Koisuru Boukun

This story is a side story for Takanagi sensei’s debut work "Challengers", which was the love story between Tatsumi Tomoe (CV: Miyata Kouki), and salaryman Kurokawa (CV: Sugita Tomokazu). It’s not necessary to have read Challengers to understand this drama but it’ll be more fun to because then you can fully comprehend why the main character for this CD, Tatsumi Souichi (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) always sounded so pissed in this drama ^^;;. The story is rather straightforward. Morinaga Tetsuhiro (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) was in love with his university senpai Souichi since he first arrived at the university but love had always been one-sided. This is because Souichi hated the guts out of homosexuals. He had been sexually harassed before, not to mention his beloved little brother was stolen away by a man and "kidnapped" to America (and even let him taste a bit of telephone s*x XD). So, when Morinaga confessed to him a year ago (after four long years of one-sided love), he rejected him RIGHT AWAY (rather than rejected, it’s more like ignored him). However, after a while, they cooled down and they became friends again. Lately, he was troubled by the fact that homos could get married in San Francisco (and he was afraid Kurokawa and Tomoe would really get married). That worried him a lot and so he went over to Morinaga’s place to have a drink (A LOT OF DRINK). When beer ran out, he forced Morinaga to go out and get more. In the meantime, he went through Morinaga’s cupboards and found a hidden bottle of wine (it was really a "sex drug" from Morinaga’s friend, Hiroto (CV: Hirakawa Daisuke). When Souichi first drank the biyaku (sex drug), he didn’t feel anything but in the middle of the night, his body began to react and he was quite helpless. When Morinaga saw the guy he loved so madly with such a helpless and sexy expression, he could not resist himself and so, he chose the worst option – RAPE >v<. The next morning, Morinaga woke up and in front of him, it wasn’t an irropoi Souichi but a fierce beast literally requested him to bring a "cutting knife" from the kitchen so he could MURDER HIM XDD. The two fought (or rather Morinaga was forced to FLEE HIS OWN HOME when Souichi broke the biyaku wine bottle and used the pieces as weapon *O*). Since Souichi said he NEVER wanted to see Morinaga again, the poor Morinaga vanished into the thin air. For the whole week, he lost contact and no one knew where he was. Souichi gradually FREAKED out as he found no sign of life at Morinaga’s apartment despite going their TWICE per day. When he was about to give up, he saw Morinaga coming back to pick up his stuff. He was planning to drop out of graduate school and really leave Souichi FOREVER. Souichi broke down in tears when he knew of Morinaga’s intention and did not want Morinaga to leave his side (sounded like a confession). The two had some nice s*x but when it was over and Morinaga finally felt like Souichi accepted him, Souichi said: "Don’t say such disgusting things". In short, Souichi’s homophobia did not diminish AT ALL and the chances for more smex seemed very slim for the poor Morinaga chan.

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