Freezing Eye


This story is a side spin of the Slaver’s Series (Slavers’ Kiss, Lover, and Nude). If you are new to the Slaver’s world, I suggest listening to the dramas first as it’ll double the fun!

The first part is called "freezing eye" and begins with Wakamiya (the lawyer at Shuuichi’s father’s firm) saying "he likes Hayase (the cool beauty who’s responsible for teaching Shuuichi)". This happened while Hayase was visiting Saiki when he was injured from the bullet right after Kiss. Hayase thought since Wakamiya only said "he likes him" and did not say he want to go out with him, he simply answered "Thank you" and forgot about Wakamiya :p Later, he was sent to assist Wakamiya on a case involving their company being sued by a large American corporation for overdue of payment. Hayase was supposed to translate some documents because he studied in New York and earned a MBA there. However, Wakamiya soon started his sexual harrasment :p and Hayase felt a bit uneasy ^^;; Even though I said sexual harrassment, it’s really mild – like putting his hand on his shoulder, inviting him to dinner, accompanying him home, and offering him sweets. However, the more Hayase tried to shake off Wakamiya, the more the situation aggravated and it became "real harrassment". Luckily, a phone call from the boss Saiki saved Hayase but he was so pissed off he decided to shred all the documents he translated for Wakamiya. Without these documents, the chance of Wakamiya winning the case dropped to ZERO 😡 Wakamiya then confronted Hayase as to why he deleted and shredded all the files. he then invited Hayase to a bet. If he won the case against the American company given such terrible conditions, Hayase would belong to him. On the other hand, if he lost the law suit, then he would not only stop harrasing Hayase but would also compensate him. As Hayase was rather certain Wakamiya would LOSE and he also wanted to see this man, who never lost, fell into disgrace, he accepted the challenge. What Hayase did not know was that Wakamiya managed to secure a witness who worked in the American company before. He helped her once in a case fighting for custody of her child. Owing to her testimony, Wakamiya won the lawsuit and Hayase became "his". That completed the first arc in the novel.

The second arc is titled "Calling Eye" and took place a little while after "Freezing Eye". Although the two started a physical relationship ^^;; Hayase was still not convinced psychologically that he belonged to Wakamiya and he refused to move in with Wakamiya on a permanent basis (thus they were going through a trial period at the time of Calling Eye^^!). Anyway, at this time, Wakamiya began to notice that the coldness in Hayase’s attitude could be a problem, especially when he’s in a "business" setting (Hayase is so cold he wouldn’t even attend the farewell party of a colleague and thus pissed Sakai, the kachou, off vv. Anyway, he went against Sakai in a project during a company’s meeting and Sakai revealed the tragic past of Hayase. Turned out Hayase was the son of a geisha in Kyoto. Soon after his mother gave birth to him, she died and because of her death, Hayase’s grandmother disliked him a lot because she blamed him for taking away her daughter’s future and also because he was a guy and GUYS are useless in the geisha world. Thus, he felt he was not loved since a small kid. Twelve years ago, when he was 15, his grandmother set fire "to kill him" but he took the blame instead and said he set fire to commit suicide. He was sent to the children’s home but he used this to blackmail his grandmother into giving him money to study in a university in Tokyo. He then left home and never came back. However, during the meeting Sakai said he was the son of a "prostitude", not "geisha". Of course, Hayase was embarrased and luckily Shuuichi came to his rescue. Anyway, after the meeting that night, Sakai was punished by Saiki and got a 30% reduction in his salary. Pissed even further, he drank and went to beat the heck out of Hayase !! Since Hayase was afraid Sakai might know more about him, like his setting fire and his relationship with Wakamiya, he discarded what he valued most (his pride) and just kept apologizing !! Note he was thinking not about himself but about how the revelation would hurt Wakamiya!!! After he was beaten up, he tried to call Wakamiya but when he heard Wakamiya’s secretary’s voice, he dropped the phone and he took the beers and wine he got from the female colleagues and went to drink near Wakamiya’s car. After he finished 5 beers, Wakamiya found him, tended his wound and apologized (because it was Wakamiya who earlier asked Hayase to pay more attention to his relationship with other colleagues as well and could not just work like a machine =.=). Wakamiya thought this was the reason why Hayase didn’t fight back. Wakamiya said Sakai should be punished but Hayase said he was also at fault and Sakai should be forgiven to an extent because the latter also had a family!!! Wakamiya was surprised by Hayase’s attitude (too saintly) but Hayase said he wasn’t always like this, it was because he met Wakamiya. The next day was the beginning of a brief summer break so Wakamiya just drove Hayase to his family house in Kyoto while Hayase was sleeping. There, he saw Hayase changed into kimono and Hayase also washed his back for him (SO SWEET). At Kyoto, Hayase did not allow Wakamiya to go to the main house because he was afraid Wakamiya would see the only picture he took when he was younger (so cute). Still, Wakamiya managed to learn about Hayase’s past and helped resolve the conflict between Hayase & his grandmother. He even encouraged him to persuade his grandmother (with cancer) to go the hospital. At the same time, Hayase also learned about Wakamiya’s past and how he lost a friend during his lawyer training. Actually, Wakamiya was very "heroic" back then and because he was too obsessed with "justice", he did not see how "justice" traumatized his friend and drove him to suicide. Since then, he gave up being a prosecutor and chose to be a company’s lawyer plus free legal advisor.

While they were walking in the beautiful garden, Hayase told Wakamiya that he couldn’t be love him and that their relationship should end there. Wakamiya said okay and started walking away. Hayase was afraid he would not be loved because he had never been loved so he tried to escape but when Wakamiya deserted him, Hayase felt deep sorrow and pain in his heart. He thought it would be better to return to his routine but he couldn’t. He then ran back to Wakamiya and told Wakamiya not to desert him and that "he wanted to be happy". And then … happy end ^_^;; <– sort of.


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