaper and his habit of frequenting a gay bar. However, all begins to change as he gradually falls in love with the innocent and extremely cute colleague – Harada (CV: Nojima). The two gradually began to fall in love but of course there are challenges along the way, especially the problem of who’s the seme and who’s the uke. Finally, the couple overcome all these problem and got married *O* (yeah, in a gay bar). Along the way, we are also introduced to the owner of the gay bar – Mama (CV: Konishi) and the doctor who disliked homosexuals (and who examined Kazuhiko), Emoto (CV: Shibuya). In addition, there is also the "gay of gay" and haraguro (double personality) Kumakai (CV: Kamiya), Chappi (CV: Itou), the wicked toy that appears to be cute and innocent but can say the most ridiculous and filthy words and hates females, as well as the good subordinate Itou (CV: Hirakawa).Â
The highlight of this drama CD actually lies in the last two tracks: the freetalk and the final CM. The freetalk is funny because NojiKen is actually trying to act out the position in one of the short four coma >v< and it’s so funny when he finally did it (ah, he’s so cute too vv). As for the last CM, it’s actually a gay version of "Lord of the Rings". The first one is "ゲイã?®ä»²é–“" (the fellowship of the gay), the second one is "二ã?¤ã?®ç«¿" (the two poles), and the third one is "SM王ã?®å¸°é‚„" the return of the SM king ^_^;;

Storywise, there is not much except the depiction of how Kachou gradually fell in love with Harada as well as Mama harrassing falling in love with the doctor Emoto. I really like some of the gigs in it though. Overall, I find this really cute and wish they’ll dramatize the second one as well.

Kachou: Wow, Shigure (Fruits Basket) is back!! He’s so cute (though he’s not evil here). I really love the way he can just say what’s in his mind (no matter how ridiculous it seems) and Okki’s voice is PERFECT for such character. A little naive, very cute, very sweet, and very uke >v<. Great job Okki san (seriously, I can’t think of another person to play this role but him…maybe Ueda Yuuji (?)).Â

Harada: He is like cotton candy, very light, sweet, cute, but reliable and responsible. The way he says "kachou" is like honey. It’s very otome on the surface but he’s really the seme >v<. I really like NojiKen when he’s all cute and sweet (really envy his wife ^^;;).

Mama: My gosh, imagine an okama Konitan and here he is, right here! The way he tries to give a feminine touch to his voice is so scary but ironically fit the character *O*! It’s good acting skills but I really don’t want to match that voice to Soubi’s face ~.~. I think he steals the glory for this drama CD, especially when he approached Dr. Emoto and pretended to be quite upset at first (to make Emoto feel he was probably biased against the gay people). I almost spit out my tea in the next track when he made his move XD.

Emoto Sensei: The poor thing, I feel sorry for him. First losing his rhythm when seeing the ridiculous Kachou, then disturbed by the evil Chappy, and finally harrassed by Mama!!!!! Sensei’s voice surprisingly cuter than what I thought of him though from the manga impressions.

Kumakai: Yeah, my haraguro character!!! We all need haraguro guys in manga or it will be too boring and Kumakai is supposed to be one with a cute, angelic face but the heart of a devil and I swear he IS!! When he’s cute, he’s really cute and when he’s left alone, he’ll drop his voice. Well, I think KamiHiro-chan is not evil enough here.  Miyatan would be PERFECT for such characters — cute but EVIL XDD.

Chappi: Gosh, that cute voice saying things filthy enough to be censored x_x… such Chappi I LOVE *v*.  I particularly like the change of its attitude in front of girls and infront of guys, especially when it said to the girls "That’s not my tail >v<"!!! Itou san is LOVE!! :3Â


Gosh, get this manga and CD NOW if you like gigs and don’t mind extremely dirty jokes. The casting is close to perfect and the gigs are great! Plus we get to imagine a kawaii Nojiken in a "special pose".


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