Aka no Shinmon 2 ~ Black Verge



1. Overture
2. Storm
3. Light and Darkness
4. My dear Salome
5. Heaven’s Seagull
6. Triangle
7. Alorica
8. Lurid Moon

This is the sequel to Divine Red and second CD in the novel series Aka no Shinmon written by Kuwabara Mizuna sensei. The third one (just released this month) is Yellow Jealousy. You won’t understand a thing unless you have also heard Divine Red because this CD doesn’t even waste a minute explaining things from the previous CD and just move on with the story! Also, if you have not heard this series before, I would recommend waiting until you get Yellow Jealousy as well because this CD just ends with a big big cliffhanger (annoying).

In Divine Red, the focal point was more on Renjou (CV: Takewaka Takuma), the jealous novelist. In this CD, we now focus more on Kei (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) as well as the other people in the theatrical company owned by Haibara (CV: Seki Toshihiko). Kei followed Haibara to New York but he soon discovered that he was not the perfect Hamille in Medussa. Actually when Haibara first saw Kei’s performance, he already said Kei was neither Medussa nor Hamille. However, it would be interesting to see his Hamille. The perfect Hamille turned out to be Wataru (CV: Suzumura Kenichi). Owing to this reason, Kei was also experincing some competition in his career, especially when they were casting for the new production of Aka no Shinmon. Both Kei and Wataru became the candidate for the main role in Aka no Shinmon and both were very talented. While Kei praised Wataru’s Hamille, Wataru also recognized Kei’s ability as a rival, especially after seeing his performance with Okuda (CV: Onosaka Masaya) on the street. On the other hand, Renjou was still escaping from the shadow and control of Haibara. In fact, it was so serious that he sometimes saw mirages of Haibara. (It was quite scary when he seemed to be talking to Haibara but turned out it was just his mental image x_x). There were other new characters introduced as well and we also got to listen to the story about Kei and his mother who passed away while Kei went to his mother’s grave and met Renjou who happened to be there at the time. 


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