Gakuen Heaven 2 ~Muteki na sannensei ~



Disk 1

1.����気��� (丹羽哲也) [Occasionally being affected (?) {Niwa Tetsuya)]
2.ã?„ã?¤ã‚‚ã?®å ´æ‰€ [Same place as usual]
3.緊急事態 [Emergency]
4.船�屋�… [The small boat house]
5.一日�終�り� [End of the day]
6.��� (中嶋英明) [Sigh (Nakajima Hideaki)]
7.昼休��情事 [What happened during lunch break]
8.勉強 [Study]
9.目覚� [Wake up]
10.生徒会室編 (CM1) [The student council version (CM1)]

Disk 2

1.大晦日 (ç¯ å®®ç´˜å?¸) [New Year’s Eve (Shinomiya Kouji)]
2.甘酒 [Sweet Wine]
3.ã?Šã?¿ã??ã?˜ [Note: these are fortune written on paper in Japan]
4.除夜ã?®é?˜ [Bell Ringing on New Year’s Eve]
5.レストラン�� (岩井�人) [Going to the restaurant (Iwai Takuto)]
6.ガレージ [Garage]
7.ã?Šã?‹ã‚†ã?®å‘³ [Taste of okayu <– this is a Japanese porridge]
8.タイトル [Title]
9.���ん探� (海野�) [Searching for the bride (Umino Sensei)]
10.トノサマã?¨å§« [Tonosama’s princess]
11.二人�悩� [Their troubles]
12.美術室編 (CM2) [The artclub version (CM2)]

This is the first in a series of three CDs released for Gakuen Heaven 2 series. The other two are Tsuyoki na ninensei (featuring the second year students) and Welcome to Heaven (featuring everyone but focusing on Kazuki). Again, for those who are unfamiliar with the characters, you can see my review of the game, see HERE.


Niwa Tetsuya (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) wanted to spend a day with Itou Keita (CV: Fukuyama Jun) alone but whereever he went, he would find people asking him for help because he’s strong and smart. As a result, Niwa and Keita tried to escape by running to the "usual place". This is the sea where Niwa and Keita first went during the date before the MVP Battle. It is also the place where after Keita winning the competition, Niwa and Keita first $&*#() ^^;; When Niwa thought no one would interfere by the sea, Keita broke the terrible news that there were two cats – Tonosama and his girlfriend. Niwa was scared to death but Keita went over to try to drive Tonosama away. This is important because Niwa’s weakness is "cats". He is very afraid of cats, to the extent that he will FAINT when a cat sits on his head. So, it’s not hard to guess who’s his biggest enemy at Bell Liberty School XD. However, he failed and Tonosama fell into the sea. Keita wanted to jump in to save him but Niwa stopped him and jumped in himself !? He even scolded Keita for even thinking of jumping into the dangerous sea vv. He completely forgot his own "weakness" ^^;; Since the two were very cold from the strong wind and Niwa was wet, they went to a small boat house nearby to get warm (with body heat). After some sweet moments, the two returned to the dorm … only to find everyone chasing after them with work again ^^!

P.S. Konitan, in the cast interview for this CD actually said ousama was really "kawaii"… I guess he is too!


Keita is troubled because although he loves Nakajima Hideaki (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki) very much, he simply could not stand a relationship where there is s*x, s*x, and s*x ^^;; Not only was he late because he was too exhausted in the evenings, he could not concentrate on his school work as well because he was thinking about Nakajima and s*x all the time vv. He wanted to let Nakajima know his feelings but he simply couldn’t say anything. Then, Nakajima offered to help him with his school work because he was not doing well. Keita said he would concentrate on studying and studying only … and Nakajima also appeared to be focused on the school work. However, Keita started thinking about useless things and Nakajima took that as a sign he "wanted him" … so in the end, it’s s*x AGAIN *O*!! Â

P.S. FukuJun said in the interview that when he saw this script, he was shocked (as he read Nakajima’s scenario first … could this really be suitable for school girls …. >_<… I say "NO!!!"Â


Keita is helping Shinomiya Kouji (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou) out in a shrine deep in the mountains. He’s sweeping leaves. Since he is very sincere with his work, he actually finishes later than other helpers. At this time, Shinomiya came to see how Keita’s going on but Keita started sneezing as it’s pretty cold in the mountains. Shinomiya then offered Keita some sweet wine to warm him up. The two drank happily. Then, they went to the shrine where they prayed for good luck. Of course, Keita wished their relationship would go well (and last but not least … good health). Afterwards, Shinomiya said he needed to leave because he would be very busy (a cue for no s*x please :D). Keita asked Shinomiya to wait just a little as he wanted to get the omikuji for both of them. As usual, Keita got the best fortune (he said he never got terrible omikuji before) but Shinomiya got a so-so one (that said romance is not suitable *O*). Keita quickly suggested to tie the two omikuji together and put it on a tree so his good luck could pass onto Shinomiya. However, he noticed a lot of omikuji tied together on the tree. Shinomiya then told him that this is a tree where lovers tie their omikuji together! Keita said he did not know about this tradition (and denied he did it on purpose) but Shinomiya said he didn’t mind :p. So basically, love-love is okay ^o^ but it just stops there for this pair.


Iwai Takuto (CV: Nojima Hirofumi) invited Keita to an expensive restaurant. Keita is surprised how come a poor artist can afford the meal. Turns out Iwai painted the beautiful artwork on the wall of the new branch of the restaurant and the rather annoying owner treated Iwai in return. He also forced asked Iwai to paint for the main shop as well. Iwai was not too pleased but he tried to paint. Since the artwork is huge, it has to be done in a prety cold garage. Keita wanted to help but it was so cold he caught a flu and collapsed. Iwai then looked after him and the two began a wave of apologies ^_^;; Anyway, Iwai made some porridge for Keita vv (he learned from Shinomiya) that was very delicious (according to Keita because it’s got Iwai’s heart in it). Keita then asked Iwai to stay with him until he fell asleep…


Umino sensei (CV: Kawakami Tomoko)‘s beloved cat Tonosama is going to an omiai (that is to meet his future bride *O*). The female cat is very pretty. At first, Umino seemed very happy and asked Keita to stay for the omiai as well. However, on the day of the omiai, he became depressed. Keita wanted to know why but Umino refused to say anything. A week passed and Tonosama had a lot of fun (he spent the last day at the sea knowing that Niwa would go to the sea on such a hot summer day >v< … poor Niwa, could escape from Hide but still had Tonosama vv … no where he could rest peacefully XD). Anyway, after some persuasion, Keita finally learned that Umino was depressed because he was afraid Keita would just graduate and forget about him, just like one day Tonosama would leave him for his new family vv. Keita comforted Umino sense and … love-love end (no H of course ^^;;).


Again, there are karami scenes in the first disk only so you don’t get any H-scene with Niwa and Nakajima. If you’re fans of the rest of the third year students and have been looking forward to the karami scenes, this CD might be a bit disappointing. In terms of the omnibus stories, in the first disk at least … it’s *O*! A 5+ minute karami for Nakajima (and more suspicious scene)… not for non-H lovers (like myself). Acting wise:

Itou Keita: Poor Keita … it’s all karami karami in the first disk (okay, in the king’s story he’s at least got a love-love moment where Niwa shouted at him not to jump into the sea and he cried ;_;… FukuJun’s crying is great vv). (Comment on disk 2 later).

Niwa Tetsuya: Konitan is "baka" as usual ^_^;; actually he’s much more manly in this CD and even goes as far as saving Tonosama!!! Yeah!!! I actually feel sorry for him sometimes because he’s been so stuck with work >_<… it’s not too good to be tall and strong but he got it from his father … can’t help it.

Nakajima Hideaki: This guy is HENTAI !!! Really… I wonder what’s the purpose of listening to this "story"? Just give us the s*x … and I really like MoriMori when he says that magic Hide word: "a face that says YOU WANT ME *v*…" No wonder he’s so popular… it’s the "tech" that counts in Japan vv.Â

Shinomiya Kouji: A very short but sweet story. I find FukuJun’s sneeze very cute ^^;; and when he drinks the sweet wine, very cute too. Somehow, Keita is completely in an otome mode here vv. As for Okki’s Shinomiya, it’s so cute when he talked about his parents also put the omikuji together on the tree XD. How more bluntly could you say you want to marry Keita XDD.Â

Iwai Takuto: I hate Iwai’s character usually (I hate weak guys) but then somehow I really melt at NojiHiro’s voice vv… so beautiful! And the part where he takes care of Keita … so gentle!! Please also look after me when I’m ill!

Umino sensei: Tonosama’s omiai is cute … somehow Umino is more nervous than Tonosama. This story actually ties in a little with ousama’s story if you notice ^0^…only Keita is with Umino here and not Niwa. Kawakami’s Umino is cute as usual, but then a slightly depressed Umino is even cuter!!


I personally like this CD the least because I’m the accounting office fan >v< … what I think is sad about this CD is that we don’t get to listen to the rest of the cast vv. Not fair as the third year students came out in the second year CD … (sighs). Guess we can’t help it, the third year students are stronger! In terms of story, I actually think overall this CD is better than Tsuyoki na ninensei… (well, aside from the smex in Hide’s story XDD.) but then Omi’s story is sweet enough to beat all other stories!


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