Hakushaku sama wa kiken na yuugi ga o suki

Japanese Title English Title
ACT・1 『��予感� Premonition of the storm
ACT・2 『夫婦ゲンカã?¯çŠ¬ã‚‚食ã‚?ã?ªã?„? Even dogs can’t swallow such couple fights
ACT・3 『雨����地固�る� The rain that falls collects on the ground
ACT・4 『二人��血鬼� The two vampires
ACT・5 『伯爵様��険���� The count likes to play dangerous games
ACT・1 番外編『伯爵様ã?¯å¤?祭りã?Œã?Šå¥½ã??ã€? Extra: The count likes the summer festival
ACT・2 フリートーク Freetalk

 In Hakusha wa furachi na kiss ga osuki Hinosaka Akira (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) fell in love with the vampire Count Edward Craven or Eddie (CV: Sugita Tomokazu) and the two started to live in Sakurasou. At this time, Tooyama Seiryuu (CV: Koyasu Takehito ), got married and moved out so one room was empty in Sakursou To make profits, Akira advertised vacancy but there was no inquiry. Then, one of the residents brought a rather handsome young man, Miyazawa Kenichi (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru) to the apartment because he was enquiring about the directions for Sakurasou. Miyazawa wasn’t a new resident but a childhood friend of Charlie (CV: Itou Kentarou). He came to drag Charlie back to his work as the head of the Japanese division of his father’s company During this time, he stayed in the vacant room and surprisingly, he seemed to get on with Akira (Nanya adds: maybe coz both are "uke" by nature so they have some kind of hidden affinity :P) . One day, while Akira was out, he saw a very beautiful young man who seemed to be in an exhausted state and the dog was barking very fiercely (the same way as when it first met Eddie). The young man introduced himself as Joseph Girtia (CV: Toochika Kouichi) and thanked Akira for asking if he was alright. When Akira returned home, Eddie said he had the scent of a vampire and Akira told him he met a beautiful foreigner called Joseph. Eddie was not pleased and told Akira to stay away from Joseph coz he’s suspicious and dangerous. Akira did not understand why Eddie made a fuss out of Joseph who seemed to be very nice. Akira also complained that Eddie was always hiding secrets about himself and got upset. Seiryuu tried to help by investigating what secrets Eddie’s been hiding. Turned out Eddie was concerned with his love for Akira. Although they truly love each other, there’s still a lot of problems in the love between vampires and humans and the major problem being the difference in the length of lifespan. While vampires live for a very long time, humans’ life span is limited. There’ll be a time when Akira’ll age and die and the two are forced to part. Seiryuu understands this dilemma perfectly because he and his wife also have the same problem but if it’s true love, then somehow, the problem can be resolved. Eddie understands and decides to tell Akira his worries. At this time, however, Joseph is already trying to make a move on Akira because he is delicious. Also, Joseph is upset at Eddie who stole his fiancé. When the met, they immediately broke into a fight (which started out with arguments and proceeded to fighting in bat mode 8O). Those it’s a gentleman-gentleman fight, all Akira and Seiryuu could see are two cute bats bumping against each other ^_^;; In the end, Eddie won (the power of love) and Joseph was captured but he managed to escape when Seiryuu was not paying attention and went to try to attack Miyazawa! Charlie was worried when Miyazawa collapsed (from shock) and realized that he was really in love with Miyazawa (!?). Charlie then decided to go back and take over his father’s business in Japan *O*. Joseph was once again defeated and sealed (in a bat mode) and sent back to England ^_^;; but Seiryuu’s wife thought Joseph was cute and wanted him to be the pet !? At this time, Eddie revealed his "secret" to Akira, proposed again, and the two decided to go to England to Eddie’s old home.


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  1. do you know where I can find/download the songs by Toochika Kouichi and Toriumi Kousuke called Ai no Kishi and In Your Eyes?

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