Slaver’s Kiss

Slaver’s series is probably Katoh Elena sensei’s representative work (?) even though I think it is the cast that makes this series as successful as it is. There are currently three novels: Slaver’s Kiss, Slaver’s Lover, and Slaver’s Nude in the main series as well as one side novel, Freezing Eye. So far, the first two have been dramatized (the third novel probably will be too) and Freezing Eye will be released in December (the two main from Slaver’s series will also be there … but only minor roles ^^;;)
It all started one Christmas evening, when Kurabashi Shuuichi (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) coincidentally met a boy at his frontdoor and gave the boy a small gift (something kinda useless really). The boy’s name is Saeki Takanari (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki). For Shuuichi, it was just a simple action but he did not know that for Saeki, it was like a gift from an angel (to a certain extent, Shuuichi is like an angel because he is extremely beautiful!! Time passed and on Shuuichi’s 15th birthday, his father came home late and when he finally came home, instead of warm hugs and lots of presents, he brought back a boy same age as Shuuichi. The boy was Saeki and since that day, Saeki entered Shuuichi’s life and altered it forever.

Saeki is not just any boy but a genius. He was superior to Shuuichi in every aspect (except the face) and he beat Shuuichi both physically and academically. Right after college, he entered Shuuichi’s father’s company as vice president while Shuuichi was ordered to start from a freshman level. Naturally, Shuuichi was not pleased with the arrangement and what was worse was Shuuichi’s father’s sudden death! At his death bed, Shuuichi’s father made Saeki the new president of the company. Shuuichi was devastated but he needed to depend on Saeki to survive. So, the master-slave relationship suddenly reversed, with Shuuichi now being the slave and Saeki being the master. Naturally, the master also reserves the right to sexually harass the slave ^^;;. To avoid Shuuichi from escaping, Saeki even locked him up for 10 days!! At this time, Saeki & Shuuichi’s university senpai Yamawaki Shigeru (CV: Narita Ken)., who tried to break into the relationship and steal Shuuichi away but of course, Saeki came to rescue just in time. However, Yamawaki actually had a gun and Saeki asked Shuuichi to stay behind him and he was shot instead vv (twice). When Shuuichi was holding the wounded Saeki in his arms, he finally knew how important Saeki was to him. At the same time, Shuuichi also found out that Saeki still had the little gift he gave him on the Christmas night 8 years ago and it was the gift that prevented the bullet from hitting Saeki’s heart.


As I mentioned before, what made the Slaver’s series famous isn’t the story itself (though I must admit I like Katoh sensei’s writing style. The flow is quite smooth even though the plot could be better), it is the CAST, especially MoriMori x Sakupyon. Even then, I thought the chemistry between the two was quite good and I really like MoriMori’s Saeki. He’s a cold, brilliant man who seems to be very ambitious but deep down, all he wants is just the angel who saved him vv. His actions maybe wild but his love is pure ^^;; If you plan on listening to this CD, it’s almost a must that you also listen to the sequel Slaver’s Lover as there, all the mysteries will be explained, like why is Shuuichi’s father giving the company to Saeki instead of his own flesh and blood Shuuichi or the younger brother Kikyou? And now … the cast:

Shuuichi: Sakurai fits my image of Shuuichi, an innocent, slightly spoilt young man with pride. He’s always been living in a pretty good situation (middle to upper middle class family with loving parents and an image of a good student). However, he’s jealous of Saeki, who suddenly walks into his life and proves to be superior to him in everything >_<. I particularly love Sakurai’s monologues (as Katoh sensei is quite heavy with monologues) as they are gentle but convey the feelings of Shuuichi, from high school to university. I’m still a bit sensitive to Sakurai’s uke but here, he’s good, especially his dialogues with Saeki. He hates Saeki and hates Saeki but then occasionally, you feel there is something beyond hatred in his voice… something hidden beneath that angelic face and the last part when he was holding the injured Saeki was great too.

Saeki:I love MoriMori’s Saeki!!! Although I thought it would be better if he sounded even a little more hentai >v< (like his Nakajima in Gakuen Heaven) but then deep beneath, Saeki is human and not devil as Nakajima so I guess he’s okay as he is. Even though his Saeki is no doubt TOO MATURE for a high school student, it makes more sense when he reaches adult, especially when he takes over the company. And of course the H scenes…. melts melts.

Shigeru:In my dictionary, Narita Ken = hentai >v< … not really but he does fit this type of bad wolf role who will steal other’s sheep once you’re not careful (but then Saeki is one bad wolf as well… (poor Sakupyon… ). Anyway, it’s a pity Shigeru’s chara is nothing more than a hentai .. would be good if he was actually involved with the “plot” as well.


This is a MUST LISTEN if you like the combi MoriMori x Sakupyon. The plot is interesting enough but still fairly average (probably it’s because the personality of Shuuichi and Saeki are pretty boring and the fact that Shuuichi is too innocent ;_; (he’s over 20 right???). However, I would get this just for Sakupyon’s wonderful monologues!


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  1. Hi! reading your review it makes me called for it more~~
    I really want the Slaver’s series, they all sound great >_

  2. Hello!
    I love this Slaver’s series sooo much!
    I think your review strikes home!
    Shuuichi’s monologue is a bit heavy,but somthing where touches me deeply.
    Morimori&Sakurai is my most favorite couple.

  3. Ai san,

    Thank you for visiting my site!! I often read the reviews at your site too!! They’re lovely! I also like Morimori and Sakurai. They have very good chemistry! Sakurai, come back to the BL World please! Your English is really good (my Japanese is poor as I’m learning too). Please drop by this site whenever you have time!

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