Ai wa bara iro no kiss


Masashi ä¹?曜雅å?¸(CV: Konishi Katsuyuki ) is strong, good-looking and #1 host. However, he has no idea that he will fall in love with a cute worker at a pet store at first sight. The name of the worker is Takahashi Saki 高橋沙希(CV: Yoshino Yukihiro)and he loves animals. He wanted to become a vet but his family is quite poor and he could not afford vet school. So, he worked in a pet store instead but he is still frequently bothered by financial troubles from home. Masashi then came to the store and confessed to Saki that he liked him and wanted to go out with him *O*! Of course, Saki thought it was a joke or something and was annoyed because Masashi asked how much would it cost to get him. However, Masashi was quite patient and came back day after day. Later, Saki got a phone call from home saying they urgently needed a hundred thousand yen. Saki then thought of Masashi and agreed to go out with Masashi for 100,000 yen! Masashi then brought Saki home and they xxx. However, the next morning, Saki realized that his feelings toward Masashi was beyond what he initially anticipated and he decided he could not trade s*x for money. So, he left Masashi while the latter was still asleep without taking the money. Masashi found it strange that Saki would leave without taking the money. He wondered if Saki liked him just a bit and he talked to his friend and rival at the club Reiji 麗一(CV: Chiba Susumu). At the same time, Hikaru å…‰(CV:Yusa Kouji ) was jealous of Saki because he liked Masashi but the latter’s attention was fully given to Saki. As a result, he spread rumors so that the customers of Masashi went to the pet shop and made a fuss there. He also went to the pet shop and warned Saki that Masashi’s obsession with him would threaten Masashi’s successful career. As a result, Saki left the petshop to work in a more dodgy pet shop to avoid Masashi. Masashi was nervous as he couldn’t find Saki anywhere. Finally, after a lot of trouble, Masashi found Saki just in time to save him from being sexually harassed by the owner of his new work place. At the same time, Hikaru was also reprimanded for his behavior and being brought away by Reiji ^0^!!


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