Ijiwaru na Mahou


Kenji grew up with a boy 5 years older than him – Haruka. He is now in high school and Haruka has become his teacher. The story surrounds how Haruka is deeply in love with Kenji but the latter is too stubborn to understand and hangs around with Minami (a girl who seems to be more interested in him than the other way around). Haruka is annoyed but he doesn’t know what he can do to win Kenji’s heart. On the other hand, despite Kenji’s stubborness, he realized that something was wrong in his relationship with Haruka. He blushed when he realized Haruka was in bath and wearing nothing but a bathrobe XD. He also couldn’t understand why Haruka kissed him after learning he made it to the high school he wanted. Just while he was trying to figure it all out, he didn’t pay attention in one of Haruka’s lessons. As a result, he was asked to copy the whole passage (30 pages). That night, when he was done, Haruka came over to visit, the two talked, and then had sex. The next morning, Kenji woke up but he didn’t see Haruka. That must be a dream. He then went to school still slightly embarassed at having such a dream. After school, when he was hanging around Minami again, Haruka seemed really pissed. He couldn’t understand until he got home and his sister told him to bring food over to Haruka that he realized it wasn’t a dream. He went over to Haruka, seeking for an explanation of what happened that night but instead, he got angry. It took a while before Kenji finally realized his true feelings for Haruka .


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