This CD is a collection of three interrelated stories by Shimizu sensei. Unlike "Love Mode" which she is better known for, this one goes all to the extreme (high H and not so love-love). I know this manga is fully scanlated so it shouldn’t be hard to follow the story.

Kaiya (CV: Tsuboi Tomohiro),a gorgeous young model suddenly retired and opened a cafe called "Recipe". He owed Kou (CV: Kishio Daisuke) ‘s mother a favor and so in order to return the favor, he would cook for Kou for a fee. He would also call Kou everyday to ask him what kind of food he liked and Kou actually liked Kaiya. Although Kaiya kept saying that Kou was special to him, he kept his distance with Kou. On the contrary, Kou wanted to come closer to Kaiya. One day, Kou was locked out from his room and he went over to Kaiya’s place (hoping to stay the evening) but Kaiya drove him out when Kou’s uncle went back home. Kou couldn’t understand why Kaiya would not let him stay so the next morning, he went to check out and found Kaiya was sleeping with his "friends" (all gorgeous). Kou was upset but Kaiya said Kou had NO RIGHT to interfere with his privacy UNLESS he was his lover. Kou went home but the next day after school, he met one of Kaiya’s friends – Rena. She brought him to have some drinks but her true purpose was to mock Kou by reminding him how scared he was (crying) when he first slept with a woman and that if he begged, Kaiya might sleep with him for just one night. Kou was pissed and when he went home, Kaiya came and returned the money he gave Kaiya for the food. He thought Kaiya hated him but Kaiya said "byebye" because it seemed like Kou did not want him anymore. Kou explained the misunderstanding and said he wanted to be Kaiya’s lover so he asked Kaiya not to hang out with other people. The two ended happily (Nanya: this kind of happiness I’ll pass >v<)

Only the two of us, forever
Yuujin (CV: Miyake Kenta) is drinking a lot of powerdrink these days because it’s not easy to keep up with a guy who can endure 36 hours of continuous s*x. (Nanya: is this even possible in reality ???). Since Junichi (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) is so demanding but attractive, Yuujin is in a terrible condition (Nanya: yet he still has time bullying his little nephew Kou). One day, while Yuujin visited Junichi at the shop, he met Jun’s ex Ren (CV: Ichijou Kazuya). The yakuza-like ex adviced him to think of taking vi*gra or similar stuff if he is serious about dating Junichi. Of course Yuujin just treats Ren’s advice as bullsh*t but he will soon regret because he ended up in the same hospital where Ren was the doctor. The good thing, Junichi loved Yuujin enough to be satisfied with s*x toys for a while …

My Beloved Uncle

Ren has a habbit of picking up things abandoned by other people, be it small animals, pens, all the way to infants in the basket. That was how he picked up Satoshi (CV: Fukuyama Jun) who became his brother’s adopted son. His brother moved to L.A. and he did not meet Satoshi then. Ren is gay and though a pretty good doctor, he cannot get married. One day, while he was about to drive home to see meet his brother, he saw a 13 year old boy sitting near his car asking if he would pick the boy up too. Then the boy kissed his cheek. Since Ren was at a low (without men lately and upset by seeing how his former lover Junichi was all excited about Yuujin), he decided to pick the kid up and spent some sweet moments in his car *O*. They parted and Ren goes home to find the kid he just $&*£% with was the same infant he picked up 13 years ago! Satoshi was supposed to come back to Japan to meet the uncle who saved his life but turned out he spent the summer learning all the new s*x techniques. When the summer was about to end, Ren thought his brother was taking the cute Satoshi (whom he trained the whole summer) BACK to L.A. ;_;. Luckily, Satoshi decided to stay (and so moved in with his beloved uncle).


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  2. Guess what? I got here by google search, hahaha.
    Great review. Now I’m listening to the CD, after reading the same manga that sent shivers down my spines XD
    I adore Shimizu sensei!!

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