Gakuen Heaven ~Mirai wa kimi no mono



1.è»¢æ ¡ç”Ÿãƒ»å•“å¤ª (Transfer student, Keita)
2.女王様ã?®ä¼šè¨ˆéƒ¨ (The Queens’ Accounting Department)
3.�動部�����……v (The first visit to the sports clubs)
4.文化部棟�� (To the cultural clubs building )
5.�����日曜日 (The first Sunday)
6.キケン�学生会室 (The dangerous student council office)

7.ç?†äº‹ä¼šå®¤ã?¨ç?†äº‹é•·å®¤ (Principal Room and Chief Director’s Room)

8.メール (Mail)
9.è¬›å ‚ã?®æ¼”説→MVP戦 (Announcement at the Lecture Hall -> MVP Battle)
10.å‹?利ï¼?ã??ã?—ã?¦â€• (Victory! And then…)
(Our Heaven)

This is the drama CD that was first released in 2002 as a compliment to the BL game Gakuen Heaven by Spray as he original PC game does not have voice (if you have no idea what this game is all about, I suggest you read my review of the game HERE or you won’t understand the drama (unless you want to treat it as a standalone drama). Since the length of the drama CD is limited, it follows the main story and the ending is the OTP. It begins with Itou Keita (CV: Fukuyama Jun) arriving at Bell Liberty Academy (a.k.a BL Academy) and his encounter with king Niwa Tetsuya (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) and queen Saiyonji Kaoru (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi). In the second track, it assumes the storyline of either Saiyonji or Shichijou Omi (CV: Tsuboi Tomohiro) and that means Keita accepted the queen’s invitation to tea. In track three, Keita followed Endou Kazuki (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) who showed him around the school grounds where he met the rest of the important students in the game: Naruse Yukihiko (CV: Miki Shinichirou), captain of the tennis club, Shinomiya Kouji (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou), captain of the archery club, Iwai Takuto, (CV: Nojima Hirofumi), captain of the art club and Taki Shunsuke (CV: Majima Junji), a genius cyclist. You also get to know the teacher Umino sensei (CV: Amada Masahito). In track six, it assumes you chose Nakajima Hideaki (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki)‘s storyline and get the "scene" in the student president office. Beginning from track seven then, it moves ot to cover Kazuki’s route. Warning!! Notice that this drama CD does spoil Kazuki’s route so if you have never played the game before and plan to play it, I don’t recommend listening to this drama CD!


To be honest, once the PS2 version is released, this drama really loses its value because the PS2 version is 100% voiced plus it allows you to hear a lot more endings than this drama CD (which forces you to go through certain routes). Of course, since it’s based on Kazuki’s route, you almost don’t get to listen to the minor cast much, just the major cast and this is a bit unfair for fans of the rest of the cast. Also, the Shuunsuke and Umino sensei in this CD are different from the PS2 version. Since the plot is similar to the game, you can read my thoughts on the cast for the game (pretty much the same here). The only things I would like to comment are the seiyuu who are different from the PS2 version:

Taki Shunsuke: Although I have nothing against Majima Junji, I think Suzumura’s Taki is a lot more natural (probably because I heard him before listening to this CD).  Majima’s voice is just not as cute and uke as Suzumura ^^.

Umino sensei: Again, I am a bit torn apart as to who is better here. On the one hand, I think Kamikawa san is cuter and fresher but then Amada’s Umino is also not bad and he’s actually cute too (reminds me a lot of Yamaguchi Kappei though). I am not a fan of this sort of high-pitch but unclear voice… so I don’t really like his Umino sensei, but then it’s okay.


I would ONLY recommend this to people who own the PC version, has at least completed Kazuki’s ending (and better still Saiyonji and Nakajima’s endings) and not plan to get the PS2 version. Otherwise, you can save some money on this CD!


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  1. I mix up Yamaguchi Kappei and Amada Masahito’s voices in my mind pretty often… it’s sad… :X~ One day, while I was talking to a Digimon fan friend, my mind was fully convinced that Yamaguchi Kappei was the one who voiced Junpei in Digimon Frontier… and the guy I was talking to had to correct me before I realized it… it was embarrassing~ I completely agree with your points about Umino-sensei’s different voicings though. XD

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