Japanese Title English Title
act.1 柴野晃 Act 1. Shibano Akira
act.2 安� Act 2. Andou
act.3 キャリア Act 3. Career
act.4 å?–り引ã?? Act 4. Agreement
act.5 �査 Act 5. Investigation
act.6 エス Act 6. Esu
フリートーク Freetalk


Since this CD is technically quite loyal to the novel, you can read the synopsis of the story HERE. Instead, I will point out the major differences between the CD and the novel. The problem with this drama is that it tries to condense TOO MUCH information into one CD so some parts are inevitably left out. Also, it is run at a pretty fast pace so it might seem a little hurried. The parts I find significant but are left out include: (1) the gun references, (2) dream about the sister and the close-to-happening telephone s*x, and (3) the oral s*x and the conversation over the sitting position. Although you may find these to be trivial scenes, they really have a lot meanings in the Esu world because the karami scenes are reflections of the characters’ internal feelings, especially in this one where the relationship is a delicate balance between love and duty.

Gun References


Andou runs illegal shops in Shinjuku (like nightclubs, bars, and karaoke). However, he also runs a traditional toy gun shop (not selling the fancy laser guns) that is not making a lot of money. Shibano sometimes drops by the toy store and chats about guns. This part is significant because it reflects the personality of Andou and how much he likes guns. The conversation with the store attendant at the gun shop. Also, Munechika seems to take an interest in guns and when Shiba visited Munechika for the first time at his mansion, he saw the model gun Beretta M92 and referred Munechika’s p*nis to beretta but Munechika said it was a magnum (I thought that was fun). I also think the gun references might be crucial for future story developments (especially when the focus is turned to Munechika’s family).


Telephone Smut


This is probably the most important part that’s left out. Shiba dreamed of his sister and her baby vanishing before his eyes and was really upset by the whole dream. Later, he picked up the phone and dialled Munechika’s number but he did not speak. Munechika then tried to initiate an erotic conversation ^_^;; and of course Shiba hanged up. At this point, it’s visible just how much Munechika gradually made his way into Shiba’s heart. I doubt Shiba would do the same were it Andou…


Oral Smut


Right after Shiba invited Munechika to be his esu, he asked Munechika to test whether he thought his body was worthy of being the bait and he serviced Munechika with his mouth. Either this part was unclear or it was completely removed (but this was supposed to be how Munechika caught on fire and wanted Shiba) so I don’t think it’s good. Also, when Munechika first made Shiba sit on his lap, Shiba sat with his BACK facing Munechika (what pride) and Munechika told him not to treat him as a chair ^_^;; (All these little actions showed how the distance between Shiba and Munechika began to narrow down).

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