Tenshi x Mitsuzou

Author: Sakuya Tomoyo

Format: BLCD, Manga


Yakumo (??? Taniyama Kishou) was still an elementary school student when he first partnered with Rinuke.gif (??? Kishio Daisuke) who was three years older than him to form the popular group “Crow”, which was managed by Momokawa (??? Kamiya Hiroshi).  Eight years later, Yakumo became extremely popular and was even casted as the hero in an action film while Rin was cute and featured as personality in many variety shows. Rin was secretly in love with Yakumo but he could not express his feelings and he could only go to Shuugo(??? Konishi Katsuyuki) for advice in these situations. Shuugo used to compose songs for Crow but he had to leave them for another job.  Yakumo (who turned out to like Rin as well) became jealous of the relationship between Rin and Shuugo until he finally found out that Shuugou was nothing more than an adviser . The two’s feelings reached each other and they were happy for a while.

Things heated up again when Rin wanted to ask a famous member from the pop group “Eternity” Miki (??? Okiayu Ryuutarou) to compose songs for “Crow”.  Hence, before their performance, Rin and Yakumo went to see “Eternity”‘s performance and there, Rin met Miki. However, Miki kissed Rin at their first meeting and this really pissed Yakumo off! Rin could not understand why Yakumo made such a fuss over a kiss when they were in the idol business but Yakumo said he did not want Rin to be kissed by another person and if Rin did not like it, he would refuse to act out the kissing scene in his movie! After the fuss, the two made up again and went on dating. The two wanted a quiet date but they kept on being recognized by their fans and had to escape. They also went to see the movie in which Yakumo played the main lead.  All seemed to go well for the lovers, at least for now.


Yakumo: Taniyama is great, seme or uke wise because I llike him as his voice has this fluctuation (occasionally high and occasionally deep but never to the extreme). His Yagumo is a surprisingly loyal and pure idol *O* who is protective and possessive of his lover Rin. I sometimes feel sorry for Yagumo because though he is older, he seems to be watching over a kid vv.

uke.gif Rin: This is definitely a role for Kishio Daisuke >v< I usually like his irropoi and slightly wagamama uke. Rin is really girlish vv. When Shuugou says he could no longer host the variety show with Rin, the latter basically went into a tantrum and drank so much he was almost raped had Yagumo did not come in time to bring him home. He was so childish I wondered if he were really 24 ^_^;;

?? Shuugo: Another of those usual gentle roles from Konitan. Unfortunately, there is not much role for his Shuugou…he’s just the kind “brotherly” figure who watches over Rin and Yagumo. I feel his character is slightly underdeveloped ???.

? Miki: Okiayu’s playful but slightly evil Miki instantly made him the eyecatch of this drama CD but surprisingly, he only appeared in ONE track and for a minute or two. WHY?? I thought the script was written rather badly. They should at least have left more clues for the triangular relationship in the future … boo— what a waste of Okki ????

?????? Momokawa: This is an innovative casting because usually Kamiyan plays rather cool role and Momokawa is a funny and high tension role. I really wish the second and third volumes will be dramatized… that’s when Kamiyan can show the world his Momokawa magic ??????.

I was looking forward to this drama because of Taniyama but I’m looking forward (?) to the sequel because of Okki’s Miki and I am looking forward to the SEQUEL’s SEQUEL for Momokawa magic ??????. I was a bit upset that they did not develop the subcast well enough but overall, I think it’s “okay” and the main couple is really cute … (almost like otome type for me). If you like stuff with low-H and a rather plain but sweet story, I recommend you go for it …otherwise…


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