Kareshi Irimasenka?

Author: Shimazaki Kazuya
Format: BLCD

This was one of the dramas that got me hooked to Miyatan’s voice in the beginning and still is one of my favorable drama.  So, I am going to write a revised review for it.  To make the story easier to understand, this manga is a series of (so far) 3 volumes.  The first volume is Kareshi Irimasenka (or Do you need a boyfriend?).The second volume is Kareshi no Himitsu (or His Secret).  Finally, the third one is Little Romance.  In each volume, we have two pairings: Itsuki (???Konishi Katsuyuki) x Yuuji (??? Suzumura Kenichi) and Kazuto (??? Sugita Tomokazu)Wataru (??? Miyata Kouki).  In the third, we have a new coupling but I won’t spoil the fun.  Manga wise, I find the story for Kazuto & Wataru the best in volume one when they first met.  As for Itsuki x Yuuji, it’s actually in the second volume, when Wataru tries to find out Itsuki’s secret :D.  This review covers the first volume of the manga.  The story is really straightforward.  At the convenient store where Yuuji and Kazuto work, there was a handsome customer.  He is like a stray cat and and Yuuji picked him up and boom, the two became lovers (it’s BL remember) and started cohabiting :eek:.  However, things began to get nasty as Yuuji’s cousin, Wataru showed up and started to compete with Itsuki for Yuuji.  Wataru lost when Yuuji broke down in tears after Wataru fought with Itsuki again and he left the house and went to the convenient store where Kazuto was still working.   The latter made the right (or wrong) decision to pat his head (never pet a cute crying bishounen’s head or …) and the next day, he found Wataru confessing to him! Kazuto was confused (who wouldn’t) but Wataru was all out.  He even managed to get Itsuki to each him the tricks of the trade.  Wataru then followed Kazuto to his house and the two nearly “did the wrong thing” but stopped in time.  Wataru returned to Yuuji’s house and kissed him but found the feeling was different. He decided, it was love.  The other day, he happily went to Kazuto’s place again and said this time he would be the uke (he finally learned what’s seme and uke, good boy, never read yaoi manga ne) but Kazuto said he was busy that night so Wataru went home to find his parents getting divorced  Upset, he went to find Kazuto but at Kazuto’s place, he saw Kazuto with a girl! Confused, he fled and didn’t show up for a while.  Yuuji was worried and asked Kazuto what happened.  Kazuto then asked for Wataru’s address and of course, all misunderstandings gone and the two became love-love again.

A year elapsed.  While things were going great for the “younger” pair, Yuuji and Itsuki were having problems.  Itsuki’s lifestyle and work seemed very mysterious and he never told Yuuji much about himself.  Yuuji didn’t even know his last name after living with him for so long.  Worse was the fact that a strange guy came out, stared at him for a while, and left with Itsuki :shock:.  This pissed Yuuji to no end and so he went to Kazuto & Wataru’s apartment to piss off with alcohol.  The next morning, Itsuki came to find Yuuji and was “fixed” for his irresponsible behavior.  Turned out that mysterious guy was just an uncle who introduced a job to Itsuki.  As such, all’s well that ends well.  For those who are interested in the LONG version, you can click on the Spoiler button.  I broke it down into 3 parts as in the manga.

Track 1 & 2.

Yuuji worked in a convenient store. One day a handsome guy (Izuki) fainted in the store where he worked. Turned out he actually met Yuuji before and fell in love with him when he saw Yuuji petting a cat. Yuuji brought him home and joked about keeping him as a pet. From then on, Izuki somehow lingered and stayed in Yuuji’s house (technically until he found a place to live and a job). However things didn’t go as smooth because Yuuji’s cousin Wataru, who liked Yuuji had come but of course he’s not too friendly with Izuki ¬_¬. As Yuuji was trapped in the tension between Wataru and Izuki, he broke down and cried. Hurt by his melancholy, Wataru realized his pressing on would only upset Yuuji more and left with the cat. Somehow he wandered to the store where Yuuji worked. There, the kind Kazuto comforted him and petted him on the head. However, he invited trouble because Wataru was touched and shifted his attention to the gentle Kazuto.

Track 3 & 4

The next day, Wataru came to Kazuto’s store again and confessed to him! Kazuto was troubled because while he could handle a Wataru in distress, he didn’t know how to handle a Wataru who’s in love (especially when Wataru was a cute 17 year old BOY). Somehow, Wataru followed Kazuto home but innocent AND CUTE as Wataru was, he didn’t know exactly the meaning of what he’s doing when he was home along with another guy, he freaked out by Kazuto’s suggestions (I think Kazuto just wanted to scare him a bit). In the end, nothing happened. To confirm his own feelings, Wataru went over to Yuuji, kissed him and felt it was kinda different from the kiss he got from Kazuto. He then flatly asked Yuuji how to H o_O;; Izuki saw the whole thing, was angry for a minute when he saw the kissing scene but quickly turned to all laughter when he knew Wataru wasn’t interested in Yuuji but Kazuto and even offered to teach him how to H ¬_¬;; Anyway, the next day, (after supposedly learning the “prinicples” of how to H), Wataru went to confess to Kazuto again ^_^;; and asked if he could play at Kazuto’s place again. Of course the answer was yes! When Wataru got home, he got a phone call from his mother saying they’re finally going to get divorced. Depressed, Wataru wanted to see Kazuto but when he got to Kazuto’s place, he saw him with a girl..>_< … Later from Yuuji, Kazuto learned about Wataru’s family situation and went to see Wataru. Unwillingly, Wataru invited him into his empty house and Wataru started to break down ;_; (KAWAII). Of course, Kazuto comforted Wataru, explained the girl wasn’t a lover but sister and the two ended with a rabu-rabu evening ?

