Time Lag

Japanese Title English Title
1. å ±ã‚?ã‚Œã?ªã?„片æ€?ã?„ A one-sided love with no answer
2. アヤシイ二人 The suspicious duo
3. 三年��手紙 A letter from three years ago
4. 男��り�三角関係 A love-triangle with guys only
5. 戻れるも��ら If only we could return to the past
6. 逃ã?’ã‚“ã?ªï¼? Don’t try to run away!
7. ��れ�オレ�� We ended up in an aggravated state
8. 桜�木�下� Beneath the Sakura Tree
9. è?–一ã?®ã?•ã?•ã‚„ã?‹ã?ªé€†è¥² Seichi’s humble couterstrike
10. 三年分ã?®ã‚¿ã‚¤ãƒ ラグ A three-year’s worth timelag
11.ã?Šã?¾ã?‘-トラブルã? らã?‘ã?®æ˜¥ã?®è¨ªã‚Œ Omake: A troubling spring visit
Tendou Satoru (CV: Sakurai Takahiro) has always loved Sawaguchi Shiro (CV: Toriumi Kousuke). , his childhood friend who was so kind to him when they were younger. When he has finally gathered courage to confess to him, the latter thought it was some kind of joke or insult and rejected Satoru’s love. Satoru was upset but he did not give up. He kept on taking pictures of Shiro running on the field. Satoru’s friend, Hiroi Seiji (CV: Miki Shinichirou), tried to persuade Satoru to give up on the cold Shiro and went with him instead but Satoru could not. Thus began a complex 3-way relationship. One day, by chance, Satoru happened to see Seiji and Shiro together and thought Shiro was interested in Seiji instead. What made it worse was that Shiro had always been in love with Satoru and there was a misunderstanding between them! Shiro gave Satoru a love letter three years ago to ask him to go meet him under the Sakura tree if he could return his feelings. However, Satoru never got the letter and so Shiro thought Satoru did not come because he did not like him. Then, Satoru came and confessed to Shiro! Of course Shiro thought this was some kind of joke and rejected Satoru. Shiro only discovered three years later when his mom found the letter which never got delivered. Feeling guilty for the misunderstanding, Shiro went to find Satoru but then he saw Seiji kissing Satoru!

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