Kimi ni wa katenai!

Japanese Title English Title
ã??ã?¿ã?«ã?¯å‹?ã?¦ã?ªã?„ï¼?1 You can’t win ! 1
You can’t win !
Extra: Marriage Recommendation
ã??ã?¿ã?«ã?¯å‹?ã?¦ã?ªã?„ï¼?2 You can’t win! 2
ã??ã?¿ã?«ã?¯å‹?ã?¦ã?ªã?„ï¼?3 You can’t win! 3
ã??ã?¿ã?«ã?¯å‹?ã?¦ã?ªã?„ï¼?4 You can’t win! 4
ã??ã?¿ã?«ã?¯å‹?ã?¦ã?ªã?„ï¼?5 You can’t win! 5
You can’t win!
Extra: Seeing you in yukata
Bonus Track
You can’t win! Cast Talk

Torishima Yuuhi (CV: Takagi Motogi) is the owner of a mountain in the countryside. His dream is to build a huge football field on the land of the mountain. However, the principal of the school Shuuyuku – Eizaki (CV: Horiuchi Kenyuu), where his brother, Torishima sensei (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) is teaching wanted to build the new campus on that piece of land because it’s cheaper than remodeling the old campus. The students opposed to relocating the school to the remote countryside and the representatives of the student council: Tsutsui Sango (CV: Nojima Kenji), Houjou Hayate (CV: Suzumura Kenichi), and Miki Kanya (CV: Ishikawa Hideo) came to stop Yuuhi from agreeing to rent the land. However, Hayate and Kanya overdid it (by snatching Yuuhi to a farmhouse and harrassing him) so Yuuhi agreed to the rent out the land instead. After agreeing on renting out the land, Yuuhi followed his brother Tori-chan to Shuuyuku and he met Nekoda kun (CV: Miyata Kouki), who showed him around and explained a little about Shuuyuku. The school is a very prestigious one where the sons of many important leaders in the financial or political world study. However, this school is also special for another reason – since it’s a boy’s school, relationships are rather messy so it’s not unusual to see boys kissing and messing around. There’s also two student councils – the outer one led by Tsutsui and the inner one controlled by the three twin sons of the principal – known as the Eizaki three brothers. They are Eizaki Niku (CV: Narita Ken), Kai (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi), and Kuu (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki). Since Yuuhi rented out the land, Principal Eizaki proposed Yuuhi to study at the new Shuuyuku when construction would be complete by the following year. Yuuhi agreed despite his brother’s warning that Shuuyuku is no ordinary school. Since Eizaki principal did not have enough money to pay Yuuhi at the moment, he made it up by making him the head of the dormitory. When Yuuhi first met the Eizaki brothers, he started talking and talking and to quiet him down, Sango kissed him! Yuuhi freaked out and immediately made rules that kissing and messing around was not allowed in the dormitory ^_^;; However, it wasn’t easy because it has already become the tradition of Shuuyuku, not to mention the Eizaki brothers are perverts. Kai likes beautiful men and always harass Hayate because he’s beautiful. On the other hand, Kuu likes cute boys. As Yuuhi gradually blends into the life at Shuuyuku, he starts to realize the differences in the meaning behind messing around and falling in love, especially when he becomes more and more attracted to the intelligent but conservative Sango.


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