Renai Kyoutei ~Nukegake nashi ~


As the title of this drama suggests, it surrounds an "agreement" between two gentlemen and no cheating is permitted. It is this setting which makes this manga/ drama CD interesting. Basically, this CD is exactly the same as the manga, with only a few slight changes in the dialogue and the addition of the last (but most important track). Masami (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) noticed an unusual glare from his friend Ryuuji (CV: Suwabe Junichi) whenever he was talking to his best friend (and person he loved one sidedly Shiro (CV: Suzuki Chihiro). He called Ryuuji to the rooftop and said that Ryuuji’s stares were becoming "dangerous" … so dangerous he felt Ryuuji was in love with Shiro and warned Ryuuji not to do anything to hurt Shiro. Ryuuji was surprised at Masami’s (stupidity) but tagged along and the two arrived at an agreement that none was going to touch Shiro in a nasty and sneaky way. Having said that though, Masami himself was trying every means to block Ryuuji’s contact with Shiro x_x. He was also over protective of Shiro (e.g. when Shiro wanted to grow herbs, he also grew himself just in case Shiro failed @@;;). Ryuuji was angry at Masami’s sneaky moves (that obviously violated the agreement) and warned Masami that this would only make things worse because like Freud’s Hydraulic theory, Ryuuji would ultimately explode and would do even more nasty things to Shiro because of the deprivation of a means to satisfy his human desires. Hence, to avoid that from happening, he proposed Masami to take the role of Shiro and to satisfy his desires instead. Innocently, Masami agreed to Ryuuji’s demands and the two started a strange physical relationship.

Soon, Masami realized something was wrong with what he was doing and wanted to end the relationship when Shiro told him that his love for Oka sensei (CV: None) (the biology teacher) was beyond pure admiration but true love! Masami was shocked and panicked because the Shiro he loved all along was in love with another person. He was also surprised by Ryuuji’s calmness since he thought Ryuuji was in love with Shiro. Then Ryuuji came clean and said he was always in love with Masami and Masami only and used the agreement as a means to get Masami. Doubled shocked, Masami ran away and avoided both Ryuuji and Shiro the next morning. However, Shiro came to join him for lunch and was afraid Masami was upset with him because he loved Oka sensei (a guy and 10 years older) but Masami said he was just shocked and now that he finally came to his senses, he would cheer for Shiro instead. After lunch, Masami then went to search for Ryuuji and tried to explain his feelings about Ryuuji. (I particularly like the dialogue here because it’s really touching…this is a rough translation…really rough)

Masami: Why did I have to sleep with you? When I think things more clearly, there is really no reason why I need to go so far to protect Shiro as Shiro is not that helpless as it seems
Ryuuji: It is probably you can’t bear to lose when competing with me. Also, you never think clearly when it comes to Shiro.
Masami: You maybe right, that maybe it.
Ryuuji: And then there is also curiosity
Masami: If it were curiosity, (sleeping) just once is enough.
Ryuuji: That’s true, you slept with me several times (actually I think it’s 5 times from the manga…and then he got up from his sleeping position and walked over to Masami who was standing near the stairs.
Ryuuji: Then maybe somewhere deep in your heart, you were in love with me and you just didn’t realize it.
Masami: You maybe right. I probably might be in love with you.
Ryuuji: You fool, don’t act like you’re brainwashed!
Masami: You said when the bodies were combined, the heart would follow too, you were talking about me right? Ryuuji: Don’t remember useless things!
Masami: Yesterday, I was thinking but not of Shiro, I was thinking about you. Do you know why?
Ryuuji: How do I know! And don’t follow me around or I’ll hit you!
Masami: You can’t, because you said you love me.
Ryuuji: I did say I like you but I could do cruel things to people I like as well.
Masami: You may sound bad but you are really not a bad person deep inside.
Ryuuji (grabbing Masami’s shirt): You really want to be beaten!
Masami (holding Ryuuji’s hand): I just wanted to know. Because the same action, it’s different when you understand and don’t understand the meaning behind.


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  1. I absolutely love Sakuragi Yaya. I think she is a wonderful artist, who also takes time to think about the plot of her mangas. Ive read ALL of her works, and I’m in love them them all. =] She’s one of my favorite artists, and Renai Kyoutei is a breathtaking story. Another story done by Yaya that was absolutely delicious, was Netsuyo Calorie. Wow, that story made me cry, laugh, and… moan. >_

  2. Oh yea, it was a really good manga. ^_^ I was amazed by how well the CD kept in tune with the manga~ @_@

    You say you want to hear Suzuki-chan as seme? xD (WELL, I don’t know but he does do seme in the BL Dramas for Angel’s Feather–with Miyatan~! xD)

    WELL, I liked this story ’cause it doesn’t have too many complications… and because it’s *very* sweet on Ruuji’s part. And I like stupid!clueless!mistaken!uke(s), where the seme’s allowed to take advantage of them.. 🙄

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