Himitsu no okusuri ~ Secrecy Drug

Author: Yamakami Riyu
Format: Manga
H-level: None


There are two stories and I’ll only introduce one here. If I ever read the manga again, I may also write about the second story. The first couple is Takuuke.gif and Hitsuki. Taki is a VERY CUTE boy in the 2nd year of his middle school *v* and Hitsuki is a first year student at university. They grew up together so Hitsuki was always like a bigger brother. Taku liked Hitsuki A LOT but a year ago, Hitsuki became very cold because he was busy preparing for college entrance exams 😦 and Taku was upset and since then they became distant. Or more accurately, Taku was trying to stay away from Hitsuki. One day, Taku’s mom told him that the whole family was going on holiday to an onsen with Hitsuki’s family. When Taku heard Hitsuki’s family, he immediately declined to join. Turned out Hitsuki WASN’T going and Taku’s parents asked the wolf Hitsuki to take care of Taku. That’s how Hitsuki started cooking for Taku. He also gave Taku some “vitamin” to eat at dinner and then when they were watching TV, Hitsuki told Taku that what he just took was biyaku and Taku felt hot and perspired. Hitsuki then took the chance and ATE the cute little goat Taku CLEAN :D. Turned out it was just placebo 8O. The next story was similar, where Hitsuki’s friend gave Taku a pill that would make Hitsuki fail to fall into love with other person. Taku was tempted to put it in Hitsuki’s coffee but accidentally drank the coffee himself and cried over the fact that he would never be able to fall in love with another person anymore. OF COURSE that’s another of Hitsuki’s EVIL PLOT :P. In the third side story, Hitsuki’s lab at the university exploded from experimenting too much on biyaku for shota and Hitsuki was hospitalized. Taku rushed to the hospital to see if Hitsuki was okay but the wounds caused Hitsuki to lose memory for the last year :roll:. Since a year ago, Hitsuki was very cold to Taku, it seemed the loss of memory returned them to that horrible state. Luckily in the end, Taku confessed again and the two was all love-love (though Hitsuki’s memory really returned way BEFORE that. He just pretended to test Taku-chan out — EVIL!!!). In the last story, Taku tries to take revenge on Hitsuki and fakes a fever but Hitsuki sees through Taku’s trick RIGHT away and in the end overpowers him… of course, little red riding hood can never challenge the BIG BAD WOLF 😛 – the GOLDEN rule in BL.

SHOCKED!!!! This is a manga by Yamakami sense!  THE YAMAKAMI sensei whose stories usually invite tears!! What on earth has the world become! Worse is the fact that Nanya is LOVING IT! Not surprising as Recipe is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE orz. I am weak when it comes to CUTE SHOTA like Taku!!! The shot where he was struggling to put the pill in Hitsuki’s coffee… SO CUTE (screams). I’m sure many die hard Yamakami fans will probably fall from their chair if they read this. I’m happy though since it proves Yamakami sensei is quite flexible.

Of course, since this is a CULT manga, it not only differs in terms of story but also the volume and explicity of the H scenes. There’s a surprisingly generous amount (basically in every story) ???. Despite all the EVIL things Kaiya Hitsuki do to Taku, at least there’s no doubt he’s always loved him. That year when he’s cold, it’s probably he’s just not sure what to do with his own feelings as it’s not normal to fall in love with a boy much younger (heck, he must be like 13 then). However, probably going to the chemistry lab at university makes Hitsuki honest with his own feelings i.e. to (1) admit he’s a BIG WOLF with HORRIBLE PERSONALITY, (2) has a SHOTACON, and (3) will use ANY DIRTY method to get the prey he wants. It’s always best ones come clean with one feelings, happy end … or maybe not for Taku-chan ????.


STAY AWAY from this manga if you like Yamakami sensei because you have too many boxes of Kleenex at home. Otherwise, if you like Little Red Riding Hood as much as I do, I HIGHLY recommend this manga.


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