Slaver’s Lover

Slaver’s Lover is broken into two parts: Zen Pen and Goh pen. Since the stories are interlinked, I’ll just summarize the two in one go so it’s easier to understand. This is a SEQUEL so make sure you have read or heard Slaver’s Kiss before this one or it will be very confusing. Saeki Takanari (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) was now released from hospital and back to the mansion where he and Shuuchi lived. However, he’s just barely recovered from his wounds and so he was still very tired. In the meantime, Kurabashi Shuuichi (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) was still being guided by Hayase Yoshihiro (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) and trying to learn about the operations of the company. In the meantime, Saeki was entrusting more and more responsibility to Shuuichi and even went as far as to accept Shuuichi’s proposal in a major project. Tsukui (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke)., an experienced worker in the company was against using Shuuichi’s proposal but Hayase promised to support Shuuichi and Saeki also backed up Shuuichi. However, unknown to Shuuichi, there was actually unrest within the company, especially when there appears to be a spy in the company and Saeki and Wakamiya (CV: Horiuchi Kenyuu). were trying to find out who. Turned out that Shuuichi’s father originally planned to let Shuuichi inherit the company. However, Hayashi and some others were really plotting to use Shuuichi as a puppet and to take control of the company instead (because Shuuichi is very innocent). To protect Shuuichi, Saeki asked the elder Takanari san to pass the company to him for the time being so that when they finally eliminated the threats to Shuuichi, he would return the rights to Shuuichi. So, in a way, Shuuichi’s father was forced to give the right to Saeki. Hayashi was Tsukui’s wife boss and Tsukui was really the spy of the company.The revelation was a shock for Shuuichi because he had finally come to accept Saeki in his life and now he learned that Saeki was the one who snatched the rights to inherit the company from him! Shuuichi broke down but it was Saeki, who had to admit to Shuuichi his own act, who was really hurt (but he still could "rape" Shuuichi in a situation like this @@;;). This concluded part 1. In part 2, Shuuichi was really upset by Saeki’s betrayal (?) but he really did not know the full truth and Wakamiya told him that Saeki did not really just steal the company. All he wanted was to protect Shuuichi and to prevent him from falling prey to Hayashi and Takajima’s plot of using him as a puppet. After Wakamiya’s explanation, Shuuichi felt much better but sadly, he was kidnapped x_x and brought to the boat where he was almost raped. In the meantime, on the TV, news was reporting that there was an explosion in Saeki’s car and Shuuichi didn’t know if he was alive or dead. Of course, Saeki was still alive, rushed to the boat and rescued Shuuichi. Then, they spent some sweet moments on the boat until it cruised back to the peer ^^;; At the same time, the contract with the Stanley company was also happily resolved. As a bonus, we also get to hear the characters speak in English >v< … a lot of English!In the end, Saeki gave the ownership of the company back to Shuuichi but the latter tore up the contract and instead said he wanted Saeki to be the president of the company ^^ (I guess it’s because if he takes back ownership, he’s afraid there’s no more reason to keep Saeki by his side).





: Plotwise, there are quite a few of loopholes in the story. First, remember in Slaver’s Kiss that Shuuichi was not stupid. Although he was academically inferior to Saeki, he was still #2 in class while Saeki was #1. If so, why would Shuuichi be ordered to start from a rookie and needed Hayase to help him so much when Saeki was already handling everything by himself? They were the same age but it seemed Saeki was 10 years older x_x. Also, it was Saeki who hired both Hayase and Wakamiya to help the company. Actually, for Wakamiya, there is a story as to why he quit his original job as prosecutor to become a private lawyer for a small corporation as this one. He’s very talented and it’s more like a waste for him XDD but that’s not told in this CD so I won’t spoil the fun. Anyway, I just find it a bit hard to believe that clever as Shuuichi, he would so easily fall into a trap like this. Of course, there is another part that is not good … why is Wakamiya doing all the explanation and so soon !? This makes the tension beautifully built up in the end of the first part collapse almost instantly in the second part. It would be better had the author let the tension stay till the very end. In my opinion, I think Katoh sensei is not very good at writing these tough plot. The tougher and more tragic the atmosphere, the harder it is to believe and swallow the plot. Anyhow, the H scenes are sweet in the second part, at least, and so I’ll forgive the imperfections in the plot.

