Japanese Title English Title
1. æ¡‚ã?®ç§˜å¯†å…µå™¨ Katsura’s secret weapon
2. ボランティア Volunteer
3. 香一ã?®å®Ÿé¨“ Kouichi’s Experiment
4. è?‰ã?®å«‰å¦¬ Sou’s Jealousy
5. ã?„ã?¤ã‚‚ã?¨é?•ã?†ã‚®ãƒ¥ãƒƒ A hug that’s different from usual
6. æ²»ã?¾ã‚‰ã?ªã?„ドキドキ Heart can’t stop thorbing
7. 香一�ら�告白 Confession from Kouichi
8. 射�七障 The seven barriers in archery
9. 凛��� Stay serious and cool
10. 命中 Hitting the bulleye
11. 優��キス A gentle kiss

* If you read the English scanlated version, they translated "Rin (凛)" as the feeling when you touch something cold. However, I think the title actually means the human "form or look" that is cool, steady, and serious. Japanese speakers please correct me if I’m misinterpreted the meaning.

This CD covers the first volume of the manga with the same title. I read the manga before listening to this CD and that makes it easier to understand (though that also makes me harsher when it comes to judging this CD). The story begins with Kobayakawa Katsura (CV: Fukuyama Jun ) searching for Shibata Sou (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) because his archery test is coming up and he needs Sou to perform the "normal" trick to keep him calm. The trick is to "hug" him. This ritual shocked many girls and significantly decreased (according to Sou) his chances to getting a girlfriend (though I can’t sense any interest in girls in him ^^;;). With Sou’s help, Katsura passed the second level test in archery. However, gradually, Katsura realized that he could not depend on Sou forever and he was really hurt when he heard Sou telling Katsura’s brother Kobayakawa Yamato (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke ) that he was just doing his "job". One day, while Sou was looking for Katsura to give him books related to Zen, he saw Katsura’s best friend Sakurazawa Kouichi (CV: Nojima Hirofumi) kissing Katsura! Kouichi wanted to replace Sou as Katsura’s secret weapon but deep inside, Katsura couldn’t accept Kouichi. Yet, the witnessing of the kissing scene crushed the equilibrium in the relationship between Katsura and Sou and the two just broke down in their own ways. Sou’s hug no longer generated the "calming" effect. Instead, it made Katsura even more anxious because it was a hug of "affection" and "love" in a romantic way. Since the "miracle" no longer worked, both Sou and Katsura became depressed and could not concentrate on archery. Yamato was also worried both as the bigger brother and the captain of the archery club and so he invited both Sou and Katsura to go to the sea (and Kouichi also tagged along but was not particularly welcome ^^;;). At the sea, Sou told Katsura that the reason behind his dependence on Sou was owing to the words Sou put into Katsura’s mind when his father was injured years ago while trying to protect Katsura in a car accident. At the hospital, Sou told Katsura when he hugged the scared Katsura that nothing "bad" would happen as long as they were together. In other words, Sou made Katsura unable to live without him! In the end, Sou softly kissed Katsura and told him that he could do it by himself. Then, he left. Katsura was shocked and upset by the conversation because on the one hand, he wanted to stay by the side of Sou but he was afraid that telling Sou outright would shatter their relationship forever. He was so depressed he couldn’t bear to take up the morning practice but luckily, Yamato came to rescue and comforted Katsura. After that, Katsura was able to concentrate in his practice and performed extremely well at the competition. After the competition, he confessed to Sou who also accepted Katsura.

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