Tsuki wa yami youni kakuru ga gotoku

I’m bloody lazy so once again, I combine the review of the manga and the CD.


In the midst of twilight, I saw the white-haired ghost slaughtering people without a miss. The name is Tetsu (CV: Miyata Kouki) and the age is 13. I have just escaped from the "dark cafe" where my father sold my body for money. I hated my father, I hated the father who left mother dead and my future shattered. For that reason, I have come to the legendary "house" where the ghost resided. When I first met him, I was surprised he was actually "human" with dark hair. I begged him to teach me how to killfully use a sword but he simply ignored me. When I told him Isaw what he did three nights ago, he threatened me with his sword but he was stopped by a strange man. I later learned the name of the ghost was Shino (CV: Kamiya Hiroshi), and the person who stopped him was Hanjyurou (CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki). I begged Shino sensei to teach me how to use a sword and I would do anything in return – cleaning, cooking but he simply ignored me and told me to leave. Hanjyuou san also said Shino sensei was dangerous and I should give up but I simply could not forgive father. I had to practice my sword skills so I could kill him one day. Time past and despite all I did, Shino sensei was just as cold to me as ever. He only reacted and smiled at Hanjyurou san’s words. That night, Shino sensei came back and told me to wash his back! I was happy but when I rushed into the bathroom, I saw the color of his hair changing from black to white! I was right, he was the ghost who took away the lives of those humans that night! Shino sensei approached me, he kissed me and said I must be used to these things as I used to work at the "dark cafe". I was shocked and scared and pushed him away! However, I regretted it and told sensei that if that is the condition for teaching me, I wouldn’t mind. However, Shino sensei ignored me again. I wondered if sensei liked Hanjyurou san and asked him but he threw me out of the room and slammed the door. Depressed, the next morning I returned to the chores in the house. I was trying to set a fire and needed something as fuel. I found a really old and blood-stained kimono. Sensei would not wear such a thing at this time anyway so I wanted to throw it into the fire but sensei came and was terribly angry. He gave me a good scolding and asked me to leave the house immediately. I begged him for forgiveness but to no avail. Finally, I left a message of apology on the sand outside the house, took the chopping knife, and went to hunt for my father by myself. I found my father with a strange gang of guys and I rushed over to kill him. However, I was unsuccessful and was caught. Shino sensei and Hanjyurou san seemed to pass by and save me but sensei scolded me again. I was angry and did not heed to Hanjyurou san’s advice. Instead, I just left the house and set out on my journey to seek revenge against my father. Once again, I was caught and this time nearly raped! Then, the white haired ghost appeared again! Sensei came to my rescue and slaughtered all the men who held me hostage. He intended to kill father as well! I didn’t know what overpowered me but I stopped sensei because I simply could not let sensei kill my father! When I held back sensei, someone fired a poisonous arrow and sensei was injured. Luckily, Hanjyurou san came in time to save both of us but sensei was seriously wounded. It was all my fault … all my fault. With Hanjyurou san’s antidote, sensei somehow recovered. He even thanked me for helping to save his life and walked with me outside. He smiled, such a beautiful smile. However, soon I realized where we were heading – the dark cafe!! No, I don’t want to return to that filthy place, no!! To my dismay, sensei threw 50 pieces of gold at the owner of the cafe. Mother, from that day on, I became the sensei’s chef, maid, servant, whatever I don’t mind as now I have such wonderful people around me.


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