Hakushaku sama wa fuchiru na kiss ga o suki

Japanese Title English Title
ACT 1 居候�伯爵様� The guest is a count!
ACT 2 天敵�る? The ultimate enemy appears?
ACT 3 今ã€?å?´ã?«ã?„ã‚‹ã?®ã?¯… Now, the person by my side is…
ACT 4 プロ�ーズ�喧嘩�� A chaotic proposal
ACT 5 特別�アパート A special apartment
ACT 6 フリートーク Free talk
伯爵様ã?¯ãƒ›ãƒ¯ã‚¤ãƒˆãƒ‡ãƒ¼ã?Œã?Šå¥½ã?? The count likes white day*
* White day is the day when the boys return a gift to the girl who gave him chocolate on Valentine’s day.

 Hinosaka Akira (CV: Toriumi Kousuke) is the owner and caretaker of Sakurasou (meaning Cherry Blossom villa), a moderately old apartment. His life has been quite steady until one day, when he came across a bat by his window. The bat seemed to be in an exhausted state so Akira gave him water and some food. While Akira was happily looking after the cute bat, he heard a human voice. Not long, the bat suddenly transformed into an elegant young vampire who introduced himself as Count Edward Craven or Eddie (CV: Sugita Tomokazu). Eddie was not interested in human’s food and instead aimed for Akira because Akira was surprisingly yummy. Unfortunately for Eddie, Akira is no weak beauty who is helpless in front of Dracula. Instead, he’s a healthy young man with a strong punch! Since then, Eddie started to live in Sakura Sou. Eddie is quick to notice that there’s something unusual about the inhabitants at Sakurasou. In fact, most of them are not humans but monsters but Akira does not know about that as these monsters camouflage themselves as humans rather perfectly. Living with Akira is Tooyama Seiryuu (CV: Koyasu Takehito ), who is like a brother figure to Akira and he’s in love with one of the inhabitants at Sakurasou. At the same time, there was a monster hunter, Charlie (CV: Itou Kentarou) who came all the way from England to Japan to hunt monsters and when he arrived at Sakurasou, he started a disturbance because he was interested in Akira and at the same time wanted to hunt down Eddie. Even though he is not gay (so he says), Akira cannot help but gradually fall in love with the selfish, cute, and proud Eddie. Yet, he is worried because he is not sure whether he is just a prey (to Eddie) or a lover. In the end though, they were able to communicate their feelings and Eddie proposed to Akira :D.


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