Kiwadoi Kake

Japanese Title English Title
1. 人�� Identity Mistaken
2. �愛�誘�犯 A cute kidnapper
3. 個人的ã?ªä¾?é ¼ A personal request
4. æœ?比奈ã?®å?Œåƒš Asahina’s colleagues
5. 仕組�れ�事件 An unusual incident
6. 事件�真相 The truth
7. 無��相手 A silent companion
8. 手��歓迎 A warm welcome
9. 事件解決 Incident resolved
10. æˆ?åŠŸå ±é…¬ The reward for the success
11. 春�ら�新居 A new home from Spring

Asahina æœ?比奈 (CV: Narita Ken) was watching the man who just left the car park. Just before he proceeded with further action, a very cute kid came toward him and spoke to him about meeting him. Asahina guessed the kid might have mistaken him for the man who just left the car park. Judging from the cute appearance, Asahina thought the kid might be that man’s lover and so played with him by pretending to be the man the kid was looking for. He then lured the kid onto the car and was about to 😆 him but he wasn’t serious. He then stopped to explain the kid had mistaken him for his brother, the successor to the Mihara business, who just left the car park. Turned out Asahina’s father insisted his mother was unfaithful to him and refused to acknowledge that Asahina was his son, until Asahina grew up and looked very much like him. However, Asahina just took up his mother’s name and so he wasn’t Mihara though he looked very much like his brother. When the kid knew he was related to Mihara, he asked Asahina to contact Mihara. Asahina phoned but no one answered. So, he took the knife he found in Asahina’s car’s compartment and used that to threaten him to bring him to the "real" Mihara he was looking for 👿

The kid turned out to be Nishizaki Futaba 西崎å?Œè‘‰ (CV: Miyata Kouki), a cute 18 year-old son of a single mother. His mother died in an accident and he then moved to Nagoya to live with his mothers’ brother and his wife. They were very nice to him and their life was stable thanks to the inn they own near the big ski area. However, Mihara wanted to buy the ski area and turn it into a holiday resort instead. Futaba came to stop Mihara corporation from taking away the ski area because that would mean the end to their inn. While Futaba took Asahina as hostage, the latter seemed very relaxed and requested a shower and some rest in a hotel !? 😛 Futaba was stupid enough to accept his requests 😯 and they checked into the hotel where Asahina was staying. Futaba found a pair of handcuffs in Asahina’s room and wondered if he was police. He wasn’t but he was something close enough. He was actually an agent of the renowned JSIA organization, which was engaged in private policing. Futaba handcuffed Asahina, took away his phone, and left temporarily to finish off his own business but Asahina unlocked the handcuff with his spare key and rang his colleagues. They were also looking into Mihara’s case because it seemed Mihara hit-and-ran someone and was being blackmailed for the action. When Futaba returned, he was surprised to see a freed Asahina and wondered why Asahina did not escape in the meantime. He then used the knife to threaten Asahina not to come close to him but Asahina refused and he ended up cutting Asahina. Scared at the dripping blood, Futaba broke down and cried 😥 Asahina calmed him and down and said the wound was really nothing. He thenoffered to help Futaba to find Mihara and to talk him out of closing down the skiying grounds so Futaba’s foster parents could continue their inn. However, as a reward for his efforts, Futaba would have to sleep with him later !!:wink: (This is the reason why this drama is titled "Kiwadoi Kake", meaning "a dangerous gamble". Futaba accepted and from then on, the investigation (as well as Futaba’s love journey) began 🙄 In the mean time, we are also introduced to Asahina’s colleagues, who are also JSIA agents. They are the very energetic and outgoing Fusei Keigo (CV: Miki Shinichirou) and the quiet and cool partner of Fusei, Homura Haruka (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi). They were mainly responsible for investigating Mihara’s blackmail case.

To find out the truth, Asahina disguised as his brother Mihara to meet the blackmailers. Turned out the woman whom Mihara was with during the hit-and-ran accident was really lying. Mihara did not kill anyone but they set him up so they could gain advantages from him. While the incident was happily resolved and the ski area was not closed, Futaba was upset because he knew after he fulfill his promise (a.k.a. have sex with Asahina, all would be over). To his surprise, when he started university a few months later, he found out that the apartment – which he paid a dirt cheap rent for – was really a classy mansion!! He wondered if things happened, like people died in the apartment before, but Asahina guaranteed nothing happened and the rend was cheap because, Asashina was the owner. He actually lived in the penthouse on the top floor. Apparently, Asahina would not leave Futaba alone… not quite yet.

Kiwadoi Pazu (Indencent Punishment)
I don’t usually include description of the the story in the booklet but this one is FANTASTIC. I like it A LOT 🙂 Since "kiwadoi" can also mean "indecent", I believe the title means "indecent punishment" >v. It would be great if they also dramatized this side story. In Kiwadoi Pazu, Futaba wondered what Asahina looked like when he was fast asleep. He never had a chance to see Asahina’s sleeping face because he always slept first and woke up later vv. He talked to Fusei and Homura about it. Homura then suggested Futaba to drug Asahina (with sleeping pills)! Both Fusei and Futaba were surprised at Homura’s active participation in the matter (as he usually was icy and didn’t care about things happening to other people ^^;;). He also mentioned to Futaba that he did not have any emotion toward Asahina, not even "like" or "hate" (track 7 in the drama) but Futaba thought it might not be that true after all. Anyway, Futaba took Homura’s advice and asked Fusei to bring him some sleeping medicine so he could drug Asahina. He then poured the medicine into Asahina’s coffee and pretended nothing happened. However, he found that instead of Asahina changing, his body was feeling hot and aroused x_x. Asahina then explained that he noticed something unusual about Futaba earlier and so put a stealth listening device in Futaba’s bag. When he learned of the plan, he "asked" (more like cohered according to Futaba) Fusei into giving Futaba just salt vv. Then, while he sent Futaba to put his clothes on the bed, he secretly put some biyaku (sexual stimulant, I think something like vi@gra) into Futaba’s coffee! It was good timing because he did not have to work the next day …


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