Shuuichi: After two years of training, Sakurai seems to have gotten better with acting and unlike Junjou Romantica, he did not try to squeeze his voice. Although this is still not the sexy voice I like of him, it’s deep and loyal to the character setting of Shuuichi – a man with a beautiful appearance as well as innocent heart. Despite all the tragic events that gradually unfolded before him, he still didn’t really learn his lesson and always needed Saeki to come to rescue him (who’s the slave really? Shuuichi or Saeki ^_^;;). Again, Sakurai’s monologues really touched my heart and his H scenes are okay. It’s a pity I didn’t have a chance to hear his English other than Thank You vv.

Saeki:While I personally don’t really like angelic, innocent uke (a.k.a. Shuuichi)’s type, I really like those who look after these uke as they have trouble – big time *O* since they always have to come to rescue their princess. MoriMori’s Saeki is very good… especially his monologues when he try to come to face his sorrows bearing all the "sins". He loves Shuuichi dearly and he is really doing everything for Shuuichi’s sake but Shuuichi doesn’t (or he can’t let him) understand the truth because that would endanger Shuuichi’s life. So, all he could do is to make himself unforgettable from Shuuichi’s point of view and this is achieved by making Shuuichi hate him. Bravo!! The only regret … MoriMori’s English… I guess it’s not bad but … actually becomes actuary (and it’s quite funny too!).

Hayase:Compared to Shuuichi, I actually like Hayase much more because he’s such a pain in the a$$. Although he sounds to be just a caring, efficient teacher here, he’s really a difficult person to cope with (as reflected by the little dialogues between Wakamiya and him). In front of Shuuichi, he is all nice and machine like but in front of Wakamiya, he returns to his queenlike personality ^^;; As to why cast Piroshi, I guess it’s simple, coz Hayase is like the captain from SD Gundam Force + Kaoru from Gakuen Heaven, (a.k.a. a machine like man with a queenlike attitude ^_^;;). His English … seems he’s improved from Gakuen Heaven (?)… anyway, his English is tolerable though I can’t really hear too much and I find his English more mechanic than a machine x_x…. I think I still like Piroshi (the Japanese version) better.

Wakamiya:I LOVE WAKAMIYA! He’s the most interesting character in this whole series I swear (unfortunately his cuteness is not shown here vv). Anyway, many people think Horiuchi san is a bit too "mature" for Wakamiya (who after all is only 34). I personally thought as the Wakamiya in Slaver’s series, he’s fine as he just sounded like a normal lawyer and good friend of Saeki. His explanation to Shuuichi is also nicely done. However, taking into consideration that this is cast for the sake of Freezing Eye as well, then I must confess I think Konitan is better (because my definition for hetare seme = Konitan!!). As for his English ^^;;…

I recommend Slaver’s Lover because plotwise, I find it more entertaining than Slaver’s Kiss and the addition of new characters are also nice. Of course, MoriMori x Sakurai is enough reason to listen, especially when both skills have again improved from since 2 years ago!!


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  1. Er, I don’t want to say this, but in my case, listening to them speaking English eeries me ^^;; Especially because the tone they use, kinda like overdone? Maybe it’d be better if they spoke casually ~_~;;

    The part when Shuuichi found out that Saeki just want to protect him (from Wakamiya) i’s so heart-breaking, but the last 2 tracks are so sweet that it makes me melt everytime I listen to them >w>

    Wait a minute, Slaver’s Lover took 2 years to be made? O_o *just realized it*

  2. I also dislike this way of doing things … I mean they either make the characters speak all English (with translations in the booklet) or they just don’t bother. This “nicam” effect makes it really hard to understand both the English and the Japanese vv.

    As for the last 2 tracks, I like as well, but then I think it would be better still had Shuuichi found out about Saeki’s pain rather than have Wakamiya telling him.

    I also wonder why it took so long before they decide to dramatize Slaver’s Lover (and to break it into two parts too… they could just release a dual disk vv). I hope it doesn’t take 2 years to dramatize Slaver’s nude vv.

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