Love★Panic Renai Keihou Panic Chuihou


This is the fourth release by Kikka and instead of the normal size CD, you get something more like a DVD size packaging (with a new omake manga by Yamato sensei), which is almost like a complete one-shot (not four coma). I find the packaging very amusing though I would still prefer a booklet with introduction to the characters, especially when I have not read the manga vv.

Acutally rather than love panic, this is a story surrounding how the main characters escape (one time after another) from disastrous situations ^^;; Kominato Kyouta (CV: Fukuyama Jun )Wakui Shigeru (CV: Toriumi Kousuke), and Hozumi Akira (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki ) are childhood friends and have been together since elementary school. They have always been the best of friends but lately, Shigeru’s attitude has become much colder and harsher. This hurt Kyouta but he could not understand why. One day, Alex Richman (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) transferred to Seishun (meaning youth) High School and he quickly got along with Kyouta. He also invited Kyouta and co. to his mansion (extremely huge) to play. As the teacher who was responsible for Alex, Suenaga Mikito (CV: Taniyama Kishio) tagged along. Just when the party was venturing in Alex’s mansion, Kyouta accidentally flipped a switch and the party got trapped in a secret chamber. Thanks to Alex’s power saving device, they were even out of electricity and ventilation. At that time, Shigeru thought they would die so he confessed to Kyouta! His cold attitude wasn’t because he disliked Kyouta but the contrary, he loved Kyouta too much he couldn’t stay near Kyouta (as they’re both guys … heck… who cares in the yaoi world anyway XDD). The funny thing is that Alex tried to use the lighter to see what Shigeru was doing to Kyouta ^_^;; In the end, Akira noticed a way out and they were saved.  However, this was only the beginning as a few months later, they decided to go to Alex’s holiday resort and this time, it was Akira and Sunenaga sensei’s turn to be confronted with danger. The two was on a boat when it lost control and drifted into the open sea (thus providing Akira an opportunity to confess to Sunenaga sensei). When Kyouta noticed the two were missing, he contacted Alex to rescue them. Luckily, Alex had enough money to call a helicopter to bring the two back (but they were found in a rather indecent manner). The last "panic" occurred during the school’s fieldtrip. It’s not usual but Alex wanted one before his exchange studentship was over. So, the group went to the mountain but they got lost! Worse was the fact that aside from them, there were also two children who fell into the hole and needed to be rescued. Since they were close by, Kyouta wanted to save the children but Shigeru did it instead (couldn’t let his honey risk his life). That’s how Shigeru and Kyouta got even closer and how the school got onto the news headlines for saving the kids ^_^;;. In the booklet, there is an "extra panic". That’s in the winter time when the couples had already confessed to each other and they went to Alex’s skii resort. Unfortunately for Shigeru, he still hadn’t taken any further action after that "night" he spent at Kyouta’s room. So, he thought he would "seize the opportunity" and prayed for a snowstorm that would trap him and Kyouta in a small hut so they could H. The plan fell through because it was Alex who was trapped with Shigeru but Kyouta came looking for Shigeru and found both Shigeru and Alex were naked and hugging each other (just for warmth). Then, the three were naked (body warmth) but Shigeru still hesitated. Alex just fondled Kyouta (to make Shigeru jealous) and that had an effect! Shigeru then had some nice moments with Kyouta. When they were done, they found Alex missing. Actually, there was a switch for a trap door to an underground passage linking the wooden hut and the main house (so it wasn’t a "panic" after all).


As usual, Yamato sensei brings us some brainless comedy though I think this one is not as outstanding as "Chintsubu" and also lack the drama and tension in "Dear Gentle Papa". However, it’s got a fantastic cast so it’s still worth listening to.

Kyouta: If I just look at the artwork, I think Junjun’s Kyouta is a bit too "old" because the boy looks very shota (to me). However, since he’s supposed to be the same age as Akira and Shigeru, I think it makes sense then. The pairing: Tori-chan x Junjun is quite "generic" and since I have just listened to Rin, it seems it’s Rin all over again ^^;;.Â

Shigeru: He’s really like Sou in Rin, the same reluctant, speechless, cold seme who is not honest with his own feelings. The only part I like is the first time he confessed (when he thought he would die). It was so cute.Â

Akira: He is very cool and kakkoi (you have to be when you try to date a teacher ^0^) and the part where he was trying to seduce the teacher on the boat … Yeah to Konitan…I actually like the H scenes with the older pair than the shota pair for some weird reasons (usually I prefer the shota pairing).

Suenaga: He is the unfortunate sensei who always got trapped in the panic situations thanks to the principal who made him in charge of Alex. The good news is that thanks to this panic, he found his lover Akira. When it comes to teacher, I prefer Nojiken (my teacher default) but then Tani-chan is also quite interesting. I like the part when he is troubled, so cute vv.

Alex: Inoue san 17 year old …. I think this in itself is enough reason to panic XDD but his Alex is surprisingly cute, especially when he speaks the funny Japanese. Is it me but I think this drama will lose half of its attraction without Alex ^_^;; He’s so CUTE!!! Hail to a 17 year old Inoue sama (too bad he wasn’t in the freetalk ;_; which was hosted by Tani-chan.

This is one of those brainless comedies where it might be worth listening to when you have nothing else to do. It’s also funny as FukuJun is with both his "husbands" in the same CD. The 17 year old Inoue san might also be an attractive factor. Other than that, I wouldn’t recommend if you’re looking for plot or drama or something drastic.Â


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  1. Yeah, this is absolutely BRAINLESS but it’s quite funny (though a bit waste of such a fantastic cast vv). If you’re looking for it, I think they’re sharing it in the BL_drama community. Otherwise, I can upload for you.

  2. I just finished listening to this and I have to admit I haven’t laughed this hard in a while….to be specific, Inoue san’s Alex xDDDD

    A pretty silly, light-hearted, and successful comedy indeed

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