Gakuen Heaven 2 ~ Tsuyoki na ninensei ~



Disk 1

1.�れ�� (西園寺�) [Passing each other (Saiyonji Kaoru)]
2.「Merry Christmas��
3.イヴ����方 [The way to spend the Christmas Eve]
4.� [Morning]
5.ã??ã‚Œã?žã‚Œã?®å¸°çœ? (七æ?¡è‡£) [Going home respectively (Shichijou Omi)]

6.中�街�� [In the Chinatown]
7.部屋 [Room]
8.食� [Dining Table]
9.二人ã? ã?‘ã?®ç§˜å¯† [Our secret]
10.会計室編 (CM3) [The accounting office version (CM3)]

Disk 2

1..試���デート (�瀬由紀彦) [Test before the competition (Naruse Yukihiro)]
2.ベルカップ最終戦 [Bell Cup’s Final Round]
3.公�カップル?[Publicly acknowledged Couple?]
4.大å?£ã?®ä¾?é ¼ï¼? (æ»?俊介) [Big Request (Taki Shuunsuke)]
5.ナゾ�イベント [The mysterious event]
6.2月3æ—¥ã?¯â€¦â€¦ [3rd of February is …]
7.ç¦?山潤with… å°?西克幸/森å·?智之/置鮎é¾?太郎/野島裕å?²/å·?上ã?¨ã‚‚å­?/神谷浩å?²/å?ªäº•æ™ºæµ©/三木眞一郎/鈴æ?‘å?¥ä¸€/櫻井å­?å®? (音声特典) [Free talk hosted by Fukuyama Jun with the cast]
8.中庭編 (CM4) [The courtyard version (CM4)]

This is the second in a series of three CDs released for Gakuen Heaven 2 series. The other two are the Muteki no Sannensei (featuring the third year students) and Welcome to Heaven (featuring everyone but focusing on Kazuki). Although this CD focuses on the second year students, there are also guest features from the first and third years. Also, this CD has a full length free talk session (that may include contents from the third year CD), so it’s better you listen to Muteki first before attempting this free talk. Again, for those who are unfamiliar with the characters, you can see my review of the game, see HERE.


Itou Keita (CV: Fukuyama Jun) wanted to enjoy his first Christmas Eve since coming to Bell Liberty Academy (a.k.a BL Academy) with his lover Saiyonji Kaoru (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi) and happily came to Kaoru’s office but the latter was not pariticularly anxious about Christmas at all. In fact, he already had arrangements that night and could not be with Keita. Upset, Keita left angrily but Kaoru was a bit uneasy about Keita’s attitude. On Christmas eve, Naruse Yukihiko (CV: Miki Shinichirou) and Endou Kazuki (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) came to invite Keita to the party but Keita did not have the mood and fell asleep instead. He was woken up by the sounds of small stones hitting his window. It was already close to midnight and Kaoru was outside trying to catch his attention. Keita rushed out and found Kaoru, whose hands were icy cold. The two then escaped from the head of the dorm Shinomiya Kouji (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou) and spent a lovely evening together at a high class hotel suit. When they returned the next day, Keita was afraid Shinomiya might be angry but Kaoru already ordered his servant good friend Shichijou Omi (CV: Tsuboi Tomohiro) to attend to all the potential troubles their reckless action might have caused. The two then looked forward to a merry Christmas day.


Keita went home during the holidays and got a phone call from Shichijou, who also went home. Shichijou invited Keita to his mother’s apartment in Yokohama. On the way when they were buying food, they met Nakajima Hideaki (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki). Naturally, Omi wasn’t very pleased about the meeting but the two soon left and arrived at an expensive mansion (on the 19th floor with an elegant sea view). In the apartment, Keita soon learned about the loneliness of Omi (whose mother was currently in Canada and left Omi all alone on New Year’s Eve). Keita felt a bit sad by Omi’s experience but he compensated for Omi’s mother’s absence by engaging Omi in a wonderful evening ^^;;


Naruse’s success in tennis has attracted a lot of public’s attention and he was even featured on the first page of a sports magazine. He is extremely popular among young girls and this makes Keita a bit uneasy, especially when the two are dating off school grounds because no matter what Naruse does, it attracts other people’s attention and Keita feels a bit embarrassed and sad. On the other hand, Naruse doesn’t mind letting other people know his love for Keita and does not feel uneasy about it but he understands Keita’s worries. Still, he wishes Keita would cheer for him during the Bell Cup finals because Keita’s cheering is more powerful than that of a hundred fans. Keita was at the Bell Cup where he met Kaoru and Omi but he hesitated a bit in cheering when he saw so many female fans. Naruse did well but then at the final moment, he seemed to be a little exhausted. Keita finally overcame his own hesitation and went forward to cheer for Naruse. Of course, the latter won and openly demonstrated his love for Keita.>


