Midara na waga ni datosarete

Japanese Title English Title
�人��切り Betrayed by the lover
�撃��会 A shocking reunion
優��腕�抱�れ� Held by the gentle arms
æ­¢ã?¾ã‚‰ã?ªã?„涙 Tears that can’t be stopped
上æ?¡ã?®çœŸæ„? Kamijou’s true intensions
解ã??明ã?‹ã?•ã‚Œã?ŸçœŸå®Ÿ Explanation of the truth
�去��訣別 Farewell to the past
幸��生活 A happy life
��や���願� A small wish
ã?•ã?•ã‚„ã?‹ã?ªã?Šé¡˜ã?„,ã??ã?®å¾Œ A small wish, afterwards

Kouzu Masatoshi (CV: Fukuyama Jun). isthe division chief of Suzumoto Pharmaceutical company.He is also the lover of the company’s president Suzumoto Tetsuya (CV: Matsutani Yasunori).On Suzumoto’s birthday, when Masatoshi was excited about celebrating it with Tetsuya, he came home to find Tetsuya sleeping with a younger guy!! Shocked and upset by the betrayal, Masatoshi went out drinking till he almost passed out.At this time, he was saved by a mysterious guy Kamijou Hideomi (CV: Toriumi Kousuke). Before he knew it, he was already in bed with Kamijou in a love hotel vv. Since then, Masatoshi reluctantly (?) remained a physical relationship with Kamijou.The latter warned Masatoshi about Tetsuya.One Saturday night, Masatoshi went to work as usual but when he was working overtime on Saturday, he found some extra documents that were not supposed to be there sitting on his desk.He asked the caretaker and it seemed only Tetsuya came to the office on Friday night, just before he left.Consequently, only Tetsuya could have left the documents.When Masatoshi returned, Kamijou told Masatoshi not to go out.However, Masatoshi wanted to know the truth, so he went to Tetsuya’s place against Kamijou’s warnings.When he confronted Tetsuya he found out that not only did Tetsuya betray him, but he also wanted to shift the blame of illegally using the company funds onto Masatoshi.He planned to murder Masatoshi and made it look like suicide.Kamijou approached Masatoshi in order to protect him as well as to investigate the affair, along with his childhood friends – the police Nakatsu Tadatoshi (CV: Okiayu Ryuutarou),and the elegant lawyer Kouenji Hisashige (CV: Konishi Katsuyuki).Kamijou came just in time to rescue Masatoshi and Nakatsu arrested Tetsuya.That marked the end to a bitter love but suggested the beginning of a merrier life for Masatoshi.


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