Kareshi no Himitsu

Author: Shimazaki Tokiya

Format: BLCD, Manga


This drama is based on the second volume of the Kareshi series. If you have not heard the first volume Kareshi Irimasenka, I suggest listening to it before you listen to this one. Of course, we all hope the last volume in the series, Little Romance will also be dramatized ^o^! Recall in the first drama, Yuuji uke.gif (??? Suzumura Kenichi) picked up the handsome Itsuki (??? Konishi Katsuyuki). However, there was a little trouble when Yuuji’s cousin Wataruuke.gif (??? Miyata Kouki) arrives and tries to steal Yuuji back. To no avail, he discovered new love in the owner of the convenient store where Yuuji worked – Kazuto (??? Sugita Tomokazu).Since the second part of the first drama, Wataru and Kazuto lived together but and things went “pretty well” until Wataru found that since their first H, Kazuto never touched him. He began to wonder if he lacked charm ^_^;; (he’s a kid, remember). Therefore, he tried various means to seduce Kazuto *O*! However, none of them succeeded ;_; and so he became depressed. His best friend Katsumi (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke) began to notice the change in Wataru. He did not want to see Wataru upset and he confessed to Wataru but was rejected because there was someone else Wataru loved. Katsumi then went to search for this someone and when he met Kazuto, of course the atmosphere was terrible x_x. That night, as compensation for Wataru’s failure to return his affection, Katsumi dragged Wataru to the red light districts but Wataru was so touched by Katsumi that he started crying aloud ^_^;;. Itsuki and Reiji (???Ueda Yuuji) picked the two boys and sent them home. On the other hand, when Kazuto heard Wataru was dragged away by Katsumi, he was so worried he fainted *O* (how old are you really…Kazuto vv). Of course, in the end Wataru returned to Kazuto’s side and the two had some nice H! Happy end (Nanya: Wataru…be careful, Kazuto might not be able to “handle” your “jounetsu ^v~”).

The second part of this drama shifted the focus back to Yuuji and Itsuki. Although the two cohabited for a really long while now, Yuuji knew nothing about Itsuki, except the fact that his name is “Itsuki”. This pissed Yuuji a little (Nanya: And he only realized this is a problem after YEARS *O*). Anyway, Yuuji was angry and wanted to know more about Itsuki so he went to Itsuki’s work place where Itsuki worked as a model and talked to Itsuki’s Uncle (??? Kikuchi Masami). However, the latter knew not much about Itsuki’s past either. Itsuki also noticed Yuuji’s sadness and so agreed to a date ^^ but he was late on the date . Yet, during the date, he was really sweet and when he met his old friends who were examining Yuuji, he ran away (but he did not notice Wataru, Kazuto, and Reiji were watching vv. Anyway, he brought Yuuji to a love hotel (of course) and the two had some nice H and happy end.

There is an omake story in this drama. Basically, Yuuji found one of his beloved cats balding and wanted to bring it to the bath but Itsuki also said he had a patch and needed to get into the bath . Of course, he’s beaten up ???.

Note: The free talk for this drama is hosted by Miyatan (yeah!) with Suzuken & Kikuchi (I wonder where are the others ???). I still would like to hear a free talk with HIRA-CHAN ????.

As usual, Shimazaki sensei’s manga is BRAINLESS and this accounts for the Kareshi series as well. To be quite frank, I didn’t like the first part of the manga (where Wataru was trying to seduce Kazuto). I only listened to it because it’s MIYATAN and HIRA-chan!! I do like the second story though, especially the part where Yuuji is pissed and where Itsuki protects his “Yuuji” from his friends and runs!

uke.gif Yuuji: Suzuken is still “cute” as usual and suits the “mama” role. However, I still don’t find Suzuken’s BL drama particularly interesting. I don’t know why but I don’t find too much difference between his roles and the more you listen to Suzuken, the more you will find he has only two to three models – the kawaii mode, the cool beauty mode, and the normal mode vv. I think Yuuji might have been better were NojiKen doing it but that’s my bias (yeah, Nojiken is LOVE!)

Itsuki: He’s definitely the ultimate hetare seme ^_^;; His chibi mode is so strong I can now officially classify him into the “kawaii” type! Seriously, he just SHINES in this drama. Compared to SuzuKen, Konitan’s ability to alter voice is much more obvious. His hetera seme is so different from his gentle seme, and so different from his sexy seme! Among the newer generation (?) of seme, I find him quite interesting! Morimori is Teiou and Konitan is Ousama, ganbare!!!

uke.gif Wataru: Wataru’s cute ????as usual but I hope he dropped his voice more when Wataru has that “mature” look on his face. I still like Wataru but not so much in the first part because I hate the manga so I can’t love Wataru here as much as I loved him in the first drama. Still, his acting is great as usual, only I wish he could cry more .

Kazuto: There’s not much difference between the Kazuto here and in the last drama except he his blood pressure has gone up AGAIN ????. Well, this is what you get dating a minor. I think the scene where he drinks coffee while accepting the challenge from Katsumi is the best!
uke.gif Katsumi: Kawaii! Hirakawa is really cute no matter what he acts(the power of fangirling) but to be more objective, I think he’s rather close to my imagination of Katsumi. Having said that though, what’s with the longggggg pause when he was introducing himself to Kazuto? I think he’s slightly overdone it. However, the part where he was talking to Wataru in the red light district was really cool????. I kinda felt sorry for him too (d*mn, Wataru is so lucky!).

Reiji: Kawaii !!!! I would like to see his hetare (?) seme if Little Romance is dramatized! Of course, there are also moments where I can sense Morita san (Morita-poisoned).

This drama CD is cute and sweet but I think storywise, it’s the worst of the three but it’s still good fun and I would listen to it just for the sake of Konitan!! He’s REALLY KAWAII .


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