Yasashikute Toke ga aru



Asakura Ryou (CV: Suzumura Kenichi) led a pretty normal life until one day, his parents told him that as a descendant of the Asakura family, he had to become a servant of his childhood friend Houshou Chihiro (CV: Sakurai Takahiro). Ryou was puzzled because this would alter the balance in the childhood friend relationship between Chihiro and himself. He thought Chihiro would be bothered by this change as well. To his surprise, Chihiro seemed to have prepared and even looked forward to the day, when he could become the master and take control of Ryou – both body and soul 😦 . At school, while Ryou is trying to adapt his new life as a "servant" instead of a "childhood friend", he found another person was interested in him – an upperclassman known as Jingyuji Masaomi (CV: Chiba Susumu) who not only seemed to be interested in Ryou’s body but also his cooking skills ^_^;;. While Ryou was struggling to adapt to Chihiro’s pace (especially the neverending s*xual drive Chihiro has, he got really upset and wanted to break away from things but he finally gave in, especially after seeing how much Chihiro cared about his father who collapsed and had to go to the hospital. The two then became a loving master-servant XDD.


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