Kurashina sensei no Junan

The full name of this manga is really long, Shiritsu Shouei Gakuen Danshi Koutoubu Kurashina Sensei no Junan (Shouei Private Boy’s School – High School section, the sufferings of Kurashina sensei) and so I’ll abbreviate this as Kurashina sensei no Junan in the rest of the review ^_^;;. This manga is currently serialized in Be x Boy, and is still ongoing. The story began with Kurashina Reiji (24) returning to his old high school to start his teaching career! He brought with him his favorite cat – Matsumoto san. However, just when they arrived in the campus, Matsumoto san escaped and was caught by a very tall student Asano Takeshi. Owing to the long journey, Matsumoto san was a bit sick and she vomitted onto Asano *O*! What a terrible way for Kurashina to begin his teaching career. Worse was the fact that it did not take long for Kurashina to realize he was set up by the principal ^_^;; and found himself in a position where he unwillingly became the advisor for the executive committee! The story then revolved around the funny incidents between Kura and the rest of the members of the committee. The rest of the sub stories include:


(1) The visit of Akiyama’s younger brother: In this story, Akiyama’s brother was asked to draw a picture of his family. Instead of drawing himself with his dad and mom, he drew himself with Takeshi and his older brother. His classmates laughed at him and so he went crying and looking for his brother. However, he could not find Akiyama so he was taken care by Kurashina sensei for the meantime but turned out the two got trapped 🙄

(2) The first year student field trip: Student in the first year usually has a field trip and since Dai-chan and Haruka are members of the executive committee, they are responsible for coordinating the trip and Kurashina sensei is there to ensure their safety. However, things didn’t go well for the cute little ones and worse, heavy rain meant the two got lost from the rest of the party. It’s there when Kurashina sensei went to their rescue.

(3) Dating at the pet shop: Kurashina sensei went shopping for books and met Takeshi by chance. Knowing Takeshi was free, he said "僕ã?¨ä»˜ã??Ã¥?ˆã?„ ❗ " … of course, that was just helping him to carry the books :P. The two then passed by a petshop and they saw the cute little puppy and played with them. They even made a promise to go to the next animal show together. Akiyama was upset Takeshi went dating with Kurashina sensei behind his back 🙂

(4) The new uniform matsuri ^0^. My personal recommendation is this story! It’s really funny! Shouei wanted to decide on a new set of uniform but they did not know how. So, the student council suggested hosting a uniform festival for students to choose and the models would be the members of the executive committee. During the show, Sakimoto and Minorikawa sensei plotted to make Kurashina wear the old Shouei uniform :P. It’s really funny. As for the characters, please see my critique below for each character!


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