Umi ni nemuru Hana


A lively young man was happily coming home after his training, to find his parents murdered and his younger sister missing. It was under this tragic atmosphere that the story began.

Mikage (CV: Nojima) was a "beautiful" samurai who met the pirate Sasaki (CV: Miki) while traveling on the small boat. Sakaki returned to his island and had a feast with his fellow pirates and among them was his childhood friend – Jyurou (CV: Narita). There, he once again mentioned the legendary treasure map his grandfather got before fleeing the island where he was enslaved.  All along, Sakaki did not completely believe in the authencity of the map. At the same time, Jyurou was in love with Sakaki and wanted to "hold him" when there was a loud noise outside.  The samurai Mikage was chased by some mysterious men. When Sakaki saw it, he joined in the chase because he wanted to settle the "dispute" earlier with Mikage but the latter finished off those in pursuit beautifully with a few moves, though he suffered some injuries.  Turned out those men were sent by the evil "Natou (CV: Shinpachi)", who wanted to capture both the parts of the map Mikage had as well as Mikage himself.  During the confrontation, Sakaki saw the map and pieced it together with the fragments he had and was surprised to find out that the treasure his grandfather was talking about was not just a legend but real! At this point, Mikage snatched the map from Sakaki but the latter cut his hat to reveal an extremely beautiful face! Mikage then escaped but his leg was still injured and worse, he met Natou again by the riverside.  Of course he couldn’t beat Natou in such a state but then Sakaki and Jyurou came in time and saved Mikage and brought him back to the pirate’s camp. At the camp, Mikage was struggling to break free and when Sakaki tried to touch that beautiful face, Mikage was very scared. Sakaki then ordered Mikage’s injuries to be taken of and continued to think about the treasure map.Â

Sakaki’s sister tried to tend Mikage’s wounds and that night, Mikage dreamt about his sister again, crying in his sleep. When Sakaki brought Mikage dinner and saw tears rolling down that beautiful face, his heart seemed to sink. When Mikage woke up again, everyone was excited about him and wanted to ask him many questions as it was quite rare to see someone like Mikage. (Funny spoiler) The funniest part is that when they asked if men were all "beautiful" and female-like as Mikage, the latter burst into anger and said, "Man should be "black and big" >v< … if you don’t get this joke, please go celebrate your purity. Of course, all the other pirates were like *O*. Pleasant moments never last and soon Natou brought his men to harrass Sakaki and his fellow pirates. Sakaki thought of a plan to defend but he never anticipated Natou would be as dirty as to use children and women as hostages vv. To save the people on the island, Mikage sacrificed himself and left with Natou. On the boat, Natou told Mikage that he really was the son of the ruler (as his mother was the princess) but Mikage refused to claim the noble identity. That night, Mikage was forced to attend the feast but he was surprised that Sakaki and his pirates came in disguise to save Mikage. While they were pulling off an escape, Sakaki was injured and fell into the sea. Mikage also tried to jump in (though he couldn’t swim) and Sakaki had to save him instead ~.~. The two got onto the shore but couldn’t find anyone. So, they just spent some time alone on the island, with Mikage explaining about his past, his mother who perished and how he was brought up by the family next door. He also said that when his foster parents were murdered, his sister Midori went missing and he was trying to find her. His only hints was that map fragment. He also mentioned how he was tricked and betrayed by his friend (CV: Taniyama) who worked for Natou and eventually was raped by Natou ;_;. Anyway, Sakaki comforted Mikage and had some hot smex with him assuring it wouldn’t be the same like Natou ^^;; The two managed to spend some sweet moments together. The next day, Sakaki set out to attract the attention of his beloved cros Shirokuro. At first, Mikage was a bit suspicious as to the effectiveness of attracting the attention of the crow from that distance but the bird was really clever and so, both of them were saved and Mikage joined Sakaki’s crew. This concludes the main story.Â

There is also a side story that touched on the relationship between Jyurou and Sakaki (but I skipped it as I only listened for Mikage’s sake, sorry.)


Since Hybrid Child, I think I have fallen in love with Nakamura sensei’s more tragic stories (well, I normally prefer tragedy or extreme comedy to straightforward romance or comedy).   While I kinda like the setting of this story, I am a bit upset by the fact that they are not releasing future CDs (this was Gush 100th CD anniversay). The manga already concluded and I really would like to see the rest dramatized as well.

Mikage: I LOVE HIM – period. What can be better than a beautiful bishounen who has some psychological problems and is afraid of people and with the voice of my beloved NojiKen >v<? Having said that though, I was a little shocked at the high tension in this drama.  I thought it would be good if they included more of the silent bit of Mikage’s character in the CD. The continuous high tension in the beginning was a toll for me (as well as NojiKen I believe as he said in the free talk he was really tired), so much so I was about to give up if not for my NojiKen vv.

Sakaki: Miki is really fun when it comes to hetare seme as Sakaki. I think he’s casted because he’s one of the few who can do both seme and uke perfectly, as reflected in this drama CD. I think he’s the most well-balanced character, sometimes cool and manly, and sometimes cute and childish. He is just like what I picture Sakaki should be from the manga. Great job, Miki san!

Jyurou: What a waste to have Narita as Jyurou … such a hentai voice should be reserved for more hentai character >v<. I think Narita is okay as Jyurou but I picture a voice more deeper and flatter like Ikkitadaru in Harukanaru as Jyurou. However, my opinion for mature man’s voice should be ignored because aside from Nakata Jouji and Hayami Show, I’m not a fan of adult male’s voice vv so I tend not to pay much attention >v<.

Natou: Evil x_x and he’s really evil, especially in the rape scene BUT then, while on the boat, I somehow had a feeling that maybe he really loved Mikage, not the gentle love as Sakaki would have, but definitely his feelings for Mikage is beyond those just hold you and forget. He’s actually an interestin
g character. In the beginning, I really hated him but turned out to like him in the end, strange and I think Shinpachi’s voice definitely helped a bit.Â

Shirokuro: Cute!!! Matsumoto is really cute here! I like the crow!!!! and that’s as much as I can say.


I think this is for people who like drama, don’t mind a lot of screaming and high tension, and love Nakamura sensei’s style of story telling. Definitely, it is not as good as Hybrid Child but it’s a must listen if you’re a Miki or Nojiken fan ^0^


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