Yasashikute Toke ga aru ~ MELLOW~


In the first CD, we learned that Asakura Ryou (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) accepted his fate and became Houshou Chihiro (CV: Sakurai Takahiro).‘s servant when he turned 15. In this CD, although the two maintained a master-servant relationship, they were also lovers to a certain extent. However, Chihiro’s grades weren’t up to par and since he’s got to go to university, his parents invited Higashihara (CV: Nojima Hirofumi), a cousin and college student to tutor him. Ryou remembered from the past the cold stares Higashihara had toward him because and he finally understood the meaning of those stares. For Higashihara, Ryou was always the "servant" and did not deserve to be the "lover" for Chihiro. All he should do was just to serve Chihiro. The arrival of Higashihara upset the balance in the relationship between Ryou and Chihiro and sparked a wave of jealousy. Luckily in the end, the two came to a resolution and love-love end. There is also an extra side story in the mini CD about the past lives of Chihiro and Ryou. It was in the Spring of 1923 (on September 1st of that year, there was the big Kantou earthquake). The two were set at an older age – 27 and Ryou offered himself to protect his master. About the side story in the tokuten story, it is about the past life of Chihiro and Ryou in the year of 1923. In the freetalk, Sakurai and Suzumura mentioned the keyword is "about 11 o’clock". If you are not sure what the answer is, you can check out my spoiler :P. At around noon in 1923, the big kantou earthquake raked Japan killing thousands of people. Since Ryou said he’s going out at around 11 and won’t be at his destination for an hour, it means he’ll never come back as it’s most likely he’ll be killed in the earthquake. A sad ending for the couple in the past life but at least they have a better life today!


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