Nejireta Edge

Japanese Title English Title
邂逅 The Encounter
情動 Emotionally Moved
自� Self-abuse
後悔 Regret
懺悔 Repent
告白 Confession
願� Wish
フリートーク Freetalk

Sakazaka (CV: Nojima Kenji) is already 28, single, and gay. Since there is no longer hope of finding his true love, all he could do was to let out his sexual frustration through wandering gay bars and indulging himself in one-night stands. Unfortunately, that night he picked up a pervert with SM interest who even drugged him. He managed to escape from the hotel but he could not go very far without trembling and falling to the ground. Luckily, a part-timer at a nearby bar, Itsuki (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki) noticed and rescued him. However, Sakazaka was already at his limits (owing to the sex drug) and he asked Izuki to "save him" (by sleeping with him). A completely ridiculous request but Izuki just couldn’t leave the helpless Sakazaka to die. So, before realizing the situation, the two were already making out at a love hotel. When Izuki woke up the next day, Sakazaka already left, leaving behind just the rent for the room as well as a little extra. Izuki was angry at Sakazaka disappearing without even saying "thanks" but there was nothing he could do as he thought they would not meet again. Sakazaka got up on Monday, still feeling a bit ill from the aftermath of the drug but he couldn’t skip work as that week was the beginning of a two-week training program for student-teachers. When he was about to forget about everything that happened that Friday night, he suddenly found out that the student he was about to train was the person who rescued him on the street. Overpowered by shock and a loss to what to do, Sakazaka treated Izuki very coldly and asked him what his purpose was for coming to the school. It was pure coincidence on Izuki’s side but the doubt pissed him off. This made wanted to take revenge against Sakazaka (by shaming and toying with his body and soul). He threatened Sakazaka that for him not to expose Sakazaka’s sexual orientation, in exchange, he wanted Sakazaka’s body. At first, that was meant to be a joke but Sakazaka took it seriously. From that night on, the two slept together every night and by the end of the week, Sakazaka collapsed with fever. Since the collapse, Izuki realized just how badly he treated Sakazaka and tried to keep a distance by exchanging the instructor. His withdrawal surprised Sakazaka and inflicted more psychological pain on Sakazaka as he felt he was being abandoned even further. This pain lasted till the end of the training. On the last evening, the student-teachers and their instructors went out to drink. Sakazaka was also invited and he was drinking normally but he could not help paying attention to Izuki. When he heard Izuki got confessed by a female student, Takahashi, he could not stop the pain in his heart and he left but Izuki came after him and "forced" a confession out of him. The two then came to an understanding and happy end.


3 responses »

  1. Um um…now i see what you mean! ^^
    It’s true that Izuki in the CD didn’t do that much to Sakazaka that he would be badly collapse…and now it explained why Izuki was so regret. ~naruhodo!

    well…i think i was so much into their action, especially NojiKen’s crying voice!! I started to luv him becuase of that cry too X3 GOSH…how could he cried so sadly >_>

    Heheh…thanks for the review

  2. I completely agree with you. I’m a big fan of Yamane sensei’s works but since I can’t read japanese, I didn’t bother to touch it. I did, out of pure curiosity d/led this drama a year ago and listened to it. The acting is superb. I couldn’t understand everything that was said but just by the tone, emotions and reading summaries of the story I was able to piece the two and two together. I’m not a huge fan of drama CDs just because I don’t understand the japanese language but the acting itself actually kept me interested!

  3. Koutsuki san, thanks for dropping by and I’m glad you enjoyed the review.

    Ikako san, well I am learning Japanese through listening to the drama CDs and even though you don’t understand the language, after a while, you start to get a grip of it because the sentences are mostly the same 🙄 And this one remains a classic because the acting is too good…both of them 😀

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