Track 5 & 6

After living together for a year, Yuuji still felt a bit insecure with Izuki. The situation aggravated when he met a guy who stared at him and then left with Izuki. Pissed by not knowing who the guy was and coupled with the pressure of finding a new place to stay, Yuuji went to complain and drink at Wataru & Kazuto’s place. When morning came, Izuki rushed to find Yuuji. After some explanation, Yuuji finally learned that the guy was the uncle who introduced a job (the lazy bastard finally trying to search for work after A FREAKING YEAR :p). The next day, poor Yuuji met Izuki’s uncle again and the guy kissed him all of a sudden o_O (is this not sexual harrassment? WATCH OUT FOR YOUR FAMILY-IN-LAW). The uncle Tohru complained that Yuuji looked kinda cute but plain compared to Izuki’s previous lovers. Yuuji wasn’t all that pleased to hear that and started to lose confidence living with Izuki. The two had a fight and Izuki left (because he felt Yuuji didn’t have enough trust in him). However, a week later, he showed up again (probably he needed some place to live)… the two talked over with each other and issue resolved! Happy END ^^

Note: The free talk for this drama is also super interesting, especially Sugitan’s talk of the Fuji Mountain ???.

As usual, Shimazaki sensei’s manga is BRAINLESS but I think this is better than herKoi wa itsumo arashi no you ni .  Still, her artwork is the type I like because most of her uke have BIG eyes and are quite CUTE (especially the chibi mode).  Actually, although Wataru sounds SHOTA, he is actually a full grown teenager and is actually quite tall but 85% of the time he is in chibi mode.

This time, Yuuji (Suzuken) plays the role of Mama, taking care of several stray cat from Itsuki to Wataru. He’s the one who’s dealing with all the problems, especially when all the guys around him are SO imature. I usually don’t like Suzuken’s normal BL roles because I find him slightly deprived of … emotions in those serious stories but here, he’s actually quite good because he’s so troubled he actually is either sighing, crying, or shoutig (no time to be boring).  As for Itsuki, I can’t help but think of “Kaoru-chan” when Itsuki calls Yuuji… that is Konitan’s CLASSIC NANPA (to play with girls in the playboy style ^^;;) mode! I actually LIKE is hetare seme believe it not though of course, his deeper sexy voice is great (a.k.a. Nejireta Edge) as well. In particular, I like his intonation when he called “Yuuji”. In this drama, he doesn’t have much kakkoi moments ?????but in the sequel, which I’ll listen tonight or tomorrow night, he actually has his kakkoi moments???.  I love Wataru A LOT vv because you can see he actually changed his voice when he encountered different people or when he talked to the same person but at different levels in the relationship. He spoke in a cold, arrogant voice when it’s with Itsuki or when he first met Kazuto. However, when he’s with Yuuji or after he fell in love with Kazuto, he used the classic kawaii Miyatan’s voice. The part where he cried (track 4) is also fantastic vv (but his crying voice is always good IMO ???? … that’s the result of obsession). I think I have listened to this track not less than 100 times in the last year (for REAL) so … ignore me.  Nearly 8 years younger than Miyatan, Kazuto is going to play a man nearly N years older than Miyatan???.  Somehow, Sugita’s voice is so adultlike it’s hard to think he’s only 24 turning 25 this year and Takagi Motogi and him are the same age! As for acting, I think Kazuto is really gentle and always sound troubled (well, he got himself hook to a troublesome catty). To be honest, I think it sounded more like father-and-son than lovers (worse is the fact that Sugita was Miyata’s “mama” in some Pinku na Koneko. It is hard to take that image out of your head. Overall, he’s great! Oyajii Sugitan saikou????

Not a classic that you’ll always remember but it’s fun to listen to in your spare time plus the characters are quite fun actually and the cast suteki!


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  1. I love Konishi’s high voice. It reminds me of his role as Nana from FOOKIES. So cute. Konitan definitely has a nice range of voices.

    Btw, “Kareshi Irimasen ka?” means “Do you need a boyfriend?” =.3

  2. Mew, welcome!
    Oh, I wrote this review long ago… it’s quite messed up 🙄 will go to change it. Thanks for pointing out! And I agree Konitan’s SO CUTE in his high voice 😀 … I love him in this tension… Ousama in Gakuen Heaven is cute too.

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