Hong Kong Kizoku ni Aisarete

Alex (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)and Masami (CV: Nojima Ken) were lovers six years ago. However, Masami suddenly disappeared from Alex’s side and was last seen by Catherina (CV: Kawaharaki Shiho). with a woman – Anita. Alex never believed Catherina’s story, that Masami left because he betrayed Alex’s feeling. This left a big question mark in Alex’s heart and for six years, he tried to get the answer. Then came the chance as he found out that Masami dropped by Hong Kong. So, he sent someone to steal Masami’s belongings (money, credit card, and passport) to make sure Masami would be stuck in Hong Kong for a while ^^;; Next, he pretended he would help Masami and invited him to his house to stay and worked part time as exchange. There, Masami worked with the porter Jii (CV: Tobita Nobuo) . Alex knew Masami loved art, so he invited Masami to a party where he could admire some wonderful artwork (but then Masami had to wear a china dress and pretend to be Alex’s female partner @@!

Catherina found out about the party and was pissed as she was not invited. So she once again plotted against Masami and tried to tell him about Alex’s plot (by stealing his belongings) and reassured him that Alex was merely toying with Masami feelings. Deeply hurt, Masami ran away again but then he remembered his promise with Alex that he would not run away without knowing why. So, he returned but on the way was harrassed by some thieves. Of course, he was rescued by Alex and happy end.


This is the fifth instalment of the Kizoku series, all by Toono Haruhi sensei (even though the stories are all unrelated). Another point of attraction is the cast as I believe this is the first time MoriMori pairs up with Nojiken ^o^. To be frank, the story is really so and so, especially after reading great works like Flesh & Blood and Freezing Eye recently. There is nothing deep in the story, the dialogues are boring, and the BGM uninteresting. Also, the “uma” or rival role is by a woman … if it were a man, I guess I would be more delighted (as this is BLCD after all). Finally, I thought there would be at least some descriptions of “Hong Kong” as it’s based in Hong Kong but… aside from the “chinadress”, there really isn’t anything Hong Kong or Chinese (except in the free talk XD).

Masami: As usual, Nojiken is brilliant though the H scenes are not many (but long enough XD), they’re wonderful (at least, it’s one with love). There’s not much crying scenes (which is a pity as he’s best at crying). The funniest part is where he disguised as a woman. He couldn’t make any sound (but I thought it would be okay even if he spoke as his voice could easily reach the woman’s pitch ^0^. Overall, I’m satisfied but I think it’s a waste to cast him in such a straightforward story vv.

Alex:Â The king of BL did not get his title for nothing! I really liked the opening where his monologue showed it wasn’t man or woman that he loved but Masami and Masami only vv. That was nice. The last part when he was angry and jumped into the car was also good.

Jii:Tobita san! He spoke only a few sentences but he sounded like a real OLD porter ^_^;; I thought this character was underdeveloped because he could be more interesting character … (I am thinking of Batman the beginning)… hmmm…

Catherina: Sorry, I’m not sure how to romanize her name so please inform me if you know the proper romanization. Anyway, she is very good in recreating the jealous and evil lady. However, I don’t like woman as the “horse” as I have previously said so … no matter how good she is, I just can’t appreciate it vv.


Surprisingly average drama (probably due to my high expectations) but okay. It’s a must listen if you are MoriMori or Nojiken fans as they’re good as usual… but other than that, I wouldn’t recommend buying it.


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  1. I’m also a bit disappointed that this one isn’t as good as the previous 4 titles – -;; And yeah, the story is too so-so compared to the previous ones, and the ending rather stopped abruptly 😮
    Oh well, at least Morimori’ voice can satisfy me ^__^
    Morimori was paired with Nojiken in Kamisama no Ude no Naka too, wasn’t it?

    And bout that girl’s name, I think it’s Karina? :3

  2. Yeah, you’re right. I think Toono sensei has declined as her works have deteriorated much more lately. I just hope her golden days are not over yet as she brought us rather wonderful works before.

    Yeah, MoriMori and Nojiken were also in Kamisama no ude no naka but then he was UKE ^^;; but in here, he’s finally seme (revenge ?)

  3. Well, sensei has written a sequel to Kizoku to Nessa no Ouji (forgot the title, Kizoku to Bara no Ouji maybe? ^^; ), hopefully the story isn’t as disappointing as Hongkong Kizoku ni Aisarete 😡

    Hehe, yeah, Morimori was the uke XD I was surprised when I knew that Nojiken was the seme ^^;

  4. Really? I had no idea of Kizoku to Bara no Ouji… I guess I have to check that out too. As for Nojiken seme… he’s actually good!!

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