Koi Dorobou wo sagase!

Kasugano Mikari (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi), is a cabin attendant at Panda Airlines. He has been working there for three years but for the last two years, he has constantly been harrassed by the captain Kamisono Yuuji (CV: Ookawa Tohru). He kept on saying he would break up with Kamisono but he never acted on his words 😛 until Kamisono’s woman (E-cup) said she had a child 8O. He learned that from Kamisono’s friend (also a pilot0 Kurashige (CV: Hamada Kenji) It’s a lie because Kamisono was infertile. One day, on his flight to Kuala Lumpa, there was a first class passenger Mark Spencer (CV: Suwabe Junichi) who seemed to fall in love with Mikari the moment he saw him and demanded Mikari to be his attendant. He then came up with very ridiculous requests and made Mikari exhausted. Although pretty tired, Mikari thought it’s fine as it’s a one-time thing. That evening, in order to avoid Kamisono, he asked his best friend Fujiyoshi (CV: Mizushima Takahiro) to sleep in his room so he could fend away the annoying Kamisono. While he seemed to have solved one problem, another came up. The next day on his flight back, he learned that Mark Spencer had bought ALL the seats in the first class cabin. Not only that, he even seized the opportunity of turbulance to sexually harrass Mikari vv. He not only harrassed him 10,000 ft above the ground, he continued his stalking behavior, from (1) sending roses, (2) stocking up roses in Mikari’s room (a.k.a. illegal entry), (3) using a spray to steal away Mikari’s consciousness, (4) kidnapping him and raping him in his own house, (5) stripping Mikari naked and leaving him in a room with the door locked, and (6) taking pictures of Kamisono who tried to break in to save Mikari! Thanks to this string of criminal acts, Mikari and Kamisono got closer but it wasn’t long before they returned back to the starting point and with the sentence: "I’m going to split up with you", this drama concluded. There’s no freetalk in the CD but there’s a voice message and it’s really funny, especially Suwabe’s comment: "The foreigner in the BL world, he has again acted a perfect foreigner" XD. In the CD, you will notice that there is a mention of Kamisono and the E-cup woman. Actually, the story in the CD booklet is the flashback of a chance meeting in a cafeteria a year ago where Mikari, Fujiyoshi, and Kurashige saw Kamisono dating a woman vv. Kamisono’s explanation to Mikari at the terrace is so cute >v< … I think I like him despite all the stupid things he did.

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