Zombie Loan





Kita Michiru (CV: Kuwashima Houko) is an orphaned high school student who’s the type that’s vulnerable to being bullied. However, she’s no ordinary girl because she possesses a special power – "Shinagami’s Eye". With these eyes, she can see the rings around zombies’ neck (or people who should have died but somehow manage to linger on). To avoid seeing these rings, she wears a pair of special glasses. She was sent by her classmates to buy lunch when she bumped into two bishounen at school and dropped her food. When she went back to class, the boys came because their food was mixed up. At that time, her classmates were playing with her and she dropped her glasses. She then discovered that the two boys were actually zombies. Tachibana Shitou (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) and Akatsuki Chika (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) died in an accident occuring at a construction site but they managed to live on and were now known as the "miracle boys" because they survived such a terrible accident.

That night, when Michiru was going home, she met Chika, who told her to go home quickly as it’s dangerous lately and also demanded her to pay him back the service he offered her earlier (returning the right bread). At first, he asked for 500 yen but when he realized Michiru didn’t even have 500 yen, he said she could pay back the next day but it would be 50 million yen (with interests) … of course it’s a joke ^^;; Michiru was grumbling about Chika’s demand when she accidentally saw Chika & Shitou exchanging arms (they had the other person’s arms and can change back to their own for an hour). Shitou suggested to kill Michiru because she discovered their secrets but a zombie in the form of a dog suddenly appeared. Michiru revealed her ability in the pinch that shocked both Shitou and Chika. The two guys decided the next day to take her to their secret base. They wanted her to help them track down the zombies because they couldn’t see the rings but Michiru refused. because they took a mortgage signed a contract called "zombie loan". Unlike ordinary zombies that are merely living but no longer have conscious control over their dead bodies, Chika and Shitou somehow could act and live on their own will. The two currently take on a part-time job (they are full time students in the same class as Michiru… and don’t ask me why zombies also go to school ) at a shop run by Watashi Mori (CV: Koyasu Takehito). There’s also a cute double personality assistant Yuuta (CV: Kawakami Tomoko) who provides information and do all the paperwork. The current job the two undertaking is related to the disappearance of students at Michiru’s school. Already 6 students vanished and Chika & Shitou were quite certain it was the job of a zombie. Michiru didn’t want to help but gave in when her good friend – Yumi also went missing. During the investigation at school, they found out that the school’s nun was the zombie who kidnapped the girls to devour them. Naturally, there was a fight and Michiru was severely injured during the fight. However, Chika & Shitou extended their loan to save her and since then, she decided to help them in their work.
This drama CD is based on the first volume of the manga where Michiru, Chika, and Saitou met. Storywise, the best so far is the second volume of the manga (hope it’ll be dramatized too) but then this drama CD is quite interesting as well!

Michiru: She is a very annoying character in the beginning because she doesn’t really do anything except sitting there and feeling sorry for herself. She doesn’t have the will to live and her attitude really pissed both Chika and Saitou off. However, she gradually matures over time and by the end of this CD, she actually is so mature she could leave the mansion where she was staying with her relatives that looked after her since her parents’ death and becomes independent. As for Kuwashima’s performance, I think it is quite good although I must say the screaming sometimes gets on my nerves because the tone is too high for my headphones.

This guy is seriously problematic as he appears to be very polite and always niko*niko on the service but it doesn’t take long before we see him swearing and just saying very harsh things with a straight face *O*! However, he is actually quite sweet beneath. It’s interesting to see the development of Saitou because on the one hand, he seems to be interested in Michiru but on the other, he cares A LOT about Chika. Depending on which direction it’ll go, this series will either be BL or GB. I personally hope it’s BL because then Michiru can enjoy some GL too :p Sakurai is always perfect for this prince like role who has a very cold personality (probably it’s because it’s close to his real personality !?).

Chika: The cuter of the two, Chika is actually a very hardworking person who tries desperately to regain his life for the sake of his father and sister. He is your typical wild type of boy who LOVES money but then deep beneath, he is actually quite innocent and forms a good combi with Saitou. This role is somehow fated for Suzumura because Cherry Bell usually comes in pair and when they appear, Suzumura’s always gets the more ukeish role ^^;; If they dramatize the second volume, you’ll even see more ukeish Chika!

Watashi Mori: Koyasu’s sacho tencho! In the free talk they made fun of Koyasu han and called him "sacho, sacho" . Anyway, I think Koyasu here is somewhere in between his hentai voice and normal voice. It’s kinda funny and suit the role very well. This tencho is the one who is providing the contracts and using the zombies in control to hunt zombies that are out of control (of course, his role is more than just a "manager"…looking forward to more of Watashi san.

Yuuta: Yuuta is SO SO SO CUTE! Listen to the phone scene where on the one hand, she speaks "normally" to Chika and then on the other hand, she’s scolding and going crazy . Yuuta’s SAIKOU!!! I really like Kawakami san when
it comes to this sort of high tension shota!

This drama CD is very nice and definitely a MUST HAVE if you like Sakupyon or Suzuchan or Kuwashima san. If there is anything to complain, I think it’s the main story is a bit weak but I think they can’t help it because they have to introduce the characters at the same time. The free talk is also enjoyable but Kuwashima san is too quiet vv. She should speak more!


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