Gakuen Heaven 2 ~ Welcome to Heaven ~

Japanese Title English Title
明日�学園祭 Tomorrow is the school festival
�ん�大忙�� Everyone is very busy!
生徒会室��トル Battle at the student council
�顔 The sleeping face
待��待��日 The day I have been waiting for
一人ã??ã‚Š All by myself
コンテスト開始 The contest begins
優å‹?者ã?¯â€¦â€¦ The winner is …
éš ã?—部屋 The secret chamber
CM Commercial
ç?†é•·å®¤ç·¨ The principal’s office version
This is the final CD in the Gakuen Heaven 2 series. The previous two Muteki na Sannensei and Tsuyoki na Ninensei. It is also the CD following the route of Kazuki x Keita. It’s okay to listen to this one even if you have not played the game as it’s got nothing (plotwise) to do with the game but then you might not understand the relationships between the characters. For my review of the game, see HERE. The story this time surrounds the school festival. It’s Itou Keita (CV: Fukuyama Jun) first school festival since arriving at Bell Liberty Academy (a.k.a BL Academy) and he has been looking forward to spending this day with his true love Endou Kazuki (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) but as usual, Kazuki is extremely busy with work so Keita is left mostly alone by himself. At this moment, he comes across Naruse Yukihiko (CV: Miki Shinichirou) who is trying to persuade him to enjoy the school festival with him but Keita wants Kazuki. Luckily, he’s rescued by Saiyonji’s pet Shichijou Omi (CV: Tsuboi Tomohiro)who accompanies Keita back to the student council’s office. However, awaiting the two there is a fierce battle between the king Niwa Tetsuya (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) and queen Saiyonji Kaoru (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi). Owing to some reasons: Turns out the reason for this battle is that the king over spent 100,000 yen in order to make some really elegant booklets where the paper is of high quality and there is even a flying little bear in the middle ^_^;; He originally wanted to use the spare savings of the student council to finance the booklets but then there was an emergency and the money was used and so he had to beg Saiyonji for more money. Of course, the queen refuses and enters into a heated battle. The king’s venture is deemed a failure and he doesn’t get any money. As a result, Niwa tricked Keita into helping him to get the extra funding. Normally, during the school festival, there is a Mr. Bell Liberty competition and the winner gets 100,000 yen. Niwa asked Keita to be the PRIZE instead and in this way keeps the 100,000 yen to pay for the booklets. Innocently, Keita agreed despite Kazuki’s protest because he was angry Kazuki did not spend enough time with him. People who were interested in Keita (or rather Keita’s luck) joined the competition and in the end, Naruse Yukihiko (CV: Miki Shinichirou) and Shinomiya Kouji (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou) remained. Just when the winner emerged and Keita had to be handed out as present, the lights went off and the "hero" came to rescue Keita!! Our hero then brought Keita to the secret chamber and the two spent some quality moments together!! In the meantime, since Keita fled, the king had to fulfill his promise and he became the present himself ^_^;;… this means he had to help Umino sensei (CV: Kawakami Tomoko) to carry all the equipment and data, clean the art club for Iwai Takuto (CV: Nojima Hirofumi), and still have to work at the student council after all these vv (Keita breathed a sigh of relief that Kazuki came to save him or he would be doing what the king is doing at the moment).

I love this drama CD because it’s so much fun! The battle at the student council is marvellous, especially the conversations between King and Queen and Nakajima and Shichijou! Fantastic!!! The poor Keita was squeezed in the middle. Then, the Mr. Bell Liberty battle is also nice, with Naruse trying his best to beat Shinomiya! However, the sweetest surprise comes in the last three tracks (which are also the best). I highly recommend all of them!! Now, onto the cast. Since this is a Kazuki focused drama CD, some of the rest of the cast only appeared for a short while and I’ll skip them to focus onto the main ones:

Itou Keita: As usual, Keita is cute and innocent vv. FukuJun is perfect at playing this kind of otome character where he wants Kazuki, is a bit angry, and then just give up and let himself be tricked by the king vv. The best part I think is his response to Nakajima when the latter asked him if he had some good time with Kazuki >v< … Nakajima …evil :p.

Endou Kazuki: Even though Kazuki is supposed to be the main, he is not featured too much in the early tracks but track 9 alone is enough for Sakupyon fans because his sexy seme is so sexy I lost 400 cc of blood instantly!! I also like Sakupyon in the last track, when he blushes as the people asked Keita where he’s been. Bravo Sakupyon!!! Bravo!!! The CM in the end is also mega interesting… we see another side of Kazuki… the black side >v< … he’s so lovable!!

Nakajima Hideaki & Shichijou Omi: The sad thing about Gakuen Heaven is that I never seem to get enough of these two guys. It will be great if they just make one CD where these two battle with words!!! Seriously, they’re so interesting!!! There’s also one part about Shichijou in the area just before the Mr. Bell Liberty contest. He pitied Keita for being tracked by the king and he said maybe he should join the competition and win it to save Keita. Then Kaoru reacted with awe (almost like WTF, you want Keita!!! How dare you cheat on me!!!)…at least that’s how I heard it. ^^;;

Niwa Tetsuya & Saiyonji Kaoru: As usual, the king and the queen have these husband-wife fights vv but then Niwa this time round is really fuuny. I highly recommend the last track when he is almost bullied into doing all these work (but then it is worth it because he was the one who overspent and tricked Keita into this mess). Even when he was abused, Saiyonji came in and added more work… queen is really evil XD but the perfect wife… (now pardon me as I’m a King x Queen fan deep down =.=).


I like all three sets of Gakuen Heaven 2 CD but since the other 2 are character-focused, like you go on a date with a character, this one is much more fun because it involves everyone. Even if you don’t like comedy, Sakupyon’s super sexy voice should be enough reason to listen to this CD!


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