I wrote this review before I listened to the drama CD. Consequently, it’s purely based on the impression I got from words, not from sounds. This might be a little different if you only heard the drama CD (and as Aida sensei said, it’s best to separate the two) because personally, I agree with some fans that this is a novel which is really hard to act. The emotions are merely too strong, too scary, and too melancholic to be portrayed by human voice. I try to read while imagining the voice of the cast but frankly, I just can’t. I can easily manage with the Seikanji series by Izumi sensei but not this series. Another thing is "ease to read". If you know Chinese, I think this is fairly easy to medium because there’s a lot of kanji in it. However, if kanji is where you’re struggling, I would say this is moderately difficult.

「ã??ã?†ã? 。飼ã?„主ã?¯ã?“ã?®ä¿ºã? 。餌ã?ªã‚‰ã?¡ã‚ƒã‚“ã?¨ã??ã‚Œã?¦ã‚„る。・・・・・・俺ã?®ã‚‚ã?®ã?«ã?ªã?£ã?Ÿã?ªã‚‰ã€?好ã??ã?ªã? ã?‘抱ã?‹ã?›ã?¦ã‚„るよ。ã€?

Shiba Masaki, was the symbol of hope for his brother-in-law Shinozuka Hideyuki because he graduated from both Tokyo University and the police academy with excellent grades and passed the difficult civil servant examination with flying colors. However, all changed when a bullet accidentally hit his sister’s Shinozuka Yukari’s head and instantly killed her as well as the baby in her womb. Naturally, as a high ranking police officer, Shinozuka ordered a large scale investigation to find the murderer of his wife but the operation was unsuccessful as it involved the yakuza and organized criminals. There was nothing Shinozuka could do but to give up. However, Shiba did not agree with Shinozuka and insisted to continue the investigation into his sister’s death, even if that meant giving up a promising career in the police force and working at the front line as a low ranking officer with a low salary, a high degree of risk, and an enormous amount of jealous glances from his colleagues. Six years elapsed and Shiba is now working in the fifth division of the police department that is in charge of drugs and gun related violence. His job is to gather information so that police can make arrests before guns are smuggled in and out of the country. In order to do this, he needs insiders to provide him with information and such insiders, who walk in the dangerous zone between the black (criminals) and white (police) are known as エス (S for Spy. I’ll abbreviate it as esu in the rest of this review). For two years, Shiba had the fortune to have one of the best esu – Andou. On the surface, Andou was merely the owner of some clubs (prostitution) and toy stores (toy guns) and other similar businesses. Beneath, he is actually a rather high ranking officer in one of the Japanese yakuza. Andou has been supplying Shiba with pretty accurate information, leading to successes in many arrests and in return, Shiba alerted him of large scale police clearance so he could get his "foreign girls" out before the police came to sweep the places. It seemed a fair trade but there was just a sign that Andou valued the relationship more than a business partnership. Of course, Shiba did not treat the situation in the same way. It all went well until one night, Shiba got a call from a mysterious man, warning him to be careful of Andou. Shiba found the call suspicious but he also raised his alert. Then, while dining with Andou one evening, he had a chance to meet the owner of the voice. Munechika Keigo, was the brother of the leader of the yakuza that Andou belonged to and the true "mastermind" behind the organization as the real owner was still young, selfish, and inexperienced. Shiba wanted to know more about why Munechika alerted him but he did not have a chance as Andou was already murdered. Shocked and filled with regret for failing to protect his own esu, Shiba was desperate to do the one last thing he could do at this time – to find out who killed Andou and the only hint he had was Munechika. He approached Munechika to obtain information behind Andou‘s death. Muenchika told him he would provide the information on condition Shiba would offer "himself" in return. Munechika was interested in Shiba because he thought Shiba was Andou‘s lover and he certainly would like to taste the person who could break Andou‘s heart of steel. However, when he knew the bond between Andou and Shiba was not that "kind of relationship", he lost interest and asked Shiba to leave. Of course, being so close to the truth, Shiba would not give up. He insisted Munechika to keep his promise, which the latter did but on one condition. Shiba must masturbate in front of him and reach orgasm within 10 minutes!! This is not only a humiliating condition, it is almost impossible, especially for Shiba as he is not even experienced in sex. Nevertheless, the strong wish to know the truth forced Shiba to accept the condition and he managed to satisfy the condition. He learned the identity of the killer and successfully made the arrest. However, a second problem occurred. Since Andou‘s death, Shiba desperately needed a new informant and Munechika appeared to be an ideal candidate as he was in a good position to obtain information. However, Shiba did not want to use such a hentai as esu but he was ordered by his boss to do so as that would save time finding a replacement to Andou. Shiba tried to approach Munechika but it was hard because the latter was arrogant and humiliating, not to mention Shiba himself was a man with a high level of pride. While struggling with getting a new esu, Shiba faced another problem. Using the information that Andou provided before his death, Shiba wanted to arrest a Chinese mafia – Lin but his proposal was banned by his boss because Lin seemed to work as a spy for the Japanese government as well and in a way, even though he was dealing
weapons between China and Japan (and raping young boys), the police just kept their eyes wide shut.
Shiba was pissed and he was ready to go and do something, even if that meant more danger from himself. Munechika also told him to stop but hard headed as he was, he just went straight ahead and ended up being "toyed sexually" by Lin. Fortunately, Munechika came in time to rescue him and in the end Munechika agreed to Shiba ‘s proposal earlier:

"I’ll (Shiba ) be the master and I’ll properly provide the bait. So, please be mine and you can hold me whenever you feel like it" (this is a rough translation of the quote above).


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