Taki Shunsuke (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) revealed to Keita that he just got a big order from a client who offered him 30 meal tickets at the school hall in return for the service but Shuunsuke would not let Keita know the details of the order and only told Keita to help him out on the 3rd of February, after school. Keita was puzzled and became more so when the king Niwa Tetsuya (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) and other students all said they were looking to the "event". The night before, Keita saw an exhausted Shuunsuke coming late to the dorm but Shuunsuke still refused to let Keita know the details of the event the next day. Keita also noticed something fishy about Shuunsuke and Omi but not even the queen Kaoru know what’s happening but Kaoru promised to let Keita know the details (once he found out what his pet was doing behind his back ^^;;). On the day of the event, Keita finally realized that Shuunsuke was asked to cosplay as "oni" or "ghosts" and they had to avoid being caught within a set of period of time. If they won, they would have the 30 meal tickets as reward x_x. Naturally, the host was no other than the haraguro Omi and poor Kao
ru was forced to time the competition :p. Of course, Shuunsuke won despite carrying Keita on his bike!


There are karami scenes in the first disk only so you don’t get any H-scene with Naruse and Taki. If you’re their fans and have been looking forward to the karami scenes, this CD might be a bit disappointing. In terms of the omnibus stories, I think all of them are fun but a bit silly. The only one close to being a little touching is the back story of Omi (but then it requires completing Omi’s storyline to truly sense the sadness behind Omi’s loneliness). Shuunsuke’s story is really fun, especially the haraguro Omi! The two CMs are fairly interesting … (the best CM is still in Welcome to Heaven). As for the free talk session, they’re quite funny because it’s my first time listening to the seiyuu speaking even though some of them are too short (Konitan vv) and not all of the talk is about the character (like random talk). Acting wise:

Itou Keita: Keita assumes the seme role in this one but somehow Fukuyama Jun’s seme is x_x … not very manly. Coupled with Piroshi’s strong queen voice, it’s sometimes hard to tell who’s seme and who’s uke (but when you put uke and uke together, I guess it’s this kind of feeling). Aside form the seme scene, Keita is still the same old Keita, cute cute and cute. I think I quite like his monologues in Naruse’s story. It’s a bit melancholic but touches my heart vv.

Saiyonji Kaoru: Piroshi is harsh in the beginning when he said he wasn’t interested in Christmas Even (poor Keita) but he regretted and was really sweet to him later on. I really like his slightly drunk voice *O* and the way he was completely in control though he was uke ^_^;; …I guess his Christmas present was himself … uke !! Yeah, the story is kinda silly but it’s sweet so …

Shichijou Omi: This guy is HENTAI !!! I hope Tsuboi san is not in real life … but I would marry him if he always speaks in that tone >v< …I highly recommend the 3 minute telephone conversation.I’m sure Omi is (1) a stalker peeping Keita from SOMEWHERE and (2) a hentai who can say telephone S*X without changing his voice (or flipping an eyebrow). Omi’s story is the best IMO of the four, with a right balance of smex, comedy, and agony. Of course, the word battle with Nakajima is wonderful … as always.

Naruse Yukihiko: The super gentle Naruse is NOT a playboy despite Kazuki’s emphasis he used to be. He’s completely dedicated to Keita and is so kind and gentle! I am a bit frustrated by Keita’s hesitation and was shouting come on Keita, go and jump into Naruse arms and forget about those fangirls!!! They’re just background decorations anyways so ignore them!

Taki Shunsuke: This is another silly comedy x_x with two couplings really. On the surface, it seems it is Shuunsuke, who’s working hard on the event to surprise (?) Keita and to show off his talent (he’s also been coaching Keita on biking apparently). However, there is a hidden pairing – Omi and Kaoru … I couldn’t stop laughing when Kaoru was also wondering what Omi was doing (he sounded like a scary jealous wife >v< …).


I highly recommend this CD because of the free talk session and also Omi’s story. Of course, it’s a must have for those who are more on the accounting office side (like myself) but then for me, the accounting and student council are combined by matrimony (explodes) :D. I’m a bit upset there’s not enough gigs in this one (especially those cat and dog fights between the characters) but overall I’m content.


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