Junjou Romantica 1



1.宇�見秋彦 [Usami Akihiko]
2.美咲�事情 [About Misaki]
3.ã??ã‚Œã?žã‚Œã?®æ°—æŒ?ã?¡ [Each person’s feelings]
4.å­?浩ã?®èª•ç”Ÿæ—¥ [Takahiro’s Birthday]
5.後悔…?〈純情ロマンãƒ?ã‚« 第二話〉 [Regret …? Junjou Romantica Chapter Two]
6.角圭一 [Kado (?) Keiichi]
7.宇�見 vs 角 [Usami vs Kado]
8.告白〈純情ロマン�カ 第三話〉[Confession Junjou Romantica Chapter Three]
9.相�絵� [Aikawa Eiri]
10.å‹•æ?º [Shaken]
11.時間切れ[Time out]
12.大団円…??〈純情ロマンãƒ?ã‚« 第四話〉[Happy end …?? (Junjou Romantica Chapter Four)]
13.上�弘樹 [Kamijou Hiroki]
14.�間野分 [Kusanagi Nowaki]
15.宣言 [Declaration]
[A difficult future ahead..???]

This CD is based on a bestselling manga by Nakamura sensei. It is not to be confused with Junai Romantica (the novel version).  There are really two separate stories featuring two separate but interrelated couples.Â

Junjou Romantica

This story revolves around the life of Takahashi Misaki (CV: Sakurai Takahiro), a high school student sitting for University entrance exams. Misaki’s brother Takahashi Takahiro (CV: Kishio Daisuke) has a good friend, Usami Akihiko (CV: Hanada Hikaru), who graduated first class in Law from T university (we can guess what that is) and is currently a best selling author (both in the normal novel and the BL novel world), Takahiro asks Usami to tutor his younger brother. When Misaki went to Usami’s house, he’s SHOCKED to learn that he’s (1) a BL novelist under a different penname; (2) he uses his brother and himself as the main characters in his novel, and (3) HE LIVES IN A ROOM WITH A KING SIZED BED AND A KING SIZED TEDDY BEAR and MANY TOYS. (Nanya adds: This is what makes this manga/drama a classic XD). After an interesting conversation, Misaki convinced Usami (later known as Usagi or rabbit) to teach him and with his aid, he finally got into the M university he wanted even though as a backup student. Misaki now knows that Usagi sensei has been madly in love with his brother for 10 years but the latter doesn’t know it. Worst, on Takahiro’s birthday, he breaks the news that he’s getting married TO A WOMAN (yeah, finally a het … seems like they’re all gone lately). Of course, Usagi is heartbroken (but it seems to me Misaki is crying even more than he is). Anyway, that lifts the curtains for an interesting story featuring Misaki & Usagi.

Junjou Egoist

The second story revolves around Usagi’s friend Kamijou Hiroki (CV: Itou Kentarou). Also a very bright student specializing in Japanese literature, Hiroki is secretly in love with Usagi, despite knowing that he already has another person in mind (Nanya: You must listen or read the beginning because it’s so touching… very sad but nice). Upset, he went to the park and had a very interesting encounter with a younger man called Kusanagi Nowaki (Kanna Nobutsohi) . Since their meeting, Nowaki often comes to Hiroki’s place, cooks for him, and asks him to teach him with his homework because he is trying to qualify for university. Hiroki at first refused but later he gradually mellows and agrees and then another romance began (Nanya adds: You CANNOT resist a guy like Nowaki, period … such a guy, even I’ll consider marrying him and having his babies despite my personality. He’s that great). However, this is not so easy because Hiroki has a terrible personality and Nowaki also has his own dream to pursue.

I like both stories and though I must say I prefer Nakamura sensei’s historical works more than these modern works, the artwork in Junjou Romantica is very pretty (and extremely cute). All the characters are alive in that they all have a very distinct personality and mature over time. My favorite stories in this universe are Junjou Egoists and Junjou Terrorists ^^;; but Misaki is cute even though I would hope he’s a few years younger even because he doesn’t really look like he’s going to university (middle school maybe and will be better …. he looks good with the teddy bear ANYWAY :p ). I can’t wait for volume 5 of the manga to be dramatized vv. The H-level in this CD is reasonable but I have a feeling it will escalate along with the manga *v*.

Usami: When I was reading this manga, I had Inoue san as Usagi sensei and I was terribly disappointed when I discovered it was Hanada. I also don’t really like Hanada san because he sounded a little like Kosugi san & Inoue san but lacks the power of the former and the sexiness and gentleness of the latter. I’m glad to learn that Inoue san is still in the Junjou universe but …

Misaki: Sakurai as Misaki is not good not bad, I mean he’s the genki shounen type but his crying … I hate when he cries in his Yuuri mode (Kyou Kara Maou). I made this comment when I first wrote this review August 2004. However, after listening to more from the Junjou series (Junai Romantica, Junjou Romantica 2, etc.) I actually find Sakurai’s Misaki quite cute and he’s improved over time so I’d say I like his Misaki now and I think he fits the role better than I first imagined ^0^.

Hiroki: Definitely my favorite in the Junjou universe!! Hiroki-chan is SO CUTE vv.  I really love his high tension and ItouKen is just PERFECT for this role! I’m not a fan of Nenka seme but this one is an exception!  Rather than cute, ItouKen tried to present a Hiroki that’s fairly manly, shy, so shy that he’ll hide beneath the sheets or read the newspaper upside down but not out of control. His character is one of those that will capture your love and attention from day and ItouKen made Hiroki even more lovable than he already was! Great Job!!

Nowaki: Here it come! Th
e perfect hubby!! Kanna san … you know I’ve never heard him in a BL drama before (shame on me when I actually LIKE him … from GetBackers). He’s nothing like Ban here. He’s so freaking polite it makes him sexy. His voice doesn’t change much, oh no, he’s pretty much monotonous in this one (unlike Ban) and yet, he secretly captures your heart as you listen how he tries to capture Hiroki’s.

This is Nakamura sensei’s first attempt at a story that is set in the modern world and I think she’s has been very successful (considering the number of copies she sold). I think the story is quite well balanced, with enough sadness (especially the beginning of the second story) and enough comic bits to balance out the parts. My only regret is the casting for the first story is not as nice as I wanted it to be but that’s what you get when you imagine voices while reading manga ^^!


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  1. Hi, just happened to chance by this site, and I totally agree with you about the seiyuus for Junjou Romantica. I was quite disappointed to hear Hanada san’s Usami coz he just lacks the forcefulness of Usami…somehow, he made Usami sounds very…normal. His voice is nice, but not very expressive, I would say. I think Sakurai did a pretty good job though. (^_^) N yes, lemme go into fangirl mode, but Kanna Nobutoshi as Nowaki….*squeals…n squeals*. He is PERFECT as Nowaki. Gentle and sensitive, yet insecure at times. N Itou Kentarou is another perfect fit for Hiroki. Totally proud, yet so so so cute when his pride starts to break down. Nowaki x Hiroki = eternal bliss and sweetness